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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

On Assignment in "Giving Thanks" to Those who have "Served"

With the inspiration from the creative mindset of KFI 640 AM's "John and Ken", we are on bloggin assignment to seek out those, currently or formerly, within the Power Structure of Los Angeles City Hall, who are deserving of Thanks (in the Spirit of Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's ill-timed recent comments) for their respective time "SERVED".
 Will "Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee" give us THANKS for our latest bloggin missive?
** Blogger's Note: Please pardon today's light content. With inspiration provided by KFI's "John and Ken", we will be sequester today in cyber vocational training, in creating and drafting our bloggin "Cards of Thanks", directed at those, currently or formerly, within LA's City Hall, who have garnered dubious distinction (and formal reprimands/convictions) for ill-serving their constituents. Below, we have channeled (momentary) the Progressive/Bleeding Heart Spirit of "Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee", in crafting the sampled "Cyber Card of Thanks", directed at the duo of CD 2/7-residing Duo of Mr. and Mrs. Richard AlarCON. Meanwhile thanks to the failed policies of AB-109 and Prop 47 (and the crony/dysfunctional administration of Chief Charlie Beck's LAPD as noted by Caroline Aguirre in City Watch), many supposed "Low Level, Non-Violent Parolees", will be serving less ......., and less time for crimes committed against Angelinos------Scott Johnson.


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