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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Husband of Hillary Clinton: "Sanders Supporters will be Toast!!"

In comments directed at heckling Bernie Sanders supporters during today's Boyle Heights Mariachi Plaza Campaign Event, the Impeached Former President (and alleged RAPIST) angrily-stated that those who support "The Berning Man" .........., "will be toast by Election Day".
The inner-vindictive William Jefferson Clinton surfaces today (again) in Boyle Heights.
** Blogger's Note: In comments that are already garnering National Press attention, former Impeached President (and alleged Rapist) Bill Clinton, angrily stated that those who support his wife's Democratic Challenger Bernie Sanders ..........., "will be toast by Election Day". Paraphrasing from the report on "The Hill Website", the Arkansian minced no words in stating that Sanders supporters (who were heckling him) should be screaming because by Election Day ........,,, they know they will be toast by Election Day. Below are several Twitter posts regarding the noted angry, vindictive (and troubled) Politico's comments today----Scott Johnson.

. to hecklers: "I'd be screaming too..bc they know they will be toast by election day."
......, and another.

WJC to noisy Sanders fans at today's LA event: "They can shout all they want... she has bent over backwards to be positive in this campaign".

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