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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Morning Briefs on this "Greece on the Pacific" Primary Election Proceedings for Tuesday

On the eve of "The Greece on the Pacific (a formerly Golden State)" Primary Elections, Federal Law Enforcement Official make public a Plea Bargain Agreement with Montebello Political Crime Family Brother Tom, who pleaded Guilty to One Count of Money Laundering as sibling Ron awaits his July Trial.

Oh the Timing of Uncle Tom's Guilty Plea is not good for Assemblyman Ian (Son of Charles) Calderon.
** If anyone needed evidence about the dire ethical political prognosis of "The Greece on the Pacific (a former Golden State)" under One Party Democratic Rule, the emerging Legal End Game in the Montebello Calderon Political Crime Family Corruption Trial should suffice ............., especially when Brother Ron goes on trial in July. On the eve of today's Elections, Federal Prosecutors announced that Ron's sibling Tom pleaded Guilty to one count of Money Laundering in a Plea Deal to minimize his pending stay at "Club Fed" to no more than One Year. The timing of the Fed's announcement may have some repercussions for Ron and Tom's Nephew Assemblyman Ian Calderon, who is engage in a rematch with Republican Rita Topalian.
The Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times).
** As the longtime PR organ for the local Democratic Establishment Political Machine, we never underestimate "The Old Gray Collective Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)" abilities to affect turnout of voters in any given election, especially when it helps Establishment Democrats (including its endorsed Presidential Candidate "Wife of Bill"). Last evening, the LA Times featured prominently on its Web Edition, the alleged BREAKING NEWS that the Democratic Presidential Candidate Wife of Bill Clinton (and Brother in Law to Roger "DUI" Clinton), had made History, by become the First Woman to garner enough delegates to win a Party Nomination. This pre-election pronouncement smells of an alleged attempt to dumb down turnout, especially those who are feeling "The Bern". 

** Lastly, some Primary Election Endorsements:

Repubican Presidential Primary: Ted Cruz (a protesting Trump's Big Mouth vote).
Democratic Presidential Primary: Feel the Bern!!
39th Assembly District: RE-ELECT PATTY LOPEZ!!
29th Congressional District: Feel the Bernito (Bernal) for Congress!!
43rd Assembly District: No candidate endorsed by The Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto.
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor, District Five: Non-RINO Bob Huff
25th State Senate District: Will wait to November.
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor, District: ANYONE ......., but Babs Hahn.

** PLUS ........., Vote for Judge David Berger.

Your thoughts and Please Vote
Scott Johnson in CD 14



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