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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Notes on the 2014 Post Election Scorecard for Wednesday

As President Barack "H" Obama awakes to a better today (for true Freedom-loving Americans), we flashback in time to dedicate a 2008 Campaign Musical Classic, in honor of his role regarding yesterday National Election Outcomes.
Obama gonna change it (Republican control of the Senate), via HOPE run amuck.
Good morning from the Left Coast on the edge of the "Greece on the Pacific" (the formerly Golden State) as an Easterly Red Political Wave, mostly washed out on impact with the state, but still cause enough political havoc to lighten the Dark Blue Political Landscape, into shades of purple in some areas.
Thus, with no further delay, we bring you the Notes on the Post Election Scorecard (with respects to the late, great LA Sports Writer Allan Malamud), focusing on the winners and losers from yesterday's election proceedings.

** No discerning discussion on the LOSERS in yesterday's elections can go forward without an update on the forlorn hope of a certain former "Blogger, turned Campaign Manager/Consultant", to find a successful end to one of the longest losing streaks within the local Political Consultant Community. Judging from his recent November 3 comments, the losing tide may have crested (or not) ........, You know it's election eve when Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Wendy Greuel and one statewide elected who shall remain nameless calls asking about Amanda Renteria. ‪#‎CA21‬ no matter what happens tomorrow we have made history with Latino and dem turnout in communities NO ONE has ever engaged before ........., but as in all post-election outcomes, the blunt truth is within the results. Sorry MEAT, try again ........., Republican Congressman David Valadao 59%, Amanda Renteria 41%. BTW MEAT, how did Hillary do on the Campaign for Senate Democrats?
** New State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon the First, just lost his Super Majority. Thus, his Highness will be force to deal with Republicans on all tax-related and budget issues. For the record, the reigning President Pro Tem beat Progressive Challenger Peter Choi by a 2 to 1 margin.
** THIS JUST IN!! Orange County Democratic State Senate Candidate Jose Solorio, who polluted the radio airways in recent weeks, with countless negative and factually-challenged sound bytes, took a electoral whopping from former Orange County Supervisor, now Republican State Senator Janet Nguyen, by a 60-40% margin
** For losing Los Angeles County Sheriff Candidate Paul Tanaka, yesterday's results was the electoral equivalent of one of his alleged (and soon to be indicted?), orchestrated jailhouse beat downs ..........,
JIM MCDONNELL  703,66274.83
PAUL TANAKA  236,66525.17
** Residents of both the County and City of Los Angeles, will in a short time, come to miss the termed out duo of LA County Board of Supervisors Gloria Molina and Zev Yaroslavsky. With Sheila "Zelda" Kuehl holding a small lead 53-47% lead over Bobby Shriver, the formality of the results could spell the end of the era of "Fiscal Responsibility" with the new Board Majority of Hilda Solis, "Zelda" and Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas", doing the bidding of their Labor supporters.
Voter NominatedPartyVotesPercent
PATTY LOPEZPref: DEM 17,42750.26
RAUL BOCANEGRAPref: DEM 17,24549.74
** Republicans can win elections in Los Angeles County. Thus, helping to deny a Super Majority in the Assembly.as noted below.
36th Assembly District (Antelope Valley Area).
Voter NominatedPartyVotesPercent
TOM LACKEYPref: REP 26,65659.88
STEVE FOXPref: DEM 17,86140.12
 66th Assembly District (South Bay Area).
Voter NominatedPartyVotesPercent
DAVID HADLEYPref: REP 41,80751.43
AL MURATSUCHIPref: DEM 39,47848.57
55th Assembly District (Eastern LA County)
Voter NominatedPartyVotesPercent
LING-LING CHANGPref: REP 9,57054.88
GREGG D FRITCHLEPref: DEM 7,86945.12
 ......, but the chance to remove the last member of the Calderon Political Family, is a forlorn hope in the 57th AD.
Voter NominatedPartyVotesPercent
IAN C CALDERONPref: DEM 25,21651.41
RITA TOPALIANPref: REP 23,83348.59
** FPPC, FBI and District Attorney Investigations withstanding, the Central Basin Water District Duo of Robert "alleged Sexual Harasser" Apodaca and LAPD Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa-endorsee Art Chacon, are apparently returning for another four years of political drama.
Central Basin Water District, Division Two.
ROBERT O APODACA  9,96132.31
TOM MALKASIAN  7,36423.89
JAMES E BECERRA  5,51217.88
NOEL A JAIMES  4,29813.94
L HILARY BARBA  3,69411.98
Central Basin Water District, Division Three.  
ARTURO CHACON  4,06626.51
ELBA ROMO  3,75324.47
C J SALGADO  3,35821.89
MARIO GOMEZ  1,77211.55
** Oakland Raider Fans, many who have seen the insides of Pelican Bay, Twin Towers, Wasco, Wayside, Corcoran, and the water front views from San Quentin, surely help with the passage of Prop 47, which will dumb down the criminal standards of what constitutes a felony (at the future costs to the growing victim class of those impacted by such harmful legislation).
 ** Latino Republican Campaign Consultant Luis Alvarado deserves props for his work with Downey Republican State Senate Candidate Mario Guerra, in executing a very competitive Campaign against former Assemblyman Tony Mendoza for the 32nd State Senate District. With many ballots still outstanding, the likes of Guerra and 57th AD Candidate Rita Topalian, still have a outside shot of making up the difference in their respective races. 
Voter NominatedPartyVotesPercent
TONY MENDOZAPref: DEM 49,62452.30
MARIO A GUERRAPref: REP 45,26447.70
** Lastly, the biggest winner of yesterday's California Vote, was none other that current Governor Moonbeam II, who's victory in securing a Fourth Term, will propel him into the Democratic Presidential Discussions, regarding a possible rematch with the just ordinary "Billary Rodham Clinton" in 2016.
 Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 



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Remember remember the 5th of November,the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should EVER be forgot....v

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