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Monday, November 03, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Outrage a plenty as Convicted Felon (and former State Senator) Roderick Wright, serves 43 minutes of his 90 Day Sentence for Voter Fraud. 
What was longer, the booking (and photo above) or the actual time served in a jail for the Felony Conviction of Voter Fraud?

The benefits of Jail Overcrowding for Convicted Felon (and former State Senator) Roderick Wright as noted in the Los Angeles County Jail information on the so BRIEFLY incarcerated inmate.
Note the following; Arrest Time 21:54 (9:54 PM), Booking Time 22:03 (10:03 PM), Housing Location 22:27 (10:27 PM) ......., and FREEDOM (ie. release) for the Convicted Felon at 22:37 (10:37 PM).
Thus, being a Convicted Felon, who lied to the Voters nets you 43 minutes behind bars ......, can't wait to see how many minutes Convicted Felon Richard AlarCON serves.
** We have a new Candidate in CD 14!!
Longtime Progressive Activist and current Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council President Carlos Montes, is the latest to announce his intentions to challenge CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose Huizar for reelection in 2015. We are awaiting comment from documented Clowncilman Huizar LOYALIST and now EX BHNC Secretary Mago Amador
** We bring our cyber audience the latest "WMD" Written Missive of Distinction from now regular "MSNBC Citywatch" Contributor Betty Pleasant.
Longtime Soulvine (unchained) Columnist Betty Pleasant.
Judging from Betty's latest "WMD", the campaign for the 64th Assembly District is one big SLEAZE FEST ..........,
SOULVINE UNCHAINED-The Worst Yet! If you thought Alex Johnson’s recently lost race for a seat on the LAUSD school board was nasty, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Carson City Councilman Mike Gipson’s (photo) campaign against Prophet Walker for the 64th Assembly District has sunk so low that even Gipson’s campaign manager is reputed to have disavowed it. Mercy!  
As every registered voter in the district knows by now, the Gipson campaign has unleashed a barrage of almost a dozen mailings that attack Walker as a dead beat father and that fosters dissension within his family. A candidate for office has always been the target of his opposition, but this is the first time in my long career that I have seen a candidate use his opposition’s wife (or baby mama) and minor child as campaign fodder.
......, the rest of this "WMD" is a must read.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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