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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Morning Briefs on Campaign Themes for Election Day

Can Republican Elan Carr pull off the Upset in defeating Democrat State Senator "Hamas Teddy" Lieu to replace Lefty Liberal Congressman Henry Waxman in the 33rd Congressional District?
Republican Elan Carr and Democrat State Senator "Hamas Teddy" Lieu.
Its all about turnout.

While the rest of America is set to roll back the corrupt President Barack "H" Obama Collectivist Dependentcrat Agenda, the silent majority of "Greece on the Pacific's" (formerly the Golden State) Independent and Republican Voters can do its share, by growing the Republican Congressional Majority (for example, in the 33rd Congressional District) and dissolving the Super Majorities in Sacramento. The following local races represent the best opportunities to do just that ......,

** 33rd Congressional District:
According to Breitbart California, late money is pouring into the proceedings and the margin between the two candidates, is all so close considering ........,
On Sunday, the Carr for Congress campaign posted a message to its Facebook page, saying that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) had begun polling in the district, and that the Carr campaign liked the results they saw. "We just learned that the DCCC is polling in our race and they're probably seeing the same thing we are -- we're winning!" the message read.

** 45th Assembly District:
West San Fernando Valley 45th AD Freshman Assemblyman Matt Dababneh deserves a "Shelley (to replace him in Sacramento)" considering the background of his alleged, singular, rib-breaking accomplishment in Sacramento.
Fellow "Shermanator" Assemblyman Mike Gatto's BREAK A RIB(BING) of Assemblyman Matt Dababneh.
** 57th Assembly District:
Republican Rita Topalian, who garnered 51% of the vote in the June Election, has a great opportunity in removing the last of the infamous Montebello Calderon Political Family, Assemblyman Ian Calderon, from Public Office. The political situation for the First Term Assemblyman is so dire that noted Anti-Corruption Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia took fiscal pity upon him.

** 66th Assembly District:
Republican Challenger David Hadley gained the Important Endorsement of the Daily Breeze Newspaper in his quest to depose Incumbent Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi in this South Bay Matchup. Hadley is hoping to replicate his "Victory (by 71 votes)" in the June Primary. From the Editorial Endorsement ..........., DAVID HADLEY IN ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 66: In one of the most competitive and nastiest races in the South Bay, Republican David Hadley is our pick. A fiscal conservative who sees the recent film tax credit as lending a temporary hand to the industry, he is looking for more long-term economic fixes to encourage economic growth, including addressing problems with workers’ compensation. His approach is to unite the center-right and he sees this seat as one that could determine whether Democrats will keep their supermajority, a reality which has stifled bipartisanship and debate in Sacramento.

** 32nd State Senate District:
The competitive contest to replace Indicted State Senator Ron Calderon has turned into an expensive affair between Downey Republican Mario Guerra and Democrat Politician Tony Mendoza, who according to some fellow Democrats, allegedly, shares the same questionable proclivities of the Calderon Clan ......, “I want to see an end to political corruption. Our community needs to heal and the investigations into Tony Mendoza’s corruption is an embarrassment to our community. We have serious problems in this state and need serious people who will step up to solve them. That is why, as a Democrat, I’ve decided to support Mario A. Guerra for the State Senate seat in the 32nd district.” – Carlos Arvizu, a former Democratic opponent of Tony Mendoza’s in the Senate race.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Carlos Arvizu wants to see an end to political corruption citing Mendoza as an embarrassment to the community..., all the while less than forth coming about his own allegations of corruption of defrauding his own sister! (LASC Case#TC277043). If this "real estate professional" wants his sister's property so bad, perhaps he should have put in an offer instead of assuming he has entitlement to someone else's property, by knowingly misrepresenting himself to attain.I believe that is known as a thief. My guess is this isn't his first rodeo. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. ..., not even when you throw them from someone else's house.

November 09, 2014 7:50 PM  

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