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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's happening in LA - August 16, 2006

I have decided to switch things up a bit today and as a community service place the various meetings of the city scheduled for today in 3 separate categories;

1: The Los Angeles City Clowncil - This term seems to be sticking so I'll go with it. In this section you will find the meetings that various elected officials would much rather you sat out. If you go, you will play 5th fiddle behind reading the paper, talking on the cell phone, milling about and of course sleeping for this is where the elected leaders can outrightly ignore their public.

9:00AM Energy and the Environment Committee Meeting
9:30AM Board of Referred Powers, Special Meeting
9:30AM Energy and the Environment Committee Meeting - SPECIAL MEETING
10:00AM The Zuma Dogg Show aka Los Angeles City Clowncil
11:00AM Los Angeles City Clowncil Special Meeting
2:00PM Personnel Committee Meeting
2:15PM Personnel Committee, SPECIAL MEETING
3:00PM Public Works Committee Meeting

2: Commissions etc - Here is where you can go if you want to feel like someone is listening but really couldn't care less and will ultimately ignore you anyway. But heck, at least these guys fake it.

9:30AM Board of Public Works AGENDA
9:30AM Board of Public Works SUPPLEMENTAL AGENDA
9:30AM Board of Public Works 2nd SUPPLEMENTAL AGENDA
10:00AM Agenda for the August 16 Special Board Meeting
2:30PM Police Permit Review Panel Cancellation Agenda
4:30PM West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

3: Neighborhood Council - These are meetings you should actually attend if you can. You will in all likelihood be listened to and treated like a human... in most cases.

12:00PM Wilmington NC Executive Board Agenda
6:00PM Silver Lake NC EC Agenda 8-16-06
6:30PM Silver Lake NC Elections SpecialAgenda 8-16-06

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Anonymous valleygladfly said:

Treated like a human, eh? Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council enforces a two minute speaking rule. So much for democracy at the local level.

August 16, 2006 2:25 PM  

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