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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The True Public Cost of the "Tonto Huevon" and "Sancha Francine" Affair/ Sexual Harassment Episode

As Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer proclaims that the Private Settlement between City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose "Tonto Huevon" Huizar and former Deputy Chief of Staff Francine "Sancha" Godoy, would cost the taxpayers no money, we present the contrary facts that should prompt further investigating.   
Both the "Tonto Huevon" and "Sancha Francine" are all smiles regarding their Private Settlement for reasons of self-preservation.
**Blogger's Note: A bloggin confession for the record. Darn!! The CD 14 / City of Los Angeles Political Trial of the early 21st Century, came to naught and I am still suffering from the bloggin blues. But rest assure, for despite the utterings of City Attorney Mike "Bet Tzedek" Feuer about the taxpayers not having to pay a cent in the "Private Settlement" between City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose "Tonto Huevon" and his former Deputy Chief of Staff "Sancha Francine" Godoy, regarding her claims of Sexual Harassment, there is still a bloggin missive to be told on the real dollar cost of the nearly seven year, occasional, consensual, sexually-abusive episode (believe what you wish). Based upon numerous discussions with former CD 14 staffers, friends of both subjects and knowing insiders, we partake below in an exercise of bloggin extrapolation, in seeking to pin a true dollar amount on the cost of an inappropriate, narcissism-driven relationship that both parties chose to settle in private, rather than take full accountability in disclosing the truth (and cost to the taxpayers)---Scott Johnson in CD 14.

How big of a role did Richelle Rios Huizar (left of husband) play in removing "Sancha Francine" (in all black) from the CD 14 Staff?
First, A Wife's Quest to Remove the Other Woman:
Love is not blind and unconditional , especially when the wife is Richelle Rios Huizar . A lawyer by training, the current Mrs. Huizar put her own career (and financial gains) on hold to give birth to, and raise four children (three daughters and one son) with the Princeton Graduate. Subsisting primarily on his City Council Salary, many have stated that the couple lived beyond their means (as was evident in the 2011 Controversy regarding the tardy payment for work on their El Sereno Property). Since replacing the now ex Failure Mayor Antonio Villar in 2006, many comments have be written here at Mayor Sam about the "Tonto Huevon's" proclivities to stray away from the nest. Ex staffers have stated that when the rumors of infidelity heated up (especially when "Sancha Francine" was mentioned), Richelle would spend more time at the City Hall Office. Finally in late 2012, she allegedly, took drastic actions, that was the foundation for last week's Private Settlement ......., and future long term costs to the taxpayers.    
What amount of the CLARTS Fund, transferred into the CD 14 Salary Account, went to pay "Sancha Francine's" fast-rising income?
Second, Funding the Salary of the Other Woman:
In March of 2007, the "Tonto Huevon" handily beat former Staffer Alvin Parra in getting elected to his first full term. Soon after his victory, the first of $1.2 Million Dollars in transfers from the CD 14 Central Los Angeles Refuge Transfer Station Fund (CLARTS), was initiated (in a non transparent manner) to his salary account. In addition, the first, full term City Clowncil Central Committee Member, undertook to have a new door and dry wall partition installed in his City Hall Office. Both coincided with rumors (since confirmed) that the former "Office Scheduler" had been promoted to "Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations" (which included solicitation of campaign contributions). Thus, starting six years of rapid salary increases, that were most likely paid for from the CLARTS Fund. We should note that in 2011, "Sancha Francine" was being paid $109,000 plus.  
Was "Sancha Francine's" Sexual Harassment Suit, partly an attempt to offset the lost of income (to pay for the alleged, infamous love nest at Union Station, among others)  from her banishment, to a new job at the Bureau of Sanitation?
Third, Finding the Other Woman a New Gig while maintaining her Quality of Living (and silence):
As "Sancha Francine" obtain higher salaries, her assets grew to include a house in the Hillside Village Community within LA-32 and a condo within the new housing complex at Union Station. Many have speculated that the Union Station property served as a "deal-making location" when not being use by the "Tonto Huevon/ Sancha Francine Duo" for more intimate interaction. One could imagine the joy of the "Tonto Huevon's" commute from City Hall to his home in Boyle Heights, with regular stops at the penthouse. But for Richelle, this became too much to deal with. She decided to take drastic actions (allegedly) to rid herself of the competition. According to multiple sources, Richelle had an alleged, solitary meeting with Mayor Antonio Villar in the summer of 2012, in seeking his help in finding another work location for "Sancha Francine", with the same level of pay. In 2013, the now former "Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations" was occupying a new six-figures position at the Bureau of Sanitation (with a first child on the way). Details surrounding the circumstances regarding her selection for the position have been lacking and the fact that she was receiving a lower pay, have prompted many to opine that her subsequence Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, was a vehicle to make up for the fiscal shortcoming,   
When considering "Sancha Francine's" new six-figure job at the Bureau of Sanitation, CLARTS Fund Salary Transfers, Legal Costs and a Private Settlement, what will be the total cost of the "Tonto Huevon's" Affair/ alleged Sexual Harassment?
Fourth, Crafting the Settlement with the Other Woman:
Before the prospect of a LA Times Legal Action to make records public pertaining the background of this Lawsuit, drove the "Tonto Huevon/ Sancha Francine Duo" to their Private Settlement, speculation had the now Bureau of Sanitation Employee, turning down $250,000 in private money from the normally cash-strapped Officeholder. Further, she had in her procession emails, photos, texts that incriminated the Princeton Graduate. In comments posted here on Mayor Sam, some have speculated that the relationship between the duo was abusive and may have involved an abortion. Those facts, especially if the LA Times was able to obtain documentation substantiating them, would most likely be mortal to the political career of the "Tonto Huevon". Thus, allegedly prompting Richelle to take control of fixing the problem, for the sake of her children (and preserving the six figure meal ticket) ........, but at what cost to the taxpayers?
Lastly, the Seven Figure True Cost Supplement to a Private Settlement:
Its time for the bloggin line item on the cost of the "Tonto Huevon, Sancha Francine Affair/ Sexual Harassment Episode".
1. $500,000 plus, in inflated salaries for "Sancha Godoy" between 2007-2012.
2. $15,000 to furnish access door and drywall partition connecting both offices to facilitate quick interaction.
3. $115,000 per year, with normal CPI increases, could cost taxpayers $2 Million Dollars plus, if "Sancha Francine" stays employed for twenty years at the Bureau of Santitation.
4. $$$$ in money for meals and other cost via the "Tonto Huevon's" Officeholder's Account.
5. $200,000 in legal fees pertaining to the lawsuit.
6. $$$$$$ in future costs to the taxpayers to pay off the favors of those who fronted "Tonto Huizar" the money to cover the cost of a Private Settlement.
Thus, with no apologies to City Attorney Mike Feuer, the true cost of the "Tonto Huevon, Sancha Francine Affair/ Sexual Harassment Episode has, and will cost the taxpayers Millions and Richelle Huizar has rid herself of the Other Woman (until "Tonto Huevon strays again).
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Blogger BHNATIVE said:

I can not believe that other Huizar staff have not proceeded with reverse discrimination lawsuit against the City of LA and Huizar. More so men and less attractive women that did not get equal pay working for Huizar. Also is City jobs protected from Labor board inquiries for job discrimination. Or was there any payoffs we do not know about?

October 06, 2014 2:21 PM  

Blogger Unknown said:

"SEX SCANDAL"... PEOPLE IN COUNCIL DISTRICT 14 NEED TO KNOW. THE MORE PEOPLE READ THIS, THE BETTER. AN INJUSTICE IS TAKING PLACE. Anyone with a sister or mother should read this. Yes...everyone. I have no political agenda...just stating the truth. Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar is not telling the truth. He is trying to say his relationship with Francine Godoy was consensual to continue his career,as many politicians have done before him. SHE DID NOT SLEEP WITH THAT PIG. He's saying it's consensual to explain the countless harassing phone calls he made to her. If the truth came out, which is that he used his position to harass and torment this poor girl, his life/marriage would be over.The fact is, Francine Godoy was a victim and is now being portrayed as a home wrecker because huizar "admitted to an affair" which just isn't true. Yes, she was strong willed at times or came off as being abrasive, but still she was innocent.

People are stuck on her salary...in the public sector, if a guy over 7 years worked his way up the corporate ladder, it wouldn't be a big deal. When she was first brought on, she was hired well below her skill set. Once that was noticed, she was given more responsibility and pay to retain her. All this girl did was work hard and kept her honor the whole time. Anonymous posters on blogs who made up rumors years ago were just jealous of her and in competition.

Don't be fooled ...Jose is a scum bag. FYI Huizar's poor wife (who is also a victim) knows the truth but is remaining silent because she needs him to work to support her and their kids.

The way the system is set up, Francine will more than likely settle because she cannot win regardless of facts and the truth. Sad...

someone who knows

October 06, 2014 10:00 PM  

Anonymous Mildred Wexler - homemaker said:

Honey, don't ya think the real cost is these gangster fools busy shtuping hot totties in thongs while Los Angeles is going down the tubes. Why else would a house in Los Angeles be $200,000 less than the same one in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills except L.A. is run like crap and broke. And now with the water mains breaking they can't skim any more off of DWP so show me the money.

October 08, 2014 11:39 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don't feel sorry for Francine! Sorry, she knew it was an affair , booty call whatever .. If that's all it was then it's Huizar's wife's problem. It becomes my problem when my taxes go to pay those two money hungry pigs

October 20, 2014 9:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I can't wmpathize with Franxine she's just as money hungry as Rochelle( huizzy's wifey).. Except francine was the well known mistress and too bad Rochelle knew Huizar was with her. Those three deserve each other! Is Rochelle working as an attorney again? Maybe preparing for Guizars arrest ??

October 25, 2014 11:12 PM  

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