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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Today is the Official Release Day of the long-awaited book collaboration between LA Weekly Scribe Patrick Range McDonald and former two-term Mayor Richard Riordan. A cover to cover viewing is bound to cause an episode of longing for the not-forgotten era of civic rebirth and growth after the 1992 Riots.  
Too bad this must read will never grace the old SEIU 347 "Richard Riordan Reading Room".
With no apologies to former "Mayor Poopy", Failure Mayor Tony Villar, along with current F-ing Mayor Eric Garcetti, its time to flashback to an eight year era of civic rebirth, growth and renewal via the long-awaited book collaboration of former two term Mayor Richard Riordan and LA Weekly Writer Patrick Range McDonald
Concise, and to the point, Richard Riordan was the right choice for Mayor after the 1992 Riots. Two terms, eight years, at a cost of a dollar every 365 days later, Los Angeles was bring in $1 Billion dollars more in revenue per year than when he was first sworn in, with thousands of additional police securing a foundation for a crime reduction future. 
Foot in mouth episodes withstanding, the former Toy Company Executive was able to forge cross-party coalitions that enable LA to recover from the Northridge Earthquake and replace the forgotten LAPD Chief Willie Williams with now CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks.
Yet, since leaving office, Riordan was never able to capitalize politically on his successful era via the Third Floor, as evident with his failed attempt to replace Pete Wilson as Governor and the inability to get Steve "Mini Riordan I" Soboroff, along Austin "Mini Riordan II" Beutner elected Mayor.
But in the sunset of his political being, discerning Angelinos who care about the civic future of the City of Angels, would find it prudent to read the musings of a historic figure, in the hope of creating a better tomorrow.
** From the blunt talk (mixed with foot on occasions) of former Mayor Riordan, LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus regales us from the musing front end, with the latest "wonkish pronouncements" of a Rhodes Scholar, now tepid (white) Mayor Eric Garcetti via his appearance at the "Atlantic Magazine, Citylab Conference" ..........., (Walter) Isaacson (of the Aspen Institute) asked about encouraging an innovative culture within City Hall. Garcetti said that when dealing with his general managers, "You have to be able to follow from the front." He went on say that low-level employees should be able to "lead from the line." There's nothing necessarily wrong with encouraging front-line workers to solve problems. But "following from the front" is an unfortunate phrase. So much for performance-based utterances.
**  Just wondering if some official government agency will be waving an investigation notice in the direction of Assemblyman Isadore Hall anytime soon, this after a report by the "Weekly of Record" that Hall (or someone from his campaign team) mis-used some dollar bills at a Strip Club?

** Memo to the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition, you may be still wondering why CD City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" is blowing smoke in regards to your ambitious plans to reopen LA's Oldest Museum? Maybe it has to do with this "Pay to Play Contribution" via someone with "El Plan".?
Remember, all agreements with "Broken Deal Cedillo", are naught unless you "Pay to Play.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Blogger Olga Hall said:

$ 310.00 is very cheap amount sell his soul. If “pay to play” is the game we could have raised an amount that we could speak of “proudly”.

Gabriel Buelna ran for some political office in the past and lost. This means he is interested in getting into the political arena. Is he using the SWM issue as a stepping stone to gain a political position?

Gabriel Buelna took the documents that now he presents as “El Plan” without permission from the FoSWMCthey were in a draft form and he did NOT pay for them. In one of the Friends of the SWM Coalition meetings Gabriel called Councilman Gill Cedillo a Nationalist, which right away he told us he would deny if we ever said anything about it. Is this the reason that Gabriel named the proposed documents “El Plan del SWM” to give the name a Hispanic flavor and make it attractive to Cedillo?

Gabriel Buelna and Carol Jacques lead the meetings of “El PLAN” and to refresh people’s memories Carol Jacques lead the group of the Southwest Society which was created by Councilman Huizar, Mayor Villarraigosa and the Autry as a Blue Ribbon Committee to raise funds for the SWM, this group never to this date raised a penny for the SWM or Casa de Adobe. The Southwest Society was used by the Autry to squash any dissent from the community and Councilman Huizar, Mayor Villarraigosa, Carol Jacques and her followers were the conspirators that helped the Autry betray us all.

Carol Jacques is very proud of her Hispanic roots? How come she has not hold the Autry accountable for the state of the Casa de Adobe? For at least the last nine or so years she has been in speaking terms with the Autry, so why she has done nothing and has allow the Autry
to let the building fall apart year after year?

These negotiations with the Autry are just a “smoke screen”. The only way you can talk to the Autry is if you agree with everything they say.

Autry is just a thieve pretending to be a savior. Once more the mentality of the conqueror will be at work having the American Indian and people’s of color under their feet and profiting from it, thanks to the traitors among us.


October 04, 2014 12:53 PM  

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