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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Morning Briefs on the "Detroit on the Pacific" Political Machine

The Los Angeles Political Machine's Progressive/Hard Left Brothers and Sisters led by LA County Labor Federation Leader Maria Elena Durazo, are all smiles as a majority of the City Clowncil Central Committee vote 12-3 to raise the Minimum Wage for Large Hotel Workers, to $15.37 per hour.
When the late Mrs. Miguel Contreras smiles, the dwindling Los Angeles Business Class cringes.
The Los Angeles War on Poverty is over ......., at least for a day.
Judging by the reaction of the assembled Progressive/Hard Left Brothers and Sisters under the John Ferraro City Clowncil Big Top, the mere act of twelve City Clowncil Central Committee Members in voting to outsource jobs, whoops, raise the Minimum Wage for Large (300 rooms or more) to $15.37 per hour, is the collectivist turning point in the War on Poverty within Ciudad de Los Angeles.
After five decades and TRILLIONS of dollars spent on a endless quest to fund government expansion/dependency, darn I meant abolishing poverty, a collectivist MISSION ACCOMPLISH was achieved by simply mandating that businesses pay a base wage. That deserves a Dolores Huerta-led SI SE PUEDE rendition.
But while the media and bloggin community are fixated on the reactions of the likes Durazo, Mayor Garcetti, and those who will benefit (before their jobs are outsource across the city boundaries), Angelinos should beware of the glee of "Mr. CPI" as in Consumer Price Index, as he looks forward to another height (and increase costs to consumers) in importance.
That glee is shared by the leaders within Organize Labor which will use the new benchmark wage and increase in the CPI to demand private and public entities to increase wages, which will result in the likes of Mayor Garcetti in abandoning his fiscal austerity pledges and speed LA on the path to a fiscal rechristening as "Detroit on the Pacific".  
** With apologies to the "Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet" (aka LA Daily News) longtime City Hall Beat Writer Rick Orlov, we belatedly take notice on the speculation that Assemblyman Adrin "Mini Paul Krekorian" Nazarian, is mulling a run for CD 4, while protecting his Assembly Seat. Can you "Two Face Bob" revisited?  
** Continuing with a possible "Two Face Mini Krekorian CD 4 Campaign", Jack Humphreville has the following observation on this backroom-originating scheme ........,
But some of the power elite that occupy City Hall are not comfortable with the present line up of  (CD 4) candidates and are plotting the entry of State Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian into the race. Nazarian, the former Chief of Staff for his mentor, Paul Krekorian, has been planning his entre into the race to replace Tom LaBonge ever since he was elected to the Assembly in 2012, despite his comments to the contrary.  At the same time, Nazarian is running for reelection in November to the State Assembly against an underfunded and unknown opponent. But this is all part of the scheme as Nazarian will be able to funnel surplus money from his Assembly reelection effort - extracted from the unions, corporations, and special interests who need to curry favor with the State Legislature - to his City Council campaign coffers. These donors include the Los Angeles Police Protective League, SEIU 721, and the American Federation of Federal, State, County, and Municipal Employees, all of whom are currently negotiating contracts with our cash strapped City.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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