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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Top Ten List for getting your Neighborhood Council placed on Exhaustive Measures

In (dis)honor of Empower LA's punitive actions, placing the LA-32 Neighborhood Council on Exhaustive Measures, this blogger ( and NC's recording Secretary) keyboards his own subjective Top Ten List on why DONE silence a community voice.
Maybe posting this picture of Empower LA General Manager Grayce Lui with former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar would be reason eleven? 
** Blogger's Note: Happy Sunday to all as the Sun shines down on a punitive takeover of a community elective body. In recent days, this blogger has been absence due to dealing with the punitive actions of a city department that is suppose to EMPOWER, but now is merely a tool to silence and enact retribution on those, who the powers to be ( and surrogates) deem as the "voices of opposition" to their self-serving political agendas. In the days ahead, the story how a majority of board members of the LA-32 NC, who put community first, before self, and how they were disrespected by the subjective, punitive actions of Empower LA (** you can read Empower LA Memo below) will be told, sparing no details. But as a blogging primer on the details to be disclose in the days ahead, this blogger presents his Top Ten List on why Empower LA place LA-32 on Exhaustive Measures, as previous posted on The Voice Community News Facebook Page---Scott Johnson from Empower LA-occupied LA-32 NC  

Notice to all LA-32 NC Stakeholders!! The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) has silence your NC by placing it in so-call "Exhaustive Measures". With no apologies to DONE GM Grayce Lui, CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar and supposed "Community Insiders", we post below our Top Ten List how this NC came to this current punitive standing.
10. Submit agenda item requesting Audit of the CD 14 CLARTS Fund.
9. Disclosing a $600 Line of Credit for a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Arts Project.
8. Seeking answers on how the Shell Gas Station on Huntington and Monterey Pass Road obtain a Beer and Wine License despite NC opposition.
7. Voting to approve Official Letterhead that recognizes all six historic communities to the consternation of the "** El Sereno Delusional, whoops, Historical Society".

** BTW, This is what Jorge and Yolie Garcia of the above-mentioned, alleged historical group, wrote about the brave firefighters of LAFD Station # 16 in the Hillside Village area of LA-32, on their website ....
We need to make sure our fire stations are staffed with city employees who are proud to serve the industrious working-class community of El Sereno.  The current staff at LAFD #16 are a pathetic bunch who are too embarrassed to represent El Sereno.  Let's get rid of these bums and request, demand, fire station personnel who are proud to work for and with our community.  Plain and Simple; our tax-dollars pay their salary, yet they slap our faces with these idiotic and unprofessional actions.  Forward your complain to the Battalion and Division Headquarters.  The information is provided at the bottom of this section.
...... back to the list.
 6. Questioning a longtime Community Non-Profit Fiscal Standing when its current Recording Secretary notes past issues dealing with destroyed fiscal documents.(** View the three part Youtube video of the Budget & Finance Committee to see comments for yourself).
5. Voting to stand by past board's approval of Eastern and Lombardy Project.
4. Not allocating $5,000 for Bicentennial Parade, revisit number 6 for background.
3. Drafting a Motion calling for an investigation of possible Zoning Violations at the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School.
2. Daring to mention the number of Conflict of Interest Issues involving Board Member ties to USC,
2a. Board President doing catering business with USC.
2b. Former Board Vice-President (who quit again) supposedly taking classes at USC.
2c Board Corresponding Secretary who's wife works for USC.
1. Failure to support a vindictive vendetta by a former Board Member (who has quit the NC twice) and DONE against the current LA 32 NC Treasurer.
** Disclaimer: These thoughts, based upon the facts, are my own and not reflective of any official LA 32 NC position.

  Empower LA Memo to the LA 32 Neighborhood Council´╗┐

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14´╗┐

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