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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Morning Briefs of the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

The Lifestyle of Politically Connected Elites as exampled by former Labor Secretary and current LA County Board of Supervisors Candidate Hilda Solis.
Whoops!! Did I forget to disclose all those 2009 planes trips via my Labor Friends?
Just a thought, but does the LA County Labor Federation own a plane?
From reading the exclusive story via the Los Cerritos News regarding the jet-setting (in planes own by labor unions) proclivities of the leading candidate to replace termed-out LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria "Molina Boo Boo" Hilda Solis, one could surmise that the air space above the Hall of Administration in the future, will be friendly for labor, without disclosure of course.
As a side note, we want to commend Randy and Brian for having their exclusive get national exposure via the Drudge Report.
** In CD 14, Elections really never have a formal closure, especially when the Ethics Commission or the LA County District Attorney's Office of Public Integrity gets involve, as witness by the $45,000 fine levied against Juan Carlos Jaramillo for reinbursting employees donations to the 2011 Campaign of Rudy Martinez.
** This is a sure sign of a pending Campaign Implosion via the "Blind Political Ambition Tour" of IBEW/ DWP Strongman Brian D'Arcy Rizzo's "Call Greuel". From KPCC's Alice "The Enabling Maven" Walton .........
Over the weekend, local Democrats indicated the state party would endorse State Senator Ted Lieu for the congressional seat. A final vote will be taken at the state convention on March 4. "I am honored and humbled to to receive the overwhelming support of local democratic delegates and activists," Lieu said. 
A consultant for the Wendy Greuel campaign dismissed the vote. 
"Yesterday's vote by the party insiders and bosses was a stunning rebuke of the party's rising women stars.  The fix was in from the Sacramento Old Boys Network," said Sean Clegg. 
If that name sounds familiar it's because Clegg was part of the team that last year ran an independent political action committee  in support of Greuel. On the other side, Lieu has hired consultant Bill Carrick to run his campaign. Just a year ago Carrick was running Eric Garcetti's mayoral race against Greuel.

LMAO!! This regarding the former "Call Greuel of Choice" of the City Hall Political Machine? OH PLEZ!!

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Blogger pirugenia said:

Happy that Hilda won, for us angelenos, for her & Sam & Hilda's mom whom I had the joy of meeting in El Monte one Xmas years ago when Hilda was a councilwoman, then when she became a congresswoman. "She is always here for Xmas to give toys to our kids", said to me some people. Then I saw Hilda's mom leave the party and go load toys in a van & leave for an orphanage in Tijuana.

December 23, 2014 5:55 PM  

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