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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Morning Subjective Musing on the Dysfunctional State of "Disempowerment LA"

With less than 36 hours before a supposed Special Meeting of the "Disempowerment LA-occupied LA-32 Neighborhood Council with no Agenda posted, we channel the bureaucratic (mixed with political considerations), mindset of the NC oversight agency, in crafting our own subjective list of reasons for the absence of an Agenda for tomorrow's meeting.
"Disempowerment LA's" General Manager Grayce Liu in better times (for the LA-32 NC) with ex Failure Mayor Antonio Villar.
"Disempower LA NEA/LA-32 NC Overlord" Lisette Covarrubias, when in the Office. 
** Blogger's Note: Good bloggin morning from behind the lines of the "Disempowerment LA-occupied LA-32 Neighborhood Council", as NC Board Members and Stakeholders await a formal agenda on what community concerns the occupying, bureaucratic overlords will allowed to be broached at tomorrow's Special Meeting of the LA-32 NC at the El Sereno Senior Center, starting at 6 PM. As we near the final hour of the morning, we thought that a moment of channeling the bureaucratic, dysfunctional mindset of a certain "Disempowerment LA NEA/LA-32 NC Overlord" (when not filing workplace grievances, allegedly), would be a fun, subjective exercise (kinda like placing a certain NC on Exhaustive Measures, but I digress), on why the Board Members and Stakeholders are still in the dark on what community concerns will be allowed for discussion tomorrow.
* Lack of cohesive office schedule for a certain "Disempowerment LA NEA/LA-32 NC Overlord" to review concerns from ALL Board Members and Stakeholders in regards to crafting the appropriate agenda.
* Weak "Disempowerment LA Structure regarding whether a NC with issues, is in need of a "Board Retreat" (as in 2012), or merit being place on "Exhaustive Measures", as one can ascertain in the 2012 and 2014 Memos to different incarnations of the LA-32 NC.
* Inconsistent Disempowerment LA General Manager understanding (that depends on the political considerations) how subjective actions of the department staff affect NCs like LA-32. ie. Lack of current information regarding ADA accommodations for Board Members, Lack of openness and transparency regarding department dialog (with local politicians?) that lead to subjective, punitive actions, Ethical concerns regarding employee conduct and a dysfunctional department that wastes taxpayers money among others.
* Lack of clarity on the pathway out of punitive Exhaustive Measures designations and the role "Council for Councils" can have as First Responders for NCs with issues.
* Safety concerns among Board Member and Stakeholders due to a lack of cohesive policy from "Disempowerment LA" regarding dealing with "Procedural Bullys" (ex. "The El Sereno Delusional Society").
* Creating an environment wanted by the local politico (and his cronies), that is conducive to the appropriate "Stakeholders Benefits". ie Connected Non-Profits, questionable Charter School, non-disclosure of CLARTS Fund status and NC allocation of funds for groups with IRS issues ......,  among others
Thus, everyone can see how easy it is being subjective, especially when merged with the political considerations of a certain local politico and neighborhood cronies ---Scott Johnson from "Disempowerment LA-occupied LA-32
   From a "Disempowerment LA-mandated LA-32 NC "Board Retreat" in 2012 ...........
2012 "Disempowerment LA" Memo on LA-32 NC "Board Retreat", Page 1.

2012 "Disempowerment LA" Memo on LA-32 NC "Board Retreat", Page 2.
........ to "Disempowerment LA's punitive, Exhaustive Measures against the LA-32 NC in 2014.
2014 "Disempowerment LA Memo placing the LA-32 NC on Exhaustive Measures, Page 1.
2014 "Disempowerment LA Memo placing the LA-32 NC on Exhaustive Measures, Page 2.
From these identical memos from 2012 and 2014, its easy to surmise that the art of "cut and pasting memos" to meet the desired resolution (with political considerations included) is part of the dysfunctional work culture at "Disempowerment LA".
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Was this woman LISETTE VILARAIGOSA'S other woman?

February 27, 2014 6:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Its still considered prostitution when you sleep with a pervert (ex-mayor) for money

March 06, 2014 8:17 PM  

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