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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Morning Brief on Gloria Romero's beef with the Old Boys Political Machine for Tuesday

Former State Senate Majority Leader, Education Reformer  and the noted "Other Woman" Gloria Romero, rips the Old Boys in Sacramento over their hypocrisy in the Senator Roderick Wright conviction.
 Former State Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero
 Is incoming State Senate Majority Leader Kevin de Leon pondering his own past domicile issues?
Good morning from the "East Bank of Los Angeles" as the morning low clouds burn away to reveal a once Sacramento Latina Politico, who is keyboarding missives aimed at the hypocritical Old Boys Club in the State Capital of  "Greece on the Pacific" (formerly known as the Golden State).
But while Mayor Villar proved to be a Fail Education Mayor, Romero's passion for true Education Reform (and a nine year passionate affair with late LA County Labor Federation Leader Miguel Contreras), brought her into conflict with former labor allies (especially CTA) over supporting the growth of Charter Schools and Prop 32, which would of diluted the power of unions statewide.
Thus, it should come as no surprise to anyone politically astute, that the once insider take keyboard umbrage at the current state of hypocrisy within the State Senate (regarding dealing with convicted felon State Senator Roderick Wright), in her new Columnist role with the Orange County Register. But its her comments regarding in-coming State Senate Majority Leader Kevin de Leon that are raising eye brows ..............
For example, the recently announced successor to Steinberg as leader of the Senate, Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, has had past political opponents accuse him of carpetbagging, that is, moving into a district to to qualify to run for a particular seat, as referenced in an LA Weekly story from 2006. (It's a common political practice and is legal.)
One de Leon opponent, longtime district resident Elena Popp, rightfully called it an “old boys network.” At the very least, it was a distasteful magical carpet(bag) ride.
After de Leon vacated his Assembly seat, he supported current Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, D-Los Angeles, who also immediately faced residency challenges. A 2012 YouTube video captures him giving three answers about where he lived, finally, laughing “I move a lot.”
Romero's comment regarding de Leon are interest in lieu of rumors over the years of their "close relationship" and they must of stung the former San Diego resident considering this "clarification" submitted to the Register .............
Kevin de Leon was leasing an apartment in the 45th state Assembly District at the time he ran for the Assembly in 2006. De Leon’s residency was ambiguously characterized in a column by Gloria Romero in the Feb. 4 edition of the Register.
........ hmmm, when did Carol Jacques couch become an apartment (allegedly)?
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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