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Friday, December 25, 2015

Have a Bloggin Merry Christmas

We want to wish everyone a Bloggin Merry Christmas 2015
** Blogger's Note: Great Bloggin Christmas to all on this chilly morning. I would be remiss if I did not especially mention our departed friend Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby, who surely extends the same greetings from a better place on this Most Special Day. As we move onward to a New Year now would be the time to share "Bloggin Blessings" to those who have been supportive of this blogger's solitary endeavor of keeping Michael's "Mayor Sam Cyber Creation" alive and growing in its goal of espousing ethical openness and transparency in local governance. From the likes of David Hernandez, Frank Sheftel, Ed Padgett (along with his Lovely Daughter Kristine), Jack Witt, Michael's SADA Co-workers, Elizabeth Espinoza, Lydia Grant, the Mayor Sam Cyber-home of Sunland-Tujunga, Jose at Joselitos ............, and especially Michael's sister Jodie, your support has provided the positive motivation to continue on with Michael's work. Then there are also the likes of Talk Show Host Randy Economy, who gave us access to a larger audience in a partnership (and friendship) that will grow in the New Year. Further, we have those with bloggin monikers, such as a "Scribe of Wit (link here to read his "12 Days of City Hall Christmas")", "John Doe", our alleged "Cyber Boss/Owner", a "retired P.O"., ............, and especially, a "Special Guardian Angel", who's trust, support and friendship over time, has been greatly appreciated-----With respect, Scott Johnson. 
The 2015 City Hall Christmas Tree.



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