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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Please Help The Family of Student Andres Perez of Los Angeles International Charter High School

Staff and Friends of Popular Herman-located Los Angeles International Charter High School Senior Andres Perez, have set up a Go Fund Me Account to help with the Services and Burial of a Great Young Man of Faith, killed in Tuesday's horrific Highland Park Accident.
Andres Perez giving Witness to his Faith.
** Blogger's Note: Its pains me, especially in the last recent months, to keyboard any missive regarding the death of someone connected to myself, either through friendship directly, or via an attachment to a friend. Yesterday's horrific accident in Highland Park that tragiclly claimed the life of a young man, grounded in faith, who was well-centered via a foundation of supportive friends and family, became one of those attachments when I contacted a friend who's child was a classmate and close friend of Andres Perez. Just in my conversations with that confidant (who acts as a quasi Den Mom to the close knit group of students on many occasions) it became readily apparent to myself, the numerous positive attributes (especially rooted in character) that Andres possessed. Simply, Andres is (or was) someone that through his continuing maturation, would of been a pillar of faith that strengthens his surrounding community via good deeds ....... In this moment of great loss, I implore those who can ......, to consider helping the Perez Family (link here to his Go Fund Me Account) in giving this Young Man of Faith a services befitting one our Better Angels of Tomorrow----Scott Johnson.     

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