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Friday, December 18, 2015

Its Getaway Friday 2015 while Emergency Homeless Shelters are Lacking as EL Nino Nears

Its a Public Sector Getaway Friday 2015 as entities exampled by the Los Angeles City Council Central Committee goes on its annual Christmas/New Year Hiatus ........., while a potential Killer El Nino takes aim on shelter-lacking Homeless Population.  
The meters are running for a Getaway Friday.
Hazard Park Armory.

** Blogger's Note: Its time again for the most anticipated Getaway Friday on the yearly Public Sector Calendar as bureaucrats and politicos switch into slumber/hiatus mode for the Christmas/New Year Holiday Season. For the next two weeks, with many workers, staffers and elected officials taking time away with families, the various offices will operate with skeleton staffs.

But with latest weather forecasts showing a potential, first major El Nino-influenced Storm targeting Southern California for Christmas, first-responders may be beginning an extended period of life-threatening work that is surely to included numerous responses to emergency calls dealing with LA's increased Homeless population.

Many longtime political observers will surely remember the 2004/2005 Record-breaking Rainy Season, where a then, yellow jacket-donning Mayor James Hahn, went from one storm damage location to the next, while being shadowed by challenger Antonio Villar, as they engaged in a form of "Storm Response Politics".

Now ten years later, Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council are heading into the Holiday Hiatus without a concrete plan that offers the needed shelter for a vulnerable Homeless Population, just when the much-anticipated El Nino Winter is set to commence.

CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo is to be commended for securing support of his colleagues to reopen the shuttered Bridewell Armory in Highland Park as a emergency shelter, but with thousands of newly-created Homeless (thanks in part to the AB-109 and Prop 47 Legislated Debacles),, creating encampments placed in areas of danger (hillsides and water was), more space is needed.

One location worthy of immediate review is the Hazard Park Armory which currently houses Rec & Parks Staff and the Connected Non-Profit Legacy LA. Located in Councilman Jose Huizar's CD 14, the location, like the Bridewell location, is awaiting much-needed infrastructure rehabilitation (funded in part with a $925,000 allocation via former Supervisor Gloria Molina), but can provided needed space ........., if Councilman Huizar is willing to support a emergency shelter within his Council District----Scott Johnson. 

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