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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Creditable Morning Brief on the Monica Garcia Media Machine for Wednesday

True Politicos never let a good crisis (or an over reaction to a Hoax) go to waste, but for LAUSD School Board Member Monica Garcia, a Channel Four KNBC Interview (and a hot mic) caught her in a moment of reflection on a desired future as the .........., MEXICAN OPRAH. 
 The Queen of TV Talk Oprah Winfrey .....
..... and the self-proclaimed MEXICAN OPRAH.
** Blogger's Note: LOLOLOLOLOL!! Please pardon the bloggin momentary lost of cyber composure but in the aftermath of yesterday's LAUSD reaction to a Creditable Hoax ......., and the tragic death of Herman's Los Angeles International Charter High School Andres Perez, at a Highland Park intersection, we sure can use a moment (or longer) of humor.
We were tipped off by our KRLA 870 AM Talk Radio Friend Randy Economy, that during yesterday morning's LAUSD Press Conference regarding its decision to shutter all its educational facilities, School Board Member Monica Garcia (aka "Gorda Boo Boo"), was caught in a hot mic moment on the live KNBC Channel Four News Coverage of the Presser, referring to herself as .............., the MEXICAN OPRAH.
As we briefly stray into a alternative future where the MEXICAN OPRAH holds down the lead-in spot to the Novellas on either Univision or Telemundo, we can envision the likes of a former "Failure Mayor" and a certain "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate" having regular roles. Plus, there may be a chance for a former "Sancha" to resurrect her "news reader" career.
But momentary, bloggin morning day dreams complete, we return you to our normal commentary in a follow up post-----Scott Johnson.

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