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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Morning Brief on the Greek Theater Political Intrigue for Wednesday

As the politically-charged drama of who will become the City of Los Angeles Recreation & Parks-owned Greek Theater Operator, heads to the full City Clowncil Central Committee for a final determination, CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino is the lone vote of reason in supporting the recommendations of Recreation and Parks Management.
Again, Clowncilman LaBonge (and three other Clowncil Colleagues) disrespects Recreation & Parks Management recommendations on a Griffith Park Icon.

Move over past battles of Blues and Grays for the looming political clash of Greens (Nederlander) and Reds (Live Nation) at 200 Spring Street.
Termed-out CD 4 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Tom LaBonge, with the help of three colleagues from the City Committee that oversees the operations of the Department of Recreation & Parks, voted contrary to the recommendation of the Department's Management and Commissioners, in supporting the collaboration of Nederlander/ AEG to continue operating the Greek Theater in Griffith Park.
CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino was the lone vote in supporting the Recreation & Park's Brass recommendation that Live Nation take over the operations of the longtime outdoor concert venue ....., and in objectively reviewing the facts (without tainted political glasses via both sides), is the sole voice of reason on what has become another politically-charged skirmish over the selection of operators at the Greek.
Buscaino was right in noting that the process initiated by the Recreation & Parks Management, with cooperation from its Commission was fair to both parties involve, Nederlander/ AEG and Live Nation. This process has played itself out not only within the confines of Recreation & Parks Commission Meetings, but also within the local Neighborhood Councils and of course, the media.
Further, the Department based its choice of Live Nation on the understandable fact that they, unlike the Nederlander/ AEG Proposal, would reinvest concert revenues into the upkeep and rehabilitation of the aging outdoor venue. This fact cannot be understated, especially for a department who has seen its operating budget decimated via budgeting gimmicks during the Mayoral Administration of Antonio Villar.
Thus, the choice was easy, either choose the vender who was willing to reinvest its proceeds in the future sustainability of the concert venue infrastructure ......., or select the operator who promised the biggest rate of revenue ......, into the General Fund with no promise of return, to a budget-strapped Rec. & Park Department.
The Department in its recent past, knows all too well the ramifications of not reinvesting revenue into its infrastructure. Many outdoor and fishing enthusiasts will remember that Rec & Parks was the DWP choice vender in operating the Crowley Lake Concessions but the Department's inability to reinvest proceeds that were sent directly to the General Fund, prompted the City Utility to terminate its long-standing partnership.  
Thus, the irony here is that the Department has learned from its own past issues as a vender and challenges from recent years of reactionary budgets, forced upon it by the Mayoral Administration of Antonio Villar, (and the likes of Tom LaBonge), to forge a Matrix Model for Partnering, that prioritizes the sustainability of its properties. 
But as highlighted by the most-recent act of political gamesmanship by the self-appointed "Uber-Superintendent of Griffith Park", Clowncilman LaBonge, a commendable, fair contract process, has been turned into the latest political drama coming to the Horseshoe.
Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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