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Monday, January 26, 2015

Outtakes from the CD-14 City Council Campaign Trial

Permits? Who needs stinking permits when using illicit billboard locations to promote the re-election of the PLUM Committee (which oversees Billboards) Chair and CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar?
With 100 Billboards in CD 14, its hard to turn away without viewing some sort of "Re-elect Jose Huizar for City Council Message".

** Blogger's Note: Hola from the yellow-tinted site lines of CD 14 where lack of proper permits is no barrier in promoting Lamar Advertising's chosen vessel in pushing its Billboard Agenda at City Hall. The LA Times is generous in its story budgeting of today's David Zahniser expose on the Louisiana-based Billboard Firm's use of questionable locations in promoting the self-noting Princeton Graduate's re-election. Two of Councilman Huizar's challengers were attributed for this story as we highlight below.
Gloria Molina: “No company should be contributing illegal signs to council members at the same time it is asking them to give up the city's rights and allow those same signs to become legal,” she said in a statement.
Mario Chavez: Boyle Heights resident Mario Chavez, another Huizar challenger in this year's election, said the city should have worked harder to put billboard companies on the same regulatory footing as other businesses and residents. And Huizar, who has been in office for a decade, should have pressed the state Legislature to repeal the law limiting enforcement on Lamar and other sign companies, Chavez said. “He should have pursued it. But then why would he? He gets free advertising from the company,” he added. 
Below, we muse on other CD-14 Campaign-related issues, in what will be a weekly feature, leading up to the final vote in picking the next CD 14 Officeholder---Scott Johnson in CD 14.     
CD 14 City Council Candidate Mario Chavez campaigning in the Ramona Gardens Area. Its was nice to chance upon former SEIU Political Director, now Huizar challenger Mario Chavez as he sought votes in the RG Area.
** A Los Angeles Downtown News Urban Scrawl Editorial Cartoon via Doug Davis on the 2015 CD 14 City Council Campaign.
Can the Molina Campaign exhaust the Cycle Charro's monetary advantage via Foot Power?
** An objective missive on the CD 14 Campaign comes from longtime Latino Political Observer Jamie Regalado at City Watch, with its premise on Molina's past Campaign, Giant-slaying proclivities and whether she can beat a "Might Be A Machine-stalled Giant" Councilman Huizar as we excerpt below.
Her final act–deciding to challenge the 14th District City Council incumbent councilman Jose Huizar in the March 2015 city elections–stunned many people who had expected her to retire from politics after 32 years. But given her history, maybe this should not have been so stunning. While some have pointed out how hard it is for elected officials to give up power, she has said she still has fire in the belly. History has proven that she certainly loves to beat the odds. And her timing might be right. LA has very few female political officeholders these days. On the City Council, only one of the 15 seats is held by a woman, Nury Martinez..

** While Councilman Huizar gets free Billboards, he still does not have a complete monopoly over choice ad locations as the photo below denotes. The Nadine Diaz Campaign is making support gains in Boyle Heights among the longtime-established Small Businesses.
A Choice Location at Soto and Cesar Chavez for a Nadine Diaz Sign. 
** And we bring you another example of the Current State of the CD 14 Infrastructure from the Emery Park Neighborhood of El Sereno.
How many CD 14 Voters do you see, not voting for Huizar, in this photo?  
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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