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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

City Clowncil bans Alcohol Ads on Public Places as Huizar takes Credit

CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar , is to be commended ......, again,  for excelling in the political art form of contradiction. This time, on the issue of alcohol. 
Contradiction in the act of self-enriching governing, is well-known Huizar political trait.
** Blogger's Note: Great afternoon from the Political Billboard Blight Capital of Ciudad de Los Angeles (link here for cost of Huizar's latest Billboard Campaign Blight) as we await the latest "Coca Puff" of Officeholder Spin via the self-noting Princeton Graduate. This afternoon the City Clowncil Central Committee voted to ban Alcohol Ads from most City of Los Angeles-owned Public Locations and for the political record, we expect the longtime CD 14 Propaganda/ Communications Director Rick Coca to release his latest directive which will offer testimonial praise for Huizar's leadership in seconding this new ordinance. But as this blog recently reported, Huizar's efforts in banning alcohol-related advertising on public property, does not go hand in hand, with the Clowncilman's efforts to grow liquor sales opportunity for political friends. Simply, advertising of alcohol on public properties is not as politically (or personally in campaign contributions) lucrative as supporting upgrades or new beer, wine and liquor licenses within CD-14. Thus, expect Team Huizar to politically exploit this victory for momentary gain ........, but his past political and personal issues regarding alcohol, cannot be distorted or whitewash via a "Coca Puff"---Scott Johnson.   
 Little political self-gain here (with the exception of a Coca Puff) for Councilman Huizar.
But opportunities for political and personal gains are plentiful when supporting ABC Licenses Upgrades for connected-businesses. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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