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Monday, August 18, 2014

Late Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

What well-known former (or current) Political Officeholder could be looking for a Northeast CD 14 Rental Property?
A new CD 14 Home Address can establish Domicile for a possible CD 14 challenge of current City Clowncil Member Jose Huizar.
Lets get straight to the Hot Morning Chisme out of CD 14.
Reports from the Northeast LA area of City Clowncilman Jose Huizar's District, have associates of a former (or current) Political Officeholder, seeking a rental property to establish domicile for a possible challenge of the Princeton Graduate.

As an exercise of provoking speculation (and paranoia within the insecure persona of the current Officeholder), we list the following names;

1. LA School Board Member Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia.
2. Former LAUSD School Board Member David Tokofsky.
3. Assemblyman "Tony Villar's First Cousin John" (Perez).
4. Termed-out LA County Supervisor Gloria "Molina Boo Boo".
5. Former CD 14 City Councilman Nick Pacheco.
6. State Senator Kevin de Leon.
7. Former State Senator/Assemblyman Richard Polanco.
8. Former LAUSD School Board Member and Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg.
9. Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez.
10. Former 1999 City Council Candidate Victor Griego.

We are sure that some will bloggin comment on this.

** While Ron Kaye is espousing the qualities that Austin Buetner brings to his new gig as the Publisher of the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street", the "Westside White Guy" breaks away from posting "Snake Porn" to disclose the salary package of "Mini Riordan II".

** The reporter of choice for the Clowncilman Huizar Communication Machine Alice "The Enabling Maven" Walton, notes the City Clowncil Central Committee, is set to vote upon the "fiscal reimbursement package" for Jay-Z's upcoming Labor Day Concert at the Civic Center's Grand Park.

** As "Valley Daily Moldy Green Sheet" (aka LA Daily News) City Hall Beat Writer Rick Orlov, notes in his "Tipoff Column" "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's" efforts to deny credit to Mayor Eric Garcetti regarding his "Political Cry of Uncle", DWP Watchdog Jack Humphreville notes the following about the supposed agreement to end the Standoff over the auditing the Joint DWP/IBEW Job Training and Safety Non-Profits.

While backroom negotiations between all the parties involved have fortunately progressed beyond the courtroom, we all know that the devil is in the details of the Letter of Agreement, especially when the members of the City Council and the IBEW have agendas and goals that may not be in the best interests of the Ratepayers and their wallets.  
That is why the Letter of Agreement and any related documents must be made available to the Ratepayers Advocate and the media so that they, along with the Ratepayers, have ample time to review and analyze the proposed arrangement.  In other words, there should be no rush to judgment as there was with Proposition A (the permanent half cent increase in our sales tax) in 2013 and Measure B (Mayor Villaraigosa’s Solar Initiative) in 2009. 
For example, while the 13 point plan calls for Fiscal and Performance Audits for the last five years, the audit period should be from the inception of the two trusts since the IBEW’s greatest need was when its membership and dues income were adversely impacted by the downsizing of the DWP’s workforce in and around 2000.

......., makes you wonder why the Clowncil, Mayor Garcetti and "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo" want no audits going back beyond 2009?

Your thoughts ..................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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