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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Difference Does a LA Weekly Profile Make for a Less than Average Campaign Consultant Michael Trujillo?

In honor of former Mayor Sam Blogger, turned Less than Average Campaign Consultant Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo's LA Weekly Profile, "How Consultant Michael Trujillo Wins (especially when the opposing candidate is terminally-ill) -- and Sometime Loses (think Measure B and most recently "The Boss D'Arcy Rizzo Call Greuel for Congress) -- Elections", we blogging flashback to this from the Mayor Sam Archives. 
This blogger's photograph of Trujillo from the now, CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino's Campaign Victory Party in 2012.
The Bloggin Habit of Spin is a 24/7 endeavor for MEAT (especially when it comes with a pay check). Photo via the LA Weekly.  
**Blogger's Note: If anyone could keyboard the definitive profile of former Mayor Sam Blogger, the Drivin Ms. Daisy of Los Angeles Politics and the Less than Average Campaign Consultant Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo, now full time LA Weekly Writer Hillel Aron has answer that with this week's extensive missive. Love him or despise his antics (it would be easy to use the word hate, but I respectfully digress), Trujillo is one of the Los Angeles Political Scene's unique characters of the 21st Century, (kinda like the Mini Me of Rolando "The Big O" Cuevas). I have only met Trujillo twice in person and I found him to be stand offish in wanting to engage in dialog with a fellow Mayor Sam Blogger. That said, I have to admit that the persona of "MEAT" can grow on you (like a wart? maybe), but regardless whether you been on the opposite side of "MEAT" in the heat of political battle, you can't help but want to engage his persona away from politics. Ramblings aside, in honor of "MEAT's" profile, we repost the below, from the Mayor Sam archives, enjoy!!---Scott Johnson in CD 14.        
Michael Trujillo: King of Spin
ACE, A middle aged man in shirtsleeves and a plain tie sits at his desk. TRUJILLO, his young and eager to please assistant stands at his side.  There is a door in the wall behind ACE's desk.

ACE (Smith) 
Trujillo, I want you to run Prop B.

Gee, thanks boss!
There's no opposition except a bunch of yahoos with no money. You can't fuck it up.
Can I give speeches and stuff?

Shut up and get me a cup of coffee.
TRUJILLO turns to face the door; kicks up his heels, opens the door and dances happily as he exits the room and closes the door behind him.
(With apologies to an anonymous Mayor Sam reader)
If you enjoy seeing Michael Trujillo spin in print; here's rare footage of the newly appointed manager of Measure Boondoggle trying to spin - and not succeeding - the folks at the LA Neighborhood Council Coalition.
Watch away dum dums!
........, and any commentary on MEAT;s snatching of defeat from a supposedly, sure Special Interest victory, is not complete without cut and pasting Trujillo's pledge.
......"We are pretty positive that we have over 65 per cent of the votes in the city," Trujillo revealed. This measure only needs a 50-per cent vote. "I will go on record by stating right now, that if we lose Measure B, I will never work in a political campaign in my life," Trujillo promised ........, and since reneging on that pledge, MEAT has gone on to .........,
....., oh well, What Difference Does it Make!!
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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