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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Morning Briefs on the los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

Is in-coming California State Senate President Kevin de Leon seeking to become the first "Greece on the Pacific Politico" (formerly the Golden State), to hold duo offices in Sacramento ......., or should his Campaign Consultant seek out the services of a Copy Editor for Campaign Literature?
We knew that current State Senator Kevin "Mini Fabian Nunez" de Leon was ambitious, but seeking two state-levels offices is unheard of in recent political times (allegedly).
Ever since former California State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez installed his San Diego Compadre Kevin de Leon as the Carpetbag Replacement for Progressive Icon Jackie Goldberg in Sacramento, we have been amaze in the former union rep's ability to multi-task in his endeavor to provide quality constituent services.
Whether its was his abilities to fulfill the needs of CD 14 Stakeholders, who concerns were ignored by their current Princeton-graduate Officeholder, or merely seeking to fill the "needs" of the likes of former LA Dodgers Co-owner Jamie McCourt and past State Senate Leader Gloria Romero (wink, wink allegedly), the political abilities of "Mini Fabian" were never to be under-estimated.
But judging from the recent mailer above, "Mini Fabian" is seeking to go where no California Dependentcrat Collectivist has aspired to achieve in recent times, by seeking to become a duo Assemblyman/ State Senator.
While we seek out commentary from the likes of Sacramento Beat Scribes Dan Walters, George Skelton and Daniel Weintraub, it should be noted that there are potential pratfalls to holding concurrent duo offices as evident with the LA County District Attorney Investigation of City of Carson City Councilman "Little Abert Robles", who is also a local Water District Officeholder.
........, but all this bloggin musing would be naught with some discerning Copy Editing.
** There was a time in a recent, local political past where noted political office hopper, now CD 2 City Councilman Paul Krekorian was being seen as the next great Populist within the Horseshoe at 200 Spring Street, But what is the current political reality is that the price the former Burbank Board of Education Member paid in becoming City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson's choice as the Chairperson of the Budget Committee, will impede LA's attempt to repeal an onerous Business Tax.
** What is politically grosser than gross? Being on the receiving end of a Betty Pleasant "Wanton Missive of Distortion" (WMD), ( or "Written Missive of Disclosure" in regards to the "Renovation-Thomas Political Family"), or enduring a Soulvine Columnist Screamfest over the phone? Consider the following excerpt ................
Virtually the first thing Assemblyman Ridley-Thomas did after he was sworn into office was to send me a press release announcing his endorsement of Burke for the 62nd Assembly seat. I was shocked. So I called Sebastian and asked him what the heck he was doing, as this woman has no more experience with the functions of a representative government nor knowledge of any community outside of Brentwood and Marina Del Rey than my 5-year-old granddaughter!
“She’s not seeking admittance to a college, she’s seeking admittance to the state Legislature,” I screamed. “She knows nothing. Who’s going to tell her what to do?”
Assemblyman Ridley-Thomas replied: “I will.”
Can you believe that? He would!!?? Then the new assemblyman began explaining to me that he could easily represent his district and the 62nd because they adjoin each other and their demographics are basically the same. (Actually, he was wrong about that because the demographics of the two districts are as different as a pair of burgundy Florsheim oxfords and a pair of tennis shoes.)
Then I went ballistic and started ranting about how the people of the 62nd District have the right to elect their own representative and not some know-nothing who would be controlled by him.
Then the assemblyman said to me: “Do you want her to be controlled by Bernard Parks?”
I hung up. I couldn’t take it anymore. Then I called Papa Ridley-Thomas and told him what his son said to me. The elder Ridley-Thomas was actually taken aback. He did not like it that his son had been so candid with me; he blamed it on his “youthful enthusiasm” and said he would have to talk to Sebastian about his mouth. Yeah, well, the damage was done because he mouthed off and blew the whole Ridley-Thomas strategy to a friend who happens to be a journalist.

........ something tells me that a supposed South LA Political Friendship has a pending appointment with a Obamacare Political Death Panel.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14      

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