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Monday, April 08, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Buying flowers for LAUSD School  Board President Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia, is not enough to keep the founders of the West San Fernando Valley's Ivy Academia Charter School, from being found guilty of "illegally taking or misappropriating" $200,000 in public school funds.
The powers of air brushing and photo shop, cannot cover up out-going LAUSD School Board President Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia's enabling support of controversial Charter Schools. 

Great blustery Monday to all as the cold winds blow.
While we doubt that even this wind event would be strong enough to blow out-going LAUSD School Board President Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" off into the Mayor Antonio Villar failed education wastelands. The recent guilty verdicts in the fiscal misappropriation case against the founders of the Ivy Academia Charter School, may begin a needed extensive investigations of Mayor Villar/ School Board President Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia linked Charter Schools allies.
If there is any Mayor Villar/ School Board President Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia's Charter School supporter that merits immediate scrutiny, then you need to look no further than at the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School and its husband and wife duo of Marcos Aguilar and Minnie Ferguson.
While the recently convicted founders of the Ivy Academia "emphasized the teaching of entrepreneurial skills", the collectivist-rooted dogma teachings of Academia Semillas, gave more than just flowers to "Gorda Boo Boo".
Maybe this is why the "Gordo Boo Boo - fearing" LAUSD Inspector General was more willing to investigate the Ivy Academia than the campaign donors to "Gorda Boo Boo"? After all, campaign contributions have a longer political protection shelf life than a dozen roses.
** We have unity in the community! At least for the moment within the LA City Council African-American Delegation as City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson, joined with Councilpersons Jan Perry and Bernard Parks, in endorsing their colleague Eric Garcetti for Mayor. We sense that "Mini Amin" is acting in self-preservation in crossing the Mayor Villar Machine.
** . The "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" notes that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is running behind in endorsements to challenger Mike Feuer. But if you believe Feuer's undercharging "Private Citizen/ Campaign Consultant" John Shallman, the 'hundreds of Bet Tzedek attorneys" should give Feuer a major endorsement mark up. 
** This just in, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has announced her endorsement of the "Villar Greuel". Amazing how many ethically-challenged "Politico Wastes, Frauds and Abusers" of the public trust, are down with Wendy "The Villar Greuel".
** Lastly, we express our sadness in the lost of two great women, Maggie Thatcher and Annette Funicello.
Your thoughts ..................
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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