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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Refreshing the Villar Greuel Campaign equates to ..............

The revamped "Team Shallman" rolls out the "Remake, Remodel Villar Greuel for Mayor"
Who lurks in observing his attempted remake, remodeled candidate for mayor?

Great Wednesday to all as we prepare to ascertain the results of hitting the “political F5 refresh key” on the supposed revamped Wendy “The Villar Greuel” for Mayor Campaign.

Lets rewind to yesterday, as the Villar Greuel’s mayoral challenger Eric Garcetti, was garnering the endorsement of Kevin James, the current City Controller was sadly reminding the proud UCLA alumni, that their state school could be the higher education choice of three terms of failed political policies in the City of Los Angeles.

While Garcetti was finishing building endorsement bridges to the last of his former primary opponents, the “Villar Greuel” was revisiting “Campaigning 101”, in seeking to refresh her floundering campaign. The early observations are not promising for the continuation of the Mayor Villar Political Machine as we note below.

From LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus ..........

Greuel's own polling showed her in the lead in December. But two months of attacks from Garcetti, as well as from rivals Kevin James and Jan Perry, left her battered. She finished four points behind Garcetti. in a much weakened position heading into the May 21 runoff.
Today, Greuel attempted to turn the page. She unveiled a new slogan -- "Leading L.A. Forward" -- which seemed either an homage to or a rip-off of Barack Obama's re-election slogan: "Forward." She also made an apparent acknowledgement that while she is very good at "the art and science of public service," she has struggled a bit with the art of campaigning.
"Campaigning is another thing," she said. "Debating is another thing."

This would not be the first time that Shallman used recycled campaign material (for inflated price of course).

From the "Westside White Guy" Kevin Roderick ............

Greuel's attempt to evoke a runoff image as a scrapper included several mini-attacks on news media coverage of her campaign, saying a few times that reporters were overly fixated on her relationship with labor unions or had gotten things wrong. I couldn't tell if the media barbs were strategic talking points or just Greuel feeling pissy today, but they didn't ring true or helpful to her image. I kinda hope she moves on from blaming the reporters and commentators for doing job. If anything, Greuel and Garcetti both get off pretty easy in the coverage. 

....... thats unless the media outlet happens to be the Los Cerritos News, which is still an objective journalistic news organ. .

By Randy EconomyLCCN has retained La Verne Attorney Kelly Aviles to file a Petition for Writ of Mandate, which seeks a court order compelling Wendy Greuel to comply with her obligations under the California Public Records Act.To read letter to Ms. Greuel click here.Los Cerritos Community Newspaper sent two requests January 22 and 23, 2013 seeking all emails and written correspondence between Greuel and Brian D’Arcy, head of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #17, political consultant John Shallman, owner of Shallman Communications and chief political operative to Greuel’s Mayoral campaign, and Greuel for Mayor Campaign Manager Rose Kapolczynski. An additional request asked for all emails pertaining to Investigative Reporter Randy Economy.The delay has now reached 65 days.The letter stated, “The California Public Records Act (“CPRA”) requires that you provide a written determination regarding whether the records are disclosable public records. Further, the records must then be without unnecessary delay. The only additional time for response provided by the CPRA is set forth in Government Code section 6253(c), which allows for a 14-day extension under very specified circumstances, none of which seem to be present here.It is now over two months since my client’s requests, yet, no public records have been produced. 

Your thoughts ...................
Scott Johnson in CD 14


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