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Friday, April 05, 2013

A TGIF Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

What a better way to bring you a slow political news (and bad Obama Economy News) Friday than through the power of correlating YouTube videos. We offer no apologies if our political humor does not meet with the politically correct (and speech restricting standards) of the Associated Press Style Book and our local politically-conformist, elitist community. 
Don't ask, and we won't tell you why this Village People classic was our video choice companion to today's "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka future "LA Koch Times" hopefully) feature missive, on Mayoral Candidate, City Councilman Eric Garcetti's resume enhancer side work as a US Navy reservist. With Garcetti's Progressive base coalescing, this was the apt time to trot out Garcetti's alter militaristic ego. Lets just hope that Navy Reservist Lt. Garcetti's intel duties, do not include the use of drones. Thus, not upsetting the ACLU types before Election Day.  
Lets give credit to "Private Citizen/ Mayoral Candidate City Controller Wendy "The Villar Greuel Campaign Consultant" John Shallman, who knows how to select thee most strident feminist politicos, for a campaign photo op in support of his client. The only prop missing from this photo op was a feminist version of the jelly bean jar, loaded to the brim, with "morning after pills" for all. But whether Angelino women will roar at the polling place in support of a first "Sister Mayor" , could be predicated on the thought of selecting a third-term enabler of a failed "Misogynist Tonto Politico", who Latinas especially, may have reservations supporting. (** Memo to LA Times, a "Noel Weiss" may want a copy of your companion photo to the story, with Congresswoman Janice Hahn on the left.)   
Lets channel back in time, into the great comedic genius mind set, of the late, great Redd Foxx. Thus, pondering what it would be like to endure a weekly written rant on South LA politics (with an African American flavor), from your Aunt Esther Journalist Equivalent Betty Pleasant. A sample from "Aunt Betty's" latest Soulvine missive.

TIT FOR TAT, AND THEN SOME — County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas — who is universally referred to in the community as “the only one we have,” (... or SEIU's Tyrone Freeman's "the only politico I bought with excessive dues money") wholeheartedly endorsed Wendy Greuel last week, thus nullifying the nods of the city’s two Black city council members who announced their support for Eric Garcetti. In addition, longtime Los Angeles Valley representatives Rep. Brad Sherman and former Rep. Howard Berman endorsed Greuel’s campaign for mayor Wednesday, blunting whatever effect Republican mayoral loser Kevin James’endorsement of Garetti is expected to have on Valley voters.

We wonder what President Obama would rate "Aunt Betty's" political and exterior attributes?
Finally, on a happy note, we dedicate the above video to newly engaged political consultant Brian Van Riper, who has found time to set up an IE PAC in support of Mayor Candidate Eric Garcetti. In Van Riper's own words via the LA Weekly.

The committee is being organized by Brian Van Riper, the consultant who ran Joe Buscaino's San Pedro-area City Council campaign. So far the committee appears to draw from Buscaino's donor base.
"We're just big Eric Garcetti fans doing whatever we can to support him," Van Riper said.
Van Riper said the committee has modest fundraising goals. By midweek, it had reported raising $95,000. Another independent group, Lots of People Who Support Eric Garcetti for Mayor, began raising money in February. That group has reported raising $533,000 to date.

Maybe, our friend Brian should also set up a "Wedding Pay Pal Account"? (and best wishes on your coming wedding).

Your thoughts and great weekend to all.
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Ohh wee...what a vocal performance from Helen Reddy. I LOVED her, growing up. That's one of the best natural singing voices, ever.

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