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Monday, March 25, 2013

We bring you this "Slick Willie" (Endorsement) of "The Villar Greuel"

We inaugurate our "Politico Wastes, Frauds and Abusers for The Villar Greuel Series" by highlighting today's endorsement by the reigning "Politico Waste, Fraud and Female Abuser in American Politics", Impeached Former President Bill Clinton. 
......... or get down on your knees to service the needs of Slick Willie.
Two noted "Politico Wastes, Frauds and Abusers of Women", stand together for a third term incarnation of the Mayor Villar Political Machine.
** Blogger's note: With today's announcement of the premier "American Politico Waste, Fraud and Female Abuser" Bill Clinton's endorsement of the Wendy "The Villar Greuel for Mayor Campaign", we inaugurate our series of probing posts on the growing list of "Politico Wastes, Frauds and Abusers for The Villar Greuel Series". In the days and weeks ahead, we will endeavor to bring you the facts behind the noted "Politico Wastes, Frauds and Abusers" supporters of a attempted third term incarnation of the failed reign of Mayor Antonio Villar. From the Impeached President to lowly community enabler, we want to truthfully expose those who would support the failed elite's status quo and block needed ethical and fiscal reforms at 200 Spring Street. In honor of this inaugural post, we provide the following videos of Misogynist Bill Clinton under oath, which led to the Articles of Impeachment approved by the Congress. One other side note here to watch is the coming divide of the local Clinton and Obama supporters in the days ahead as the 2013 Mayoral Contest become more heated and personal---Scott Johnson.
The famous "I did not have sex with That Women Comment"
Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony under Oath.
Juanita Broaddrick discloses Hillary Clinton's threat against her, regarding alleged rape by Bill Clinton.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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