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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

A Better Way LA IE PAC in support of Kevin James gets $200,000 Cash Infusion.
Mayoral Candidate Kevin James.

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Great late morning as our usual political briefs become nearly a mid-day aggregation of election news.

** The Better Way LA PAC in support of Mayoral Candidate Kevin James, has been blessed with another $200,000 donation as Election Day looms on week from today. Thus, ensuring that the reform massage of Kevin James, is broadcast loud and clear.Meanwhile, this political music video should offer a compelling reason to vote "Jamezzzz"

 Kevin James Music Video

** As the Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street points out, the Jan Perry Campaign has done the best job of dispensing mailers to perspective voters. Lets make no doubt here that Perry Campaign Political Consultant Eric Hacopian, has done the best job by far of stretching campaign dollars into effective mail box pieces.

** The candidates seeking to replace termed-out CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes, gather one last time at Lincoln Heights Sacred Heart Church to debates the issues as Election Day nears. Going negative was Jose Gardea, who accused Gil Cedillo of being a shill for Wal Mart and Chevron Oil. Cedillo politely shrugged of the attacks, in mostly a mundane affair.

** As City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and his challengers wrapped up a series of contentious, animated debates, Nuch has released his first TV ad as he seeks to offset the monetary and Special interests advantage of Mike Feuer. Challenger Greg (not Greig) Smith picked up the endorsement of the “Valley Daily Moldy Green Sheet” (aka Daily News).

....... and Bet Tzedek has hundreds of attorneys.

Your thoughts …………….
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger rg- readingnews said:

Mike Feuer has long been removed from actual courtroom activity since even before he was a city council member, his job directing a legal services agency was as the administrator and not a line attorney.

He became a career politician after that as he joined City Council and themn moved to the state legislature.

Trutanich has been continuously working in the courtroom element even as the City Attorney, and has a knowledge of what goes on from the courtroom context of the job, which is what the city attorney's task is about.

He did manage the office in the face of budget cuts, some of which appeared to be more harsh relative to the tasks at hand and compared to other departments. The experience matters.

We don't need more Sacramento politicians, and especially not any engaged in a mutual admiration society with Mayor Villaraigosa.

I did not forget that Nuch got weasely in gettting his D.a. aspirations to overtake his earlier commitment to stay as the C.A. for L.A.

Nevertheless, Trutanich seems to have managed the office much better than his predecessor, Delgadillo, who left without much dignity but a legacy of bad dealings.

Trutanich has not thrown the place into the virtual turmoil that you saw with predecessor Rocky Delgadillo and the billboard companies that gave him free campaign advertising. Mysteriously, the same parties got an exclusive deal later, and that were invalidated by the recent appeals court decision.

In true bully fashion, that is now are a source of threatened litigation ($100 million, defendant's stated litigation cost for city). Digital billboards are gold mines for advertising dollars.

But Trutanich would be the one to handle such things more so than an administrator who has long left the courtrooms behind.

February 26, 2013 2:09 PM  

Blogger Joe Friday said:

Let's get a few facts straight, rg-readingnews, Rocky Delgadillo was a joke as City Attorney, agreed. But he never lied to voters in the shameless way that Carmen Trutanich has done. Trutanich went into the City Attorney's office claiming to have all the right intentions, that's how he convinced so many to vote for him. But let's not forget our choice was Jack Weiss or Carmen Trutanich, so nobody was too bothered to check into who Trutanich really was. Did you know that Trutanich worked for Delgadillo as a Deputy City Attorney? He kept that on the low down, just like so much else about him. But who cared? In 2009 it was all about keeping Weiss out, that's why Trutanich won.

But since 2009, we've learned a lot about Trutanich that should make us think twice before picking him to do battle against Mike Feuer. Perhaps the most important thing we've learned is that we cannot trust anything he says.

• He broke his promise to support the Controller's right to audit all elected officials,
• he broke his promise not to run for DA,
• he falsely claimed to have endorsements from police associations, one of which did not even exist,
• he tried to use a false and misleading ballot designation,
• he falsely claimed to have 724,345 YouTube views for his DA campaign video, but in fact he paid for them,
• he falsely claimed to have been surrounded and shot at by gang members, but there is not a shred of evidence to support that claim and his own sworn testimony on the Green Meadows Park incident makes no mention of being surrounded, shot at, or gang members,
• he falsely claimed that DA Steve Cooley was involved in 'suspicious political activity' in hiding his DA personnel file, when he had known for three years that the file was missing.

These are all facts about what Doug McIntyre called Trutanich's 'truth challenged' character. So why on earth should you believe anything he says about how successful he has been as City Attorney? Highest of his claims is that he has saved about $280M in favorable trial verdicts. Well, if Trutanich has saved so much money, about the same as the City's budget deficit, then show me the money? It's a specious claim, one that is based on some guy falling down because of a crack in a city sidewalk, and claiming $200k in damages. Trutanich cuts him a check for $5k, which is all the case is worth, and bingo! Trutanich 'saved' us $195k. It's total BS because the case was never worth $200k

How about Trutanich's success at closing down all the illegal pot shops? Has anyone noticed that there are MORE now than when he took office?

You talk about turmoil, but what about the historically low morale in the City Attorney's office, caused in part by having to work for a guy who is too busy running for another job, and in part by the fact that everyone in the office has to take work furloughs, the equivalent of a 15% pay cut. Everyone but Trutanich, that is. He refused to take a matching cut because his 'family lives on his salary.' Doesn't everyone else at the City Attorney's office have the same financial difficulties?

As for Trutanich's courtroom claims, they are just that, claims. They have not been tried, settled and far less won. Not one billboard case has been tried. The so-called criminal aspects investigation into AEG went nowhere. The $100M Deutsche Bank slumlord case hasn't even started. It's all headlines, smoke and mirrors.

Voters need to think twice before voting for Trutanich because his horrible record of fudging the truth would virtually guarantee that Mike Feuer would win a runoff against him. Look at what happened with his DA campaign.

If you want to stop the City Attorney's office from falling into the hands of Feuer, the Uber Liberal, then don't vote for Trutanich, he's finished in LA. Voter smart, and vote for Greg Smith. He can win against Feuer, Trutanich cannot.

February 26, 2013 10:23 PM  

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