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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate City Controller Wendy "The Valley Villar Greuel", goes negative with "liar attacks" against Garcetti, Perry and James.
City Controller Wendy "The Valley Villar Greuel".
Oh My God!! 
The "Valley Villar Greuel" totally attempted to gag her three mayoral opponents by calling them liars.
After weeks of seeing her tired talking points of "Waste, Fraud and Abuse" face factual deconstructing by the old, new media, along with her opponents, the Villar Greuel (along with "Private Citizen/ Campaign Consultant" John Shallman), snapped yesterday.
The Villar Greuel Campaign went "Pinocchilo" in an attack mailer on opponents Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry which resulted in this retort from Perry Campaign Consultant Eric Hacopian.

“The only thing revealing about this mailer is that they just confirmed to the world which candidate is in third place,” he said in an email.

Meanwhile, another of the "Valley Villar Greuel's" opponents Kevin James held a press conference in the shadow of City Hall.

James, a former federal prosecutor, opened a new line of attack against Greuel, saying she was stonewalling in responding to a public records act request for her email with campaign advisors and Brian D’Arcy, business manager of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 18.The union, which represents more than 8,600 Department of Water and Power employees, has put $700,000 into an independent committee backing Greuel.“What do they have to hide?” James asked reporters outside City Hall. “Where are the documents?”At a morning campaign stop in Studio City, Greuel said she would need to ask her city staff whether any email between her and D’Arcy existed on her city account. But she denied stalling any response to records requests.“We’re transparent,” she said. 

Oh Plez! Gag the "Valley Villar Greuel" for good (politically) on Election Day.

** LA Weekly's Patrick Range McDonald has two election-theme missives in this week's print edition. First, is an attempted unscrambling of all the candidates in the crowded CD 13 Campaign to replace Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti. Second, is an excellent feature story on the Emanuel Pleitez for Mayor Campaign. Regardless of the fact that Pleitez is not given much of a chance at winning. the mere telling of his life experience is an inspiration for those growing up in similar circumstances.

** KPCC Frank Stoltze provides a written narrative on the ongoing battle between the Villar Greuel for Mayor Campaign and the Los Cerritos News duo of Randy Economy/ Brian Hews. Some of the nasty exchanges.

“This is very strange behavior from someone who claims to run a tight ship,” Hews said online.  “She claims to be the city’s chief auditor, but a review of her record shows she’s really just L.A.’s chief campaigner.”Earlier, the LCCN obtained records of Greuel’s schedule that the paper said was evidence Greuel's controller's office staff illegally worked on her political campaign on city time. Greuel said they were off the city clock at the time.The Greuel campaign also hit back at the newspaper by obtaining and releasing the arrest record of the reporter who did the story.“It was the lowest of the low,” Hews said. "This was a split-second decision that turned out to be an error on our part,” Greuel spokesman Dave Jacobson said.  “Distributing materials highlighting someone’s substance abuse was a mistake."  It's worth noting it takes more than a split second to obtain and distribute an arrest record.

....... and it won't take that much longer to Vote for Kevin James on Election Day.

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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