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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Greuel Only Tells Half (or less!) of the Story on City Salaries

What happens to City Officials who are shady.
Former City of Bell Administrator Robert Rizzo
Now a parking lot attendant
Except in LA: We elect them to higher office
Hat tip to Joseph Mailander.

Wendy Greuel, who is hardly transparent in her City Controller work (see here and here) came in with a Shallman-esque bluster and bravado on Twitter yesterday claiming in reaction to the City of Bell scandal, she published all employee salaries on the web.

Fortunately, we have folks like Joseph to catch these little details.

Wendy has never released DWP salaries. As Mailander told us those salaries are "well-known to be higher than all others, and where the greatest concerns lie. Of course, she's getting a million bucks from the DWP to run her campaign. It must have been an oversight."

Twitter has a 140 character limit. Perhaps Greuel is composing the second half of the story now?

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