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Monday, February 25, 2013

Wendy and Her Bagman

Is Wendy Greuel really an outsider? Does she share common middle class values with folks in Sunland-Tujunga, North Hollywood, Boyle Heights, South LA or even Valley Village? 

Nope. She's a millionaire spending millions to take control of the second largest City on behalf of a few key interest groups who could care less about you.

Hubert Humphrey is turning in his grave as this shadiness is wrapped up in the blue cloth coat of "Hey, I'm a Democrat!"

One little tidbit is that Wendy has paid Democratic rainmaker Daniel C. Weitzman to earn some dough for her. Filings with city ethics officials show several meetings that Greuel paid for Weitzman's travels.

Weitzman is on Campaign and Election's Top 50 list of Most Powerful Democrats in California and notes he is "head fundraiser for Democratic leaders" 

Weitzman has had a long association with some really nice guys such as current Assembly Speaker - and primo of Mayor Villaraigosa - John Perez and former Assembly Speaker and Tony V BFF, Fabian Nunez. 

When the California legislative session came to it's end for the year, Perez saw it as an opportunity to raise a buck and schedule a high priced fundraiser in Sacramento where tickets STARTED at $2,000 for those wishing to get some face time with the Speaker. Weitzman produced that event. Does the average resident of Sunland have that kind of jack to get access to their legislative leaders? Probably not. 

A housing deal that anyone from say, oh, City Terrace, would love is the one that Weitzman gave Nunez. at $1,000 a month rent to live in a luxury Downtown LA penthouse with 20 foot ceilings and jetliner views. The "loft" as Fabian calls it is owned by Weitzman.

According to the filings, the meetings that Weitzman was brought in for appear to be during working hours. But Wendy would never do political work on company time, right? 

Millionaire politicians, millionaire political power brokers, hob nobbing with special interests who want to screw you, housing deals you could not get and parties you can't afford to go to. That's the world of Wendy Greuel, who says she feels your pain, but has no reason to. 

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