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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We bring you this "Get out the Vote Message" from Monica Garcia's contributor/friends at Academia Semillas del Pueblo

We bring you this "Get out the Vote Message" from LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia's favorite Controversial Charter School Academia Semillas del Pueblo.
 HOLA!! My name is LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia and because Marcos, with his additional follower's campaign contributions to my reelection. Mi Gorda will overlook lack of cooperation with Office of Inspector General Audit. Thus, approve with the following Academia message. From a source. .
Sembradores Votan - Semillas initiates a voter registration and education drive for local electionssecond
 Parents and students attend a community assembly hosted at Anahuacalmecac to 
discuss important topics directly affecting our schools and community

Semillas is engaged in an exciting campaign to register all voters in our midst and motivate all registered voters to vote in upcoming elections. Indigenous Peoples throughout the United States, including persons of Mexican origin, have been severely discriminated against in recent elections. Voter fraud has included ignoring mail-in ballots, refusing official tribal identifications, and making voters wait for hours to vote. To be sure, only a handful of eligible voters actually vote in local elections in Los Angeles. Only 17% of all eligible voters in the City of Los Angeles voted in the mayoral election of 2009 - even without fraud or interference. This fact makes each individual vote even more valuable and powerful. So Semillas, let's get out the vote and keep the politicians accountable to us (Marcos, does Charter School accountability end with campaign contributions to Monica Garcia?).
After all, every aspiring politica can Dream Big of overlooking a failing Charter School (**at least until ethical questions and plan protests, caused quick removal of the Gorda Boo Boo Billboard).
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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