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Friday, February 22, 2013

Mailander to Wendy Milhous Greuel: Bring it On!

Growing up as a young Republican in her Granada Hills home, a young Wendy Greuel likely was exposed to family discussions during the Presidency of Richard Nixon. To West Valley, upper middle class families in the late 60s and early 70s, Nixon was a hero, he stood up to the hippies, yippies, anti-America crowd, the Jane Fondas and everything and anything that "isn't us."

UPDATE @ 1:11 PM: Did Team Greuel send a "Secret Asian Man" to James presser this morning? 

Nixonnian ways may have more of an influence on Greuel than we may imagine.

Case in point, earlier this year, investigative reporter Randy Economy of the Los Cerritos News broke an explosive story that alleged that Greuel repeatedly used her City Controller's office and time for Mayoral campaign purposes, based on a review of her official calendar records. What was Greuel's response to this damaging revelation? Her campaign showed up at Kevin James press conferences to "expose" Economy's previous arrest records. Arrests? Yes, Economy has been open for a number of years as to his substance abuse issues and troubled past. What Greuel didn't note is that Economy has been clean and sober for several years and as gained significant acclaim working with Catholic organizations that assist other addicts.

You may have heard of Dante Atkins. He's a brash, very liberal, young political operative who has aggressively taken Greuel to task during the campaign. The upshot? Longtime MayorSam reader and Wendy Greuel supporter, Trojan2002, has already begun the trashing of Atkins.

Who may be next on the list? Our very own "blogfather," writer Joseph Mailander. Joseph was the one who caught, following bluster and bravada by Greuel, that the Controller curiously left off DWP salaries from a list she "published" of City Hall salaries, in the wake of the City of Bell scandal. Given her history with the DWP and it's union, the IBEW, which has poured millions into the effort to elect her Mayor, it would make sense. Following Mailander's good catch, many in the bloglasphere and twitterverse caught this, leading Greuel's opponent Kevin James to stage a press conference on Greuel's curious omission  With Mailander as the lead suspect in spilling the beans, the crusty scribe was in full anticipation of a John Shallman inspired hit; and seemed to dare the Greuel team to bring it on. Oh, if you do want some dirt, Mailander is known to take leisurely afternoon walks around Los Feliz smelling the flowers, tossing footballs and soaking in the community.

So, might Shallman be composing up a "Checkers" speech? Stay tuned.

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