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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Endorsements of Emile Mack (CD 13) and David Roberts (CD 9) for City Council

Scott Johnson's Endorsement of David Roberts (CD 9) and Emile Mack (CD 13) for City Council
David Roberts knows CD 9.
Emile Mack's life experience and leadership can grow CD 13 into a sustainable tomorrow.

** Blogger’s note: In the last couple of weeks, this normally sedentary, sardonic political observer, endeavored to get out and about, to burn off some bloggin calories in seeking out some one-on-one time, with two of the more-compelling candidates for public office, in March of 2013.

David Roberts, a former planning staffer to City Councilperson Bernard Parks and Jan Perry., currently employed by USC, was a central figure in the now litigious, City of Los Angeles Redistricting Scandal of 2012. Now is a candidate to replace his former CD 9 boss, with her blessing and support.

Emile Mack, Asst. LA City Fire Chief for the South Region, came to the USA, via an orphanage in war-ravaged Korea and adoption to a South LA African-American Family.

Both men’s character and leadership qualities, have been put to the test in recent times.

Roberts was an unwilling 2012 Redistricting Commission member of an backroom-choreographed political power play, that saw City Council President Herb Wesson and Mayor Antonio Villar, cut away the Downtown LA economic engine of CD 9 and place it within CD 14.

Mack stated the stark truth about Mayor Villar’s reorganization of LAFD and its impact on public safety, with his comments validated via the 911 response time documentation scandal.

Both men are not afraid to buck local conventional wisdom (both are against the Measure A Sales Tax Hike) and have the professional experience to front plans of opportunities, for their respective council districts.  Below, we present more from our time with the candidates (with testimonial videos from their respective websites) Thus, this blogger strongly endorses both David Roberts and Emile Mack for CD 9 and CD 13 respectively---Scott Johnson.

CD 9 David Roberts:
If anyone needed a more glaring example why David Roberts should be the replacement for Jan Perry, its all about the “signs”. As one ventures southbound on Broadway, your site lines are treated to an urban landscape who’s topography is dominated by mounds of illegal dumping and campaign signage. Whether its Price, Davis, Cubas or a fringe candidate such as Gochez, its clear that the above-mentioned candidates respect for CD 9, is not predicated on lawful sign placement. Roberts to the contrary, will only place his signs on properties and homes locations that request them. This selfless campaign act, is predicated on a broad vision and plan to create a better sustainable quality of life for a changing Ninth District ...........

CD 13 Emile Mack:
The genesis of the Emile Mack life experience, is set in the rubble of the 1950-53 Korean War landscape, where a young mother make an heart-wrenching choice to preserve a life that will save and protect many decades later. Young Emile is adopted by an African-American Family, raised in South-Central LA, learns the virtues of community service as a high school Key (Kiwanis educating youth) Club member, then goes on to UCLA. There, Mack will make a life-changing choice that will be the foundation for his brand of decision-making and leadership .......   

** Read the rest regarding Roberts and Mack after the jump.
Roberts continue:
A reluctant politician, with twenty-plus years as an urban planner for the likes of Mark Ridley-Thomas, Jan Perry, Bernard Parks and USC. No one should be surprise that Roberts can pull a map of CD 9, off the wall of his campaign office, and share his Five Point Plan for Economic and Community Revival, in a council district that lost 2,000 jobs due to redistricting.

First, Safer and Cleaner Streets as exampled by his work at USC.
Second, Jobs and Economic Development.
Third, Non-profit partnerships that develop life skills along with job training at district-based locations such as Trade Tech.
Fourth, The growth between African-American and Latino Non-Profits and Churches. ** Churches and the faith community, need a voice at City Hall.
Fifth, Education and work source development.'

These five points are also rooted in a campaign to stop illegal dumping along the 110 Freeway Corridor and a adaptation of former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton "broken windows approach" to induce beautification of the working class neighborhoods along the 110 Freeway Corridor. Simply, Roberts knows CD 9 while candidates such as Ana Cubas and Curren Price's carpetbag do not carry a "CD 9 Political Thomas Guide". Thus, Roberts is the best choice for CD 9's next councilperson.

Mack continue:

At UCLA, Mack is persuaded by a friend to enlist in becoming a LA Firefighter and after taking the numerous tests, embraces a LAFD career after three years as a Bruin undergrad. Mack moves up the Chain of Command at LAFD, with his resume highlighting a pro-active, collaborate approach to emergency management.(2004/2005 Rain Episode and Katrina Work). Mack's grasps of CD 13 issues was bluntly apparent in our hour-plus, free-ranging dialog. Whether it was his blunt assessment that LAFD is at the "breaking point" or his understanding how AB 109 has affected LAPD deployment and his pledge to hire the best staff Planning Director, Mack showcased a knowledge on the diverse issues germane to CD 13 and city wide. His proposal to create a LA River Authority to promote recreational economic growth, is rooted in his decision-making process that combines data collecting and dialog among the respective parties. But what separates Mack from the rest of the field, is his experience in crisis situations. At a time like now, when fiscal uncertainty still has a strangle hold on city functions, Mack's pro-active approach to emergency management, plus his social consciousness, rooted in his life experience, is a quality needed on the Horseshoe at City Hall. 

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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