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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

The creative talents of  Mayor Antonio Villar's Summer Night Lights staff
KCAL Channel 9 report on SNL staff member rap video regarding the production of crack cocaine.

If you ever wonder what  type of role models at-risk children at the 32 SNL sites are exposed to, KCAL Channel 9's Dave Bryan has this video report. Many of you in the cybersphere will be shock at the supposed lack of screening of SNL employees upon viewing this report. But in reality, many of the front line gang interventionists come from a prior background that included partaking in dubious neighborhood enterprises. 

Previously here at Mayor Sam, we have noted about one person working in Mayor Villar's GRYD Program who claim to be a changed person in  public (or on public radio town halls). But in reality had posted videos (then remove them) that raise concerns about his fitness for working with youth.

Tony Castro: Was a reconfigure CD 9 tailor made for a former CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar Chief of Staff Ana Cubas City Council candidacy?
Former CD 14 register voter now CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas.

We find it refreshing that Journalist Tony Castro is back musing on the local political landscape.Castro's latest missive on the racial maneuverings in the upcoming CD 9 election proceedings to replace termed out City Councilwoman Jan Perry is thought provoking, especially in exposing the self-preservation motives of City Council President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson. An excerpt.
The tradeoff for Wesson, a longtime political ally of the mayor who succeeded Villaraigosa as assembly speaker, was getting the mostly affluent and middle class black communities of Baldwin Hills and Leimert Park placed in his district along with Koreatown, much to the chagrin of Korean Americans  

Has or will "Mini Amin" Wesson ever answer for selling out his African-American brethren?

Some contrary thoughts on Anahuak Soccer Strongman Raul Macias
  Anahuak Soccer Strongman Raul Macias (third from right) and his political friends.

As Raul Macias Anahuak Soccer Organization evolves from a simple futbal club into a political machine (provoking  consternation from longtime political activists), his community activities are garnering more attention from local media. KCET in recent days, is the latest local media entity to spotlight the workings of Macias. But more thought provoking is this comment posted which speculates on the inner workings of Anahuak.
When you first get to Anahuak you feel welcomed, then you feel like your part of something bigger then you could have ever imagined. After a while you start seeing how things really work, It's a sweat shop! Raul was a successful business man and knew how to get people to work more then they had to with out pay. The only difference between his company and ANAHUAK the sweat shop is that at ANAHUAK the sweat shop didn't have to actually pay everyone. Yes it is true when Anahuak the sweat shop first started it was about the kids but then it became about all the money you can take without anyone finding out. Don't forget to thank those who fought for Rio De Los Angeles State Park from the start not at the end with benefits. Have you seen Anahuaks tax forms on the internet, funny how they claim no cash money but do claim close to half a million dollars in sponsorships. It only take $284,000 dollars to run ANAHUAK, That includes employees, field permits, office, bills, supplies and trophies. The rest of the money not accounted for is money that is to pay the referee, every players registration fee and uniforms for all the teams. Here's the scam if your paying attention, after a while Raul found out that it was easy to trick the coaches into believing he was keeping a close eye on the referees. He asked them to start making their referee fees cash at the office along with any comment, report on a referee or opposing coaches. One of the grants is to pay for the referees but Raul still charges cash money at the office for the same thing. Every August 1st Every player has to pay registration fees again at $45.00 per player when cal-south only charges $22.50 per player. What happens to the other $22.50 per player? By the way Raul also gets a grant to pay for the players registration. The rest of the money goes to pay for the uniforms for all the teams at ANAHUAK but that has never happen. If you ask Score and Soccer Store if Raul has ever payed for uniforms they will tell you the coaches pay but Raul has a special account with these two uniform stores that gives coaches a small discount, one more thing, the deal Raul has with the stores is that in order to get the discount the coaches have to use the ANAHUAK account along with a receipt which has ANAHUAK'S info on it and returned and mailed to the ANAHUAK office. Yes, Raul also gets a grant for uniforms. What happens to all that tax payer money? You should start asking Raul Macias real Questions. Don't forget to ask him why he close guards the by-laws and has never showed them to his coaches even after they have asked to see them. Also ask him why Francisco ( PACO ) Serrano gets payed over $50,000 cash and is not found on the tax forms. Why is Francisco ( PACO ) Serrano's wife the TREASURER and also gets paid over $25,000 cash per year these are the real questions someone has to ask. Ask him how he stole the wife of one of his biggest supporters and original coaches who was there fighting along side of Raul Macias the self proclaimed "DON"... The IRS needs to take a walk through ANAHUAK and find the Mexican bank accounts. The children who play at ANAHUAK are being used!

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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