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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Future CD 15 and CD 13 City Council Colleagues Joe Buscaino and Matt Szabo?
Its time for Mayor Antonio Villar's loyal Deputy Mattie Szabo to cut his piece of the political pie.
Rewinding to the night of the Joe "The Average Joe" Buscaino Victory Party in San Pedro, many City Hall power brokers made the journey down the 110 Freeway to bask in the moment of political freshness that was the Buscaino victory over Mayor Antonio Villar's chosen candidate Assemblyman Warren Furutani. Narcissists most insiders/power brokers are, many felt the need (or had a higher purpose) to "intergrate me" into this historic political moment.
One of those was Deputy Mayor now CD 13 City Council Candidate Mattie Szabo who spent the evening working the room late into the festivities. It would seem that Szabo was looking ahead beyond to July 1, 2013 when he hopes that his next gig in Los Angeles Politics will come with a seat within the Horseshoe.
As most astute observers will note, Szabo's positive relationship with the Coalition of Unions, plus his ability create "Pay Pal Accounts", should make him a top tier candidate to replace Councilman Eric Garcetti.
** We had a noontime dedication to Mattie from "Mini Amin Wesson and the City Clowncil Dancers"
Mattie, hope you join us soon!
South LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant
In this weeks incarnation of the Soulvine, Betty interjects herself into the national controversy over the health issues of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.
AND FINALLY — Come on now; let’s have it — what’s wrong with Jesse Jackson Jr.? The man is a member of Congress and holds a precious Democratic seat and he cannot be allowed to be off in a medical facility somewhere being treated for some condition that nobody wants to talk about. This is ridiculous. The man was elected by the people; he is public property and nothing about him is private. His Chicago constituents and The Soulvine need to know what is wrong with Jesse Jackson Jr. Is he in rehab? Is he in an insane asylum? Does he have AIDS? Is he well enough to be re-elected in November? Heck, we need to know, because all this mystery around him can cause us to lose a valuable Democratic seat in the House of Representatives. It’s too bad he didn’t pull this stunt during the primary election when the voters could have chosen another Democrat to face the Republican. But no-o-o he’s doing it now.

Don't expect Betty to get offer any of the Jackson's Budweiser business anytime soon.

** Lee Baca is calling upon his political friends and county political office holders to return their stinking badges to him pronto.

** City of Los Angeles Chief Budget Guy Miguel Santana reassures angelinos that LA will not become the "Stockton/Mammoth Lakes/San Bernardino" of Los Angeles County. Would Richard Riordan care to comment?

** KCBS/KCAL Investigated Reporter David Goldstein once again has dire news about another top City of Los Angeles official. Wonder what the response from Mayor Villar will be this time?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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