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Monday, July 16, 2012

Why It Makes No Sense To Debate With Emotional Liberals

There was a whole book written on this. Generally, it is pointless to argue with liberals on any issue because liberalism, in most cases, tends to be emotional. As Larry Elder says "A fact to an emotional liberal is like kryptonite to Superman."

There are a few notable exceptions - some of our old blogging friends like Jack Hoff, Suzanne Lauer and Joseph Mailander, while tending be on the left side of the spectrum, make reasoned analyses, even if one as a conservative might disagree with some of their conclusions. Rachel Maddow and Juan Williams are somewhat civil in their tone at times.  But liberalism has decayed in recent decades and the Bob Beckel-Ed Schultz approach has run rampant.

Here is a visual example of how quickly a local liberal went south on our MayorSam Facebook page:

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