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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Late Morning Briefs on the crumbling Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

 LAPD Senior Lead Officer Joe Buscaino
Assemblyman Warren "Raging Potato Head" Furutani.
Great morning after another stimulating LA-32 Neighborhood Council Meeting where the "politics of wind", "a MIA LAPD" and a "absentee council office" was all the rage on a Wednesday evening. But not to retrograde into a LA-32 rant, lets focus on issues outside the "Fiefdom of the Huevon". ** BTW, the "Fiefdom of the Huevon" does not believe in celebrating the holidays with its constituents. Maybe this has to do with the transferring of $1.245 Million dollars from the CLARTS Fund into the "One Percent Staffer Fund"?
** Today is the latest financial reporting deadline for the candidates in the CD 15 Special Election Runoff between LAPD Lead Officer Joe Buscaino and Assemblyman Warren Furutani. Don't be surprise to see a Furutani edge in money considering his recent endorsement from the Los Angeles County Labor Federation, but don't under estimate the Buscaino Campaign's ability to surprise.
** CD 2 City Council Paul Krekorian is seeking relief from the City of Los Angeles Ethics Commission to offset the looting of $50,000+ by indicted Democratic Campaign Treasurer Kinde Durkee from his campaign account. As reported by the LA Weekly, Krekorian's campaign consultant Eric Hacopian is the largest outstanding creditor at $67,000 which has led to speculation from the likes of Dario Frommer, Assemblyman Mike Gatto and assorted Gatto Truthers, that Hacopian would have to part with his ownership shares of Mayor Sam to offset the Krekorian revenue loss. We have no comment ; ).
** What former SEIU 6434 Strongman Tyrone Freeman could not purchase for LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas the Coliseum Commission could, as the SEIU supported politico is implicated in using commission funds to purchase Carolina Panthers football tickets and not reporting to purchase on the pertinent reporting forms.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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