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Thursday, December 01, 2011

"Another Soulvine Thursday" with Betty Pleasant, 12-1-11

Its a windy Thursday afternoon which means its time for some fresh community/political takes from a South L.A. perspective via longtime African-American Columnist Betty Pleasant. This week we excerpts Betty's thoughts on the selection of CD 10 city Councilman Herb Wesson as the first African-American President of the Los Angeles City Council. 
Read excerpts from "Mr. President" after the jump.
History has been made! Tenth District Councilman Herb Wesson was unanimously elected president of the Los Angeles City Council Nov. 23, making him the first African-American to lead that council since it has been in existence — like maybe for thousands of years. Think of it, we’ve had a Black mayor, we have a Black U.S. president and now a Black man heads our City Council. Congratulations to Wesson and to us.
Now, you realize that Wesson won by the unanimous vote of the council members present for the election, which were 12 — the White ones and the Latino ones. The Black odd couple, council members Bernard Parks andJan Perry, did not attend the meeting, obviously eschewing the election so they would not be formally registered as the only two “no” votes against Wesson. Their absence was cowardly and unexpected in view of the overt hostility they’ve shown to Wesson and their well broadcasted disapproval of his rise to the presidency. Why didn’t the two Black council members support their Black brother’s historic election to the presidency? I think it’s a “crabs in the barrel” thing and I think these two will require close watching so they do not take a psychotic turn and seek to undermine the new president. We have to be on guard and help Herb fight them off!
Your Thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger g said:


December 02, 2011 5:07 PM  

Blogger FightFor347 said:

This is an interesting situation given that a very large percentage of votes of the City Council have been lock step within the Council members. Is the dissension because of the way Mr. Wesson garnered the Presidency, or is it because Ms. Perry and Mr. Parks were somehow discouraged from the Presidency position?

December 03, 2011 7:07 AM  

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