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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

HACLA reforms start here ............

A Robbie Canal incarnation of former CD 14 City Councilman Richard Alatorre via City Beat.
If you want true reform at the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) or ast the City of Los Angeles Housing Department, then answer this (and shallow, white-wash "Valley Greuel" audits don't count), why did former CD 14 City Councilman Richard Alatorre turn "stealth lobbyist to the connected few", get this type of no paper contract from HACLA? This from Los Angeles Times Scribe David Zahniser.
At the same time that he was helping ADI lobby city officials, Alatorre was also a consultant to the city's housing authority, which manages low-income rental units for 60,000 needy families. That agency paid Alatorre $79,200 between August 2005 and April 2008 to handle political strategy, government affairs and union relations, spokesman Eric Brown said. Brown also said a written contract between his agency Alatorre does not exist. Does anyone get the "big picture" here?

There is no doubt that the political grandstands are filling up with those who feign outrage at the latest fiscal transgressions at an agency that could of breed "grand staffers of corruption" after years of dubious dealings, but as the likes of KCET, the Los Angeles Times, City Councilman Dennis Zine and the City Controller Wendy "The Valley Greuel" (with former City Controller Laura Chick damning her replacement's oversight of HACLA) join in denouncing HACLA's "corporate culture", lets not loose site of those who created this nefarious culture of corruption long before Rudy Montiel's reign at HACLA. And in the end, $1.2 Million buys alot of hush.

** LA TImes via David Zahniser and Steve Lopez have more on the HACLA Scandal with comments from a mayor's office in denial and tenants of the Jordan Downs Projects respectively.

More on this in the days ahead ..........
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger FraudWatcher said:

The tragedy is that millions of dollars have been wasted by HACLA from 1996-2011 that should have been available for affordable housing.Instead the following failed the people and need to be held accountable by the people:
1. HUD and especially HUD OIG who failed to prosecute HACLA and in fact took criminal cases out of the hands of DA Cooley involving HACLA/Mayor&Councilmembers (Taracena cases).
2. HUDOIG/FBI who failed to interview any HACLA whistleblowers who had evidence against HACLA staff and failed to follow up on charges made in court documents.
3 Mainstream media- (especially LA Times) who failed to report HACLA whistleblower cases and the millions spent of federal and city funds persecuting Whistlblowers. By the way all whistleblowers settled their cases and their charges are still public records- media could have easily followed up on these serious charges and ended the Montiel administration years ago.
4. Mayor and Council at fault because they knew 2007 investigations involved possible involvement by some on council and supporters receiving illegal funds from HACLA via "questionable-non existent" contracts.Mayor did not change HACLA Bd until KCET TV report this year!
5. City Attorney office has spent millions defending HACLA practices and in fact had full time staff in charge of internal audit (?) and finances (?). Why did city Atty allow all of these millions to be spent this way? Dont Attys have ethics and know the difference that their ultimate clients are the citizens and not a questionable agency?

Yes the system of checks and balances broke down and while everyone in the system kept their jobs and got bonuses, yet many LA poor remain in substandard housing and millions missing. No one was held accountable but ethical whistlblowers were persecuted by the system (like Enron,Madoff Fast and Furious)

This Hacla mess was very preventable but it will take some guts-watch out for Jordan Downs and other developments follow the money/contracts--remember HACLA adm and BD have development/builder background and other HACLA devs.

In summary DA Cooley should take over any audit/investigation of HACLA inorder to avoid conflict of interest.

December 07, 2011 10:26 AM  

Blogger g said:


December 10, 2011 4:49 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Housing Authority City of Los Angeles Section 8 prograqm is violating its own written policy. Abusing Landlords at will with absolutely no oversight or accountability. This needs to change. They have no complaint procedure, or are unwilling to share it. This is simply outrageous

April 29, 2014 10:55 PM  

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