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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Afternoon Briefs on the "newest pieces" of the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Mayor Antonio Villar and Paris Hilton.
Paris with Antonio Villaraigosa Jr. 
Little did Paris Hilton know in 2007 at the Grammy's after party that she would be posing with two generations of Villar/raigosa politicos. Mayor Antonoi Villar's Princeton educated son Antonio Villaraigosa Jr.   was just elected to the Executive Board of the Los Angeles County Young Democrats. No word whether Parke Skelton had a role in the election of "Lil Tony" Villaraigosa to his first political position (** irony here is if the rumors are true in 2013, the younger Tony will retain the "Villaraigosa Brand" while Papi reverts to Villar via divorce settlement).
** We are seriously considering the creation of the "media enabling award" for a local journalist who strays from the principles of non-bias reporting and engages in PR musings on the behalf of a local political entity. So far we have two nominations with "LA Antonio Times" Columnist Jim Newton's missive promoting a DWP rate increase on the behalf of Clean Water and the City Maven's Alice Walton who's question to Mayor Villar on why the "Health Department" did not shut down Occupy LA, enable the Mayor to momentarily put the blame on someone else for his lack of leadership regarding the "Flea Party Poopout".  

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Blogger Zorro said:

Too bad the kid inherited the faux name but not his father's looks.

December 06, 2011 11:02 PM  

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