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Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday Week Hotsheet for Monday

If you're going to Sacto or somewhere, know that Bob Hope Airport is shut down in the fog.

"Developer bills go to taxpayers" says the Daily News. But it still doesn't quite get it right. The real issue is why the Departments of Buiding and Safety and the Planning Department are so overstretched at this time. The overdevelopment of Los Angeles is the kind of story homeowner groups have been trying to get the likes of Times news scribes to bite on all through the Antonio hegemony; but this take paints City Departments as simply beleaguered. They could ease their workload by saying no more often.

This is why so many homeowners who supported Antonio turned on him so soon after 2005---they quickly saw that he was a shill for developers, determined to turn the City into another overcrowded Pacific Rim dystopia. And it's homeowners who get to subsidize their own undoing. In print, it's still a largely unwritten story.

An incidental follow-up to Zuma's weekend item on Jan Perry's proposed moratorium on fast food in South LA: a County study links obesity to poverty and also to available public space. The Daily Breeze has the story.

The Times follows some others on Project 50, which would triage 50 at-top-risk homeless on Skid Row into apartments. Upside: it does something. Downside: it does something at a maximized per-capita cost; it's another turn-it-into-a-lottery approach, leaving 69,950 more homeless in the County to deal with.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

At a huge community event people were saying they don't ever remember Los Angeles being in this big a wreck and Antonio has really been a big failure. LA Slimes Steve Hymon shows what a waste he is with his column. He talks about Antonio's Drought Busters but fails to disclose Antonio it was reported in other papers waste more water at Getty. Now I can't stand Full Discloure cause it is extremely bias and unbalanced. Leslie Dutton it is known supported Bitter Bernie and used her show. Yagman was on yesterday and she was soft with questions to him and never reported his indictments. She only reported his bar suspensions.

....Civil rights attorney Stephen Yagman to be sentenced in federal fraud case....Prosecutors want a federal judge to send Venice civil rights attorney Stephen Yagman to prison for at least nine years when he is sentenced today for financial crimes, including tax evasion and bankruptcy fraud.
...Yagman guilty of 19 felonies, including one count of bankruptcy fraud and 17 counts of money laundering.

November 19, 2007 6:47 AM  

Anonymous zuma dogg said:


Thanks for mentioning the thread on fast-food joints and health problems, and for the link to the DB story.

The article links park space to obesity. But you could probably link a bunch of other random stats to obesity too. (like car value, college education, house value, other social markers).

But en mi opinion, I don't think more park space and walk-ways to encourage kids to walk more is the angle.

First of all, ZD knows all too well, the cheap food is always the unhealthiest, too. (Especially fast food places.)

And in the higher-income areas, I don't think it's that kids are hanging out in parks as much as they may have gym memberships and karate class and other costly fitness things outside the classroom.

AND, I think cultural mindset plays into it more than people are discussing. (What is acceptable by people in the community. If there is no social pressure/community standard to eat healthy and be fit, people won't notice or feel pressure to improve.

But if there aren't even any healthy options in the area anyway...then even with education and social pressure, it's an uphill battle.

I know people will be making fun of CM Perry for trying to "social engineer" in a free market society...but she IS raising awareness of the issue (even though I am against the city stepping in with a moratorium). But from her point of view, you could say, "Hey, it's a real crisis...the health care system won't be able to pay for all of the disease treatment...and so maybe you feel a responsibility to try and do anything and everything you can.

Even though ZD would like the solution to be non-moratorium based. Because that won't really solve the problem anyway for the reasons mentioned above.

November 19, 2007 6:49 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Have you tried the breakfast and lunch meals at the LAUSD schools? They are just as unhealthy as fast foods. Foods are loaded with salts, sugars and fats, these kinds of foods ruins the taste buds of children and they become addicted to eating unhealthy.
Parent groups have brought the food issue to LAUSD many times; they cannot say they ignore what is happening. When are they going to do something about it? As educators this is one of the primary lessons that should be taught in school, healthy eating and responsibility for one’s health. LAUSD should start by providing HEALTHY FOODS.

Who provides LAUSD breakfast and lunch meals? Big companies that profit and would loose revenue or contracts.

November 19, 2007 9:26 AM  

Anonymous Captain Jack Sparrow said:

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen (puts down paper and takes a sip of tea):

While you Yanks are grounded in the fog, I am, if you will, enjoying the balmy breezes here at the pirate compound on the Big Island. Spending the week at home and wishing all a very happy Thanksgiving, savvy?

Speaking of food, sots, I have a question for you. Who provides the meals at the local jail? Is it the same vendor that provides the meals at a certain public agency located just across the street? Perhaps. Further, if that vendor provides the meals at a certain private school located in the same area, then why can't it provide meals to the local school district? (Scratches head and thinks) Ah, yes. Because it costs MONEY. And while its perfectly legit to grab monies out of the hands of local property owners, its not legit to take that money and spend it on something delicious, nutritious and good-for-fitness. To think that little squids, bus drivers and convicted felons eat better than those in the classroom. (Smiles and sighs) But then again, when your Yankee president won't eat broccoli, then perhaps the eating of cake isn't so surprising. (Winks) Unless of course you're a sot and have to eat something else, savvy?

Zuma lad, are you about? Do you think that if school district food were served at La Monica's soiree she would raise as much money as she raised the other evening? That's a splendid idea....serve the same food that gets served in the school lunchroom at school board election fundraisers. Sure beats crackers, cheese and wee little weenies, savvy?

November 19, 2007 10:02 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Great point Captain but Monica Garcia eats at all the fattening restaurants on the Eastside. She loves to eat and in fact very sad one owner has been said to make disappointing faces when Ms. Garcia walks in because she has been known to let's say break a few chairs. She desperately needs to lose weight. Remember when the baby boomers were in high school physical ed was required. That is not the case anymore and tahe kids are suffereing.

November 19, 2007 10:33 AM  

Anonymous valley doll said:

LAUSD Lunch Menu for the Week of Nov. 26 - 30:

26th - Deep Dish Cheese Pizza or Chicken Double Dog (what the hell is that???), Fresh orange, Grape Juice, Milk, 1%

27th - Lasagna or Chicken Teriyaki Dippers, Cheesy cornbread, carrot package, raspberry juice bar, variety of fresh fruits, Milk 1%

28th - Hamburger or Chicken Patty Sandwich, Potato Tots, Mixed fruit, variety of fresh fruits, milk 1%

29th - Chicken nuggets & Cheese Bread Bar or Cheese Tamale w/ chili beans, fresh grapes in a bag, pineapple juice, variety of fresh fruits, milk 1%

30th - Spaghetti w/Meatballs or Beef Chalupa, apple wedges, diced peaches, milk 1%

I can't help but notice LAUSD'S lunch vendor sures does looooove to slather the bready carbs with lotsa lotsa cheese! Abondanza!

I've eaten several of these lunches (don't even go there) while stuck volunteering on campus all day, and let me tell you, it's hard to choke some of that stuff down. And what kind of meat is supposed to be in those hamburgers, because LAUSD hamburgers look funky as hell. I expect them to crawl away from the lunch tables on their own. And don't even get me started on the meatloaf with gravy...


November 19, 2007 1:06 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Off topic...but just tuned into Neil Cavuto and you won't believe who was talking...Rocks in his head, Delgadillo!

He has a new gig...he's suing 20 toy companies for $2500 for each toy that contains lead!

Neil Cavuto made a fool out of him...saying how foolish it is to go after the toy companies now that the cat is out of the bag. Cavuto kept asking Rockhead why he was getting involved at this late date! Rockhead couldn't answer the question and Cavuto just gave him the brush-off!

My question is What in the fuck is Rockhead getting involved in something he knows nothing about? He obviously wants some kind of publicity but he just made a complete ass of himself. He is now a national laughing stock!

Get these fuckers out of our city! It's out of control!

November 19, 2007 1:37 PM  

Anonymous old, fat and half-assed educated said:

I really have mixed feelings about this developer fee that is being proposed. On one hand, why the hell should we pay for the fees for developments that we don't want - yet if they are allowed to pay their own, their sleazy, slimy, stupid growth projects (but not really projects yet) will be fast tracked through and I don't think our Planning Department can handle the workload. They are overwhelmed already.

November 19, 2007 10:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I think I read a month or two back that Weiss proposed making the developers pay for the full costs of the EIR, but having the city do it, to take away the self-interest and perception of bias. To give it a universal application and consistency. That makes sense to me. But since it takes a year to get anything through City Hall, haven't heard it it's been acted on.

November 19, 2007 11:06 PM  

Anonymous Zuma Bitch's Master said:

OK, insecure loser crybaby, I told you not to delete posts, and you don't listen, so here you go.

Zuma, you little pussy. I'll post under whatever name I chose.

You are Dave Elliott and chose to use the stupid name of Zuma Dogg. I choose to use the name Zuma's Daddy, because I am your Daddy. Now, I choose Zuma Dog's Master. Every Dog has a Master, I am yours.

You will ultimately bend to my will, so stop trying to act like a man and go back to being the pussy that you are. Only pussies delete things that are upsetting to them; real men deal with it straight on.

But you kept it up, so now I am posting it all over the Internet, anywhere and everywhere.

Grow up Dave and quit this insecure chickenshit attitude you have adopted of deleting posts that criticize you. What happened to your balls? Did Matt take them?

Remember, Dave, the sting is worse than the delete.

The biggest crybaby loser of them all, ZD, censoring. What irony!!!!

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Yes, ZD, you whiny, insecure bitch, every person in the blogsphere now knows you are an insecure crybaby loser. Stop the deleting or pay the price.

Face the truth; the truth will make you free.

November 20, 2007 12:39 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If I thought that would happen without their projects getting fast-tracked, I'd be hard pressed not to agree. I guess it would have to be all developers pay all fees, and they all wait in line. That's the fair thing to do, not politicians allowing certain developers the option. No excuses. No jumping to the head of the line. They all pay their own.

Oh wait, it's L.A. - what was I thinking. I guess I wasn't for a minute. Their re-election campaigns depend on it.

November 20, 2007 12:43 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Oooh...name calling, bashing, threatening to post all over the internet.

Calm down Zuma; don't less this he-man scare you now. Oh right, I didn't think he would.

I didn't like that threat about you paying the price for your post removal decision.

Let's ignore. He uses too many exclamation points!!!! Who can pay attention to someone hysterical like that?

November 20, 2007 12:50 AM  

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