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Friday, May 04, 2007

Judge Finds Villaraigosa Acted In Bad Faith, City Ethics Commission Charges 31 Violations

By Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, MooreIsBetter.com.

The lead story on at least three TV stations' 11:00 p.m. news tonight was Paris Hilton getting sent to jail.

The lead story SHOULD have been the finding, by a Superior Court Judge, that the Mayor and City Council acted in bad faith in passing the so-called "living wage" law, which was unconstitutional and violated the City Charter.

This, you may recall, was the ordinance I urged the Mayor to veto because, to anyone who actually passed the bar exam, it was patently illegal. The ordinance singled out a handful of hotels near the airport, and would have required them to pay higher wages than other businesses in L.A. are required to pay.

Nor was this the Mayor's only legal trouble this week. The City Ethics Commission charged him with 31 violations of our ethics law in connection with his 2003 campaign. The same agency previously charged him with violations arising from his 2001 mayoral campaign, charges he settled.

And yet, the local TV stations focus not on corruption at the highest levels of our City government, but instead on a blonde going to jail. Oh, they did get around to reporting on the Mayor, but only to broadcast portions of his press conference to express his deep concern about police striking reporters who did not get out of the way during the rally of illegal aliens.

It doesn't have to be this way, people. It's up to you. If you want a mayoral upgrade, visit MooreIsBetter.com. You can elect as mayor a man who has spent 20 years enforcing laws and protecting rights, not violating them.

* * *
UPDATE: I have re-posted, at YouTube, the video veto advice to Villaraigosa that I originally posted on February 22, 2007. Here's the link to it:


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hilton will go to an "executive cell" like O.J where she can have her phone and computer and pay $84.00 to $105.00 per day. Cheaper than a HILTON

May 05, 2007 12:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wrong -O!!

The judge ruled out private jails and work furlough and early release. She's getting the real deal.

Next time, someone needs to tell her that she should leave the suspension papers home, instead of carrying them around in her car. Who was her lawyer, ZD or Matt Dowd?


May 05, 2007 3:43 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The networks may not have mentioned this GREAT news, but it isn't going unnoticed by the voters!!!

This was a HUGE victory for the people! This little asshole dictator isn't going to get away with screwing with our constitutional rights!

Message for Tony Villar:

It's never too early to call Allied Moving to get an estimate!!! You're going to have a lot of packing to do! Not that we're trying to rush you...but the Mayor's residence is going to need a lot of fumigating before the NEW mayor moves in!

Hasta la Vista...Nino!!!!!!

May 05, 2007 7:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Here's a flash for you! Nobody cares.

These violations are akin to parking tickets. His campaign will pay the fines and it is a one day or two day story.

His numbers are higher than ever, and he will get electged in the primary election in '09.

Might as well do your little victory dance now, because he's the one that will be dancing in '09, and, again in '10 when he is elected Governor.

May 05, 2007 7:20 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wonder what the rich Westsiders are thinking about Antonio supporters the illegals and rushing to judgement instead of waiting for an investigation and blasted the cops. Bad move. People were already talking about Antonio being toooo close to the illegal immigration movement. He thinks he'll get the Latino vote because of this? Guess again. It will backfire just like the marches have dwindled and everyone is playing them down. The illegals have ruined our city. And that asshole Fabian comes out against the cops. This little fucker did nothing to clean up MacArthur Park filled with MS13 gang bangers, drugs, fake document buying and his illegals couldn't even go to the damn park until LAPD cleaned it up and pushed to get cameras.

May 05, 2007 7:29 AM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

Let's see: federal immigration law is "optional," and violating ethics laws, which are designed to protect the integrity of public elections, is the same as a parking ticket.

PLEASE stick with that argument. I would just LOVE to respond to that in a televised debate.

Let's hope Villaraigosa doesn't replace anyone in his army of brilliant, ethical staffers before the televised debates.

May 05, 2007 7:37 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

LA Times is actually highlighting how ridiculous this City attorney is.
While I agree that paris Hilton needs her butt kicked because she has contempt for all authority, putting her in jail completely plays to her publicity and infamy.
Rocky's grandstanding with a high profile .08 dui is just ridiculous.

Just remember rocky, your famous last words, 'nobody in LA is above the law".
that includes state and federal. so stand by.

if only you could put all that energy into explaining to LAPD what are acceptable protocols in a tense crowd situation like May 1.

those lawsuits are going to cost the City up to 10 million dollars, meanwhile you're all chuffed because you got Paris Hilton 45 days in the clink.

what a horribly messed up town this has become.

May 05, 2007 9:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Thepress had the choice between one whore or the other. They went with the whore with more integrity.

May 05, 2007 9:24 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Dear Lawyer Matt:

Paris didn't get the 45 days for a .08 DUI. She got it for driving AFTER her license had been revoked.

She claimed she didn't recieve the revocation papers, but they were found in her car at the time of the arrest.

So, broken down to its basic core, she really got the 45 days for DWS.

May 05, 2007 9:43 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Donate a few bucks so that Paris and her new friends at Lynwood can past the time with "SMILES".

May 05, 2007 10:10 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

7:20....uh, excuuuse me?????

Earth to city council: EVERYONE hates your boss!!!!! Give it up! He is a one termer and he is radioactive for any future in politics!

Put your little bong down and get in touch with the REAL voters! The REAL citizens are so sick of the Mexicans that there will be a stampede to the voting booths to get rid of all of you!

Wait until the TRUTH comes out about MacArthur Park...how stupid do you think we are???? I'm only sorry the cops didn't blast your brown butts back to the cesspool from whence you came!

Get out of our city and take your illegitimate jackpot brats with you! Who the fuck do you think you are???? Americans??????

May 05, 2007 10:13 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Let's review:
A judge rules the Los Angeles City Council and Villaraigosa acted in bad faith for the so-called "living wage" scheme (i.e., illegal alien wage increase).

AND the City Council Measure R term limit extension-scheme weakened ethics rules while providing these ineffective council members a third term at the highest council pay rate in the nation.

AND Villaraigosa holds a shameful press conference in which he doesn't mention one word about how masked violent illegal alien "agitators" started the fracas in the first place (not to mention how he and his little pal Nunez have stood by while MacArthur Park has turned into a dangerous cesspool).

The local MSM gives these clowns a pass, but the rest of the country is realizing what a joke Los Angeles is becoming. The only people moving here are gangbangers and illegal aliens. Soon there will be no one left to pay the taxes.

May 05, 2007 10:32 AM  


With all the disruption in various fields over this past week, and celebrating for Mexican festivities and then a fight really makes for prime-time of audience participation, (everyone is watching).

To relate this to the 'BLOG' on the FUTURE, we have already experienced the future, it is now. Most of us have been living for the past 30/40 years and this is what we have created, don't try to say it isn't so. Your efforts, your education, your criminal record, your work experience and your personality have all maniuplated to give you your current lifestyle. (presense)[future as compared to 1984 Ripkin/Jordan] So what are we expecting, miracles?

What the question is attempting to describe is ........ What do we want for society and lets make it happen? (FUTURE) (this relates to the statement that Matt describes as........ "What a horribly messed up town this has become."

We have accepted, acknowledged, and allowed it to become THIS; congested with traffic, streets ruled by gangs, illegal immigration issues, celebrity draw of attention, and very little public participation. (THIS IS L.A.)

What type of plan do we have so we can produce the future, DID YOU SEE THE VIDEO?

Campaigning is already part of our mindset for the next 2 years, but consider the position of such candidates and pass that to those you are social with. It is a new type of 'spreading the word', that starts here and gets to the streets. Radio ads are effective with an 'impression' to the listener, but a friend saying... 'we want him/her'<~~~(not for prez), hits more united/neighborly.

So Paris goes on 'vacation', Mayor comes back from 'vacation', lack of public participation, Zuma builds a reputation, and it is all shown to our NATION.

This is our way of life, we have learned no other way, because if we did circumstances would be different by nature. What we can do is use our abilities to creat the best for 'us' as a society and lose the mentality of (me me me.) Build for a more approachable society, we have alot of angry people out thier. (Wait 'till you see the 'mouse' attack).



May 05, 2007 11:20 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:




May 05, 2007 4:30 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

uhmm...Walter...you're a moron.

The living wage ordinance was rescinded because of its timing and that it didn't change too much from the rescinded ordinance. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONTENT YOU NEVER WAS.

May 05, 2007 4:55 PM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

I see from your comments you managed to get through life without attending law school and taking the bar. Congratulations on that.

Now let me explain, as I explained in my veto video back on February 22, 2007, why the ordinance is illegal. There are two separate reasons:

1. The ordinance violates the City Charter because the City Council and Mayor were required to put it to a vote of the citizens after the businesses petitioned for same. Instead, City Hall added a minor provision -- lipstick on a pig -- to call for $50,000 or so worth of street improvements.

2. The ordinance violates the Equal Protection Clause because it singles out a handful of businesses and irrationally subjects them to higher wages than everyone else.

Now, I haven't read the Judge's opinion, but standard jurisprudence would call for him to dispose of the case on the first ground without reaching the second. Courts are supposed to try to avoid constitutional issues whenever possible.

If City Hall does subject us to the expense of a vote on this ordinance, and manages to dupe voters into adopting it, there will be a second lawsuit, and the hotels will again win, this time on the constitutional ground.

Knowing all this off the top of one's head is the difference between having a competent, trained, experienced, licensed professional -- yours truly -- and instead having a mayor would couldn't pass the bar exam despite four tries, who has hired as his staffers people even less qualified to evaluate law and policy.

May 05, 2007 5:10 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Daily Breeze has this on front page.
Judge: L.A. was sneaky with living wage law....In nixing the ordinance, court says City Council acted "in bad faith" with LAX hotels on pay deal that evaded a public referendum. A judge on Friday struck down the living-wage ordinance imposed on hotels near LAX, ruling that the Los Angeles City Council violated state law and acted in bad faith when it adopted the measure.

In a strongly worded ruling, Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe said the council tried to evade the state's referendum law after hotels and business groups gathered enough signatures to put the living-wage measure to a public vote.

Antonio can make it right by sending all the illegals in LA packing back to Mexico.

Mayor: Images 'hit me in the gut'
L.A.'s Antonio Villaraigosa, back from Mexico, is outraged about MacArthur Park melee and says he will do all he can "to make it right."

May 05, 2007 5:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

hey 9.43
I know the details of Paris Hilton.
I'm saying if she never had the .08 DUI, then none of the subsequent would have occurred. so in effect her jail stems from the DUI. take that out, no suspension, no jail. ok???

Now I'm formally inducting Paris Hilton into the 'Outlaws' because she's been victimised by the City attorneys, when in fact they should be getting jail terms for way more serious offenders, like all those suspendees with multiple convictions who keep driving and get away with it from the courts.

even Mel Gibson got off with a slap, and his DUI was atrocious.

its gonna back fire though Rocky.
you see how much press she's getting now? you just made her a fortune. the magazine stories. her product lines. when are you guys gonna learn? she don't know it, but this is a massive windfall for her.
not only does it increase her profile, but her absence from the 'scene' while only make her even more desirable when she's released.

welcome Paris Hilton. you're now officially an outlaw. it's not a bad club, ask Martha Stewart. she came out good I think.

May 05, 2007 8:09 PM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

I put the video with my veto advice back on YouTube. I originally posted it on February 22, 2007.


May 05, 2007 9:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

and I gotta say wow, a future mayor of los angeles using the Matt Dowd Zuma Dogg technique of 'I said it here first, and here's the video to prove it..."

great work Walter. some of your best yet. ain't YouTube the best??? record the statement months in advance, then throw it in the detractors face. love it.

now just quit smoking cause that may cost us taxpayers in medical bills later on down the line. unless u got good health insurance that covers lung cancer and emphysema?

May 05, 2007 10:25 PM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

Matt, Matt, Matt!

First of all, thank you. And you're right, Zuma was very innovative and clever at applying 21st century technology to local politics. I will note, however, that I did post videos at my website during the 2005 election campaign; YouTube wasn't around back then.

As for my smoking:

No. 1, I have health insurance, for which I pay.

No. 2, have you ever personally met anyone who got cancer from smoking cigars? The smoke never gets to your lungs.

No. 3, I waited till age 30 to take up motorcycling, and age 38 to take up cigar smoking. The key to life is to schedule increasingly risky hobbies for the later stages of life, so you're not going to lose as many years. Even so, I don't plan to take up sky-diving...

May 05, 2007 11:08 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Matt Dowd just proved to everyone what a complete retard, moron he is. Paris Hilton got 45 days because in Jan. and Feb. she was cited for driving after her license had been revoked. Add to that her DUI is what put her sorry butt in jail. Get your facts straight first idiot. The blogs and news surveys are support the cops. Channel 5 news tonight at 10:00 p.m. showed the results of the poll they had last night which asked the question "Do you think the LAPD was right in the way they handled the situation at MacArthur Park" and the results were 80% said "YES" -- the police were correct.
During his 10-minute address, he told the parishioners, "It doesn't matter to me whether you have papers or not. You came to work. We all have the same dreams. We want peace and decent jobs. (YEAH, ANTONIO IS SAYING BREAK THE LAW BUT ITS OK I STILL SUPPORT YOU)

Villaraigosa: thinking big, starting small

The mayor can't point to any single grand accomplishment, but he's remaking the city one small step at a time.

May 06, 2007 8:02 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Under Jimmy Hahn there was hardly any construction in Los Angeles. A city whose population is constantly increasing must have construction to build housing and offices for the people.

Antonio promised that we would see cranes everywhere under his administration; sometimes that creates hardships for those who cannot see the benefit of a thriving economy.

Most of those folks who complain are unemployed or partially employed people who have not much else to do but complain.

But the people voted for this choice and they support it overwhelmingly. Life is measurably better under Antonio than it was under Jimmy.

Walter would make a good public official, but this will not be the time. Cigars are not nearly as bad as cigarettes for you, but the image is bad for a candidate, so Walter, smoke 'em in private.

And, don't rely on Matt Dowd or ZD for image advice; just consider the source.

I rest my case.

May 06, 2007 9:03 AM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

Winston Churchill, JFK, Arnold -- I'm not worried about the cigars costing me votes. You have to have priorities, people. Nicotine and caffeine are our friends

May 06, 2007 6:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Let me tell you all that David Yaffe is one of the most reversed Superior Court Judges in California.

He constantly tries to show everyone how much smarter he is than anyone else that he gets his dick caught in the wringer on a regular basis.

I owuldn't feel so confident going to the Court of Appeals with Yaffe's decison on my side.

In his case, it is almost better to have him agsinst you.

Look for a reversal here.

May 06, 2007 10:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Is that why he asked for a change of Judge because the woman Judge beat him up a couple times before. He got a Judge who has a history of being overuled?

May 07, 2007 1:39 PM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

Oh, "anonymous" claims Yaffe is reversed, THEREFORE this ruling will be reversed?

Nice try, lil' staffer.

May 07, 2007 9:04 PM  

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