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Monday, May 16, 2005

Jimmy the Chameleon

JimmyWe've detailed for weeks how Jimmy Hahn has been trying to pretend he's a Republican amongst the Wing Nut flank and on talkradio.

Now the Daily News has noticed as well and makes some very good points in a recent editorial.

Jimmy is no Republican. Neither is Tony Villar, but he doesn't pretend to be. But he has taken several centrist positions such as opposing Jim Hahn's tax increase proposals and LAX boondoggle.

And as it is, the Republican support Jimmy is getting seems to be bought and paid for.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Antonio the Chameleon"

This should be the title of your thread. Antonio will be who ever you want him to be for the right price.

He is a disgrace to the Latino community. I didn't plan to vote but now I will vote and it will be for Mr. Hahn.

May 16, 2005 11:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor Sam,

"Tony doesn't pretend to be"

You've got to be kidding me. I thought you were smarter than that. I told you not to look Tony in the eyes, but it's too late - he's got you in a trance.

Tony will pretend to be anything to get a vote, endorsement, or check. He's kissing male gay club leaders in the mouth one day while gay bashing with right wingers the next day. He's trying out his best black accent in black churches one day while having his phoners threatening people to vote for him only because his is Latino the next. He is flaunting his ACLU credentials one day while hob nobbing with anti-Castro money the next.

Tony is not a chameleon, he is a whore - through and through. I wonder how he looks in a french maid outfit?

May 16, 2005 11:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ADV is the Chameleon and is going to lose big time! ,
A Latino vote for Hahn!

May 16, 2005 11:38 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ARE we talking about the same ANTONIO VILLARIGOSA that asked Republicans in CD14 to "JOIN THE REPUBLICAN REVOLUTION" in a trashy slate mailer aimed at ONLY the ritzier sections of his district in 2003, so he could bump out Pacheco?

LOOK IT UP, on the Sec. of State site. Thousands of dollars paid from his CM campaign funds to "JOIN THE REP. REVOLUTION" an Orange County (that should be a clue) company.

There was his name BIG AS LIFE, behind a picture of G. Frickin' W. Bush standing next to a waving USA flag! With words like, "don't let the great work of Ronald Reagan be slowed down, Join UP!"

ADV, not only the "Republican" in 2003, but a RIGHT-WING Republican, bunched up with the Bushies... Hahn never tried anything near THAT much horn-swaggling.

PLEASE, I know you never check your facts, but others can!

May 16, 2005 11:49 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Definition of Hypocrisy!

ADV in South-Central - Don't worry about me being Latino. I will be the mayor for ALL THE PEOPLE.


Must be the media (and cameras) "misquoted" ADV... he must have said/meant:

"I will be the mayor for all the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT people."

That's much more believable anyway.

May 16, 2005 12:03 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Antonio is going to "roll up his sleeves" and "bring people together" to "build a coalition" of support from "all parts of the city" (except CD 14) to have a "regional" approach to (fill in blank) (i.e., LAX, Gangs, Housing, etc.).

Of course I'm voting for him because he's got such a record of accomplishments as Chair of the Transportation committee and member of the Education committee.

BTW, under what context is it okay to vote against imposing a higher penalty for child abusers who kill the child?

Just tell me the context since the ADV lovers claim Hahn is taking the vote "out of context." The vote speaks for itself and just like the Vignali decision ADV has no real explanation for his actions.

May 16, 2005 2:52 PM  

Blogger Republican for AV said:

This is not rocket science; he preferred another version of the bill. He voted for that version a week later.

What part don't you understand?

Try Political Science/Legislation 101.

May 16, 2005 4:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This isn't even 6th grade science...

He voted for another DOOMED version of a bill to give the "appearance" he was supporting strong crime legislation, but could keep his fingers clean for his ACLU buddies.

He did the EXACT same thing with open space issues in CD14. I SUPPORT YOU (but I'm going to tell my colleagues NOT to so we can go ahead and turn this hillside into a condo village).

BS from day ONE!

Nobody believes it ESPECIALLY not the mother of the dead child, you heartless moron.

The 2nd bills was NOT EVEN about CHILD killers.... and it DIED early.

May 16, 2005 5:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Does anyone on the Hahn Blogging Team focus on what Hahn has done to benefit LA? hard to tell, since I haven't seen a TV ad that is positive.

I guess your supporters didn't think it worthy to spread that information, huh?

Type away, fools I'm going to walk precincts right now.

May 16, 2005 5:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Fools, you call us fools?

We have been typing away, day after day, post after post, countering every negative statement about Hahn with three about ADV, every positive statement about ADV with five negative about him (some just cut and pasted several times) and now, you call us fools?

This has been a long election and we are tired. The campaign owes us a lot of money; they haven't made payments for three weeks now, but we will be getting paid out of the donations that come in today as people see the upset in the making.

Jim Hahn has learned every buzz word there is to ignite the white, conservative voters. You know, the ones who will tell you they are voting for Villaraigosa, but when they get in the booth, they mark Hahn?

We will win this election, because Hahn has successfully transformed himself into one of them, something Villaraigosa could never do.

So it's time we had a Republican Mayor again, and Jim Hahn is the man who can be that Republican Mayor. Just give him a chance to show you that the foxhole conversion is real and how Republican he can be.

Please, please vote for Jimmy today, or I won't have a job or get paid for the last three weeks of campaigning.

If you vote for Hahn, he promises to just go back to San Pedro and let his people run the city again, which is much less dangerous than an activist like Antonio who will get in and change things.

We like our taxes high and our potholes deep and well placed.

Vote Hahn!

You'll get what you deserve!!!

May 17, 2005 4:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The natives are obviously restless on Mount Washington, Antiono Villaraigosa's home community for more than a decade. On the very EVE (coincidence) of a vote to make their "Lackluster" City Councilmember mayor of L.A., the largest homeowners group (the one not controlled by ADV supporters), issues a stern warning re: a local issue that definitely sounds like they are at least a little skeptical about Antonio's ability to "kiss the boo-boo away" if/when he becomes mayor - as he promised at a community meeting about the time of the L.A. primary. Is FAITH in local "chieftan" Villaraigosa crumbling all around his holy hill (and if so, is it any wonder -- these people's children would have attended the high school lost to one of Villaraigosa's camapign supporters under very suspicious circumstances).

Maybe they are coming to understand that when he says he "supports" something, Antonio speaks with "forked tongue?"

For immediate release:

May 16, 2005


Alliance Also Calls Upon The Southwest Museum Coalition To Consider An Autry Membership Boycott And An Autry Donor Education Project Until The Autry Makes An Appropriate Commitment To Operate The Southwest Museum

Today the Executive Committee of the Mount Washington Homeowners’; Alliance (“Alliance”), the largest community-based organization in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Mount Washington, issued a letter to the Board of Directors of the Autry National Center (“Autry”) communicating the Alliance general membership’s unanimous rejection of the Autry’s recent public declaration that it would move the Southwest Museum to a new $100 million building to be constructed in Griffith Park and commence a public input process to identify “alternative” uses for the Mount Washington campus of the Southwest Museum.

A few years ago, when the Southwest Museum was struggling financially, the Autry Museum of Western Heritage entered into negotiations to assume operations of the Southwest Museum and its priceless treasure trove of Native American artifacts and art. As part of the Merger Agreement eventually approved by the former Board of Directors of the Southwest Museum and the California Attorney General, the Autry agreed to prepare a Master Plan studying the two museums and their operation under the umbrella name of the “Autry National Center.” This study has never been prepared and released to the public yet in early March of 2005 the Autry announced that it had decided to build a new building for the Southwest Museum on taxpayer-owned land in Griffith Park next to the existing Museum of the American West. In its press release, the Autry also publicly announced that:

“The project will physically merge the multiple institutions that have come together in recent years to form the Autry National Center. A large portion of the Autry’s expansion will be dedicated to the Southwest Museum of the American Indian, quintupling the gallery space currently devoted to its world-class collection.”

The Autry’s press release indicated that other uses would be explored for the current campus of the Southwest Museum: “Los Angeles architect Brenda Levin and urban planner Fred Glick are exploring potential future uses of the 12-acre Mt. Washington campus. . . .”

Public response to the Autry’s announcement that it would “physically merge” the Museum of the American West and the Southwest Museum was met with universal condemnation by elected officials and the 75-member community-based Southwest Museum Coalition. A public meeting was held on March 30, 2005, attended by over 250 community residents and organizational representatives where a motion was adopted that until the Autry made a legally binding commitment to continue to operate the Southwest Museum on Mount Washington, it should be denied any further development permits to use taxpayer-owned lands in Griffith Park. In the context of these events, at the Alliance’s General Membership meeting on Monday, May 9, 2005, the organization considered and adopted all but one of four motions unanimously. The first motion was based upon the initial policy position taken on March 30, 2005 by the 75-member Southwest Museum Coalition. This motion called upon the Autry to make a legally binding commitment to operate the Southwest Museum as a condition of being allowed to construct any new facility in Griffith Park. Victoria Tanaka, President of the Alliance, observed: “The Coalition has sought for two years to work with the Autry and seek an amicable resolution of concerns about the Autry’s stewardship of the Southwest Museum and its collection. The current Autry plan to toss aside the nationally significant Southwest Museum campus and the investment of millions of dollars of taxpayer transportation funds to build a rail station at the Southwest Museum, without ever fulfilling its promise to conduct a Master Plan study of the entire Autry National Center, is unconscionable. We reluctantly found it necessary to ask our Coalition partners to take a stronger stand against the Autry’s current course.”

The Alliance put on the table three other strong responses to recent Autry actions. The second motion directed the Board of the Alliance to send a letter to the Autry rejecting any proposal to explore alternative uses for the Mount Washington campus of the Southwest Museum until a public input process on uses complementary to the Southwest Museum were first explored -- a promise made to the Alliance membership by the Autry’s CEO, John Gray, last year and never implemented by the Autry. The motion also called upon the Southwest Museum Coalition to work with elected officials to conduct an immediate public input process (with or without Autry cooperation) to identify uses complementary to the Southwest Museum location in order to enhance possible revenue streams to support the Southwest Museum location.

The third motion adopted by the membership of the Alliance called upon the Southwest Museum Coalition to obtain legal counsel and work with elected officials to ask the California Attorney General to open an investigation of the Autry’s fulfillment of promises made in the Merger Agreement with the former Board of the Southwest Museum. The California Attorney General has jurisdiction and enforcement authority over charitable organizations including museums such as the Autry.

The fourth motion, which passed with one opposed and three abstaining, called upon the Southwest Museum Coalition, in the absence of fulfillment of the Autry’s legal and moral obligations to the Southwest Museum, to commence a wide-spread Internet-based campaign to convince Autry members to boycott renewal of their memberships until the Autry makes proper legally binding commitments to the Southwest Museum. Furthermore, the motion called upon the Coalition to also use the Internet-based campaign to educate Autry donors of the substance of the wide-spread objections to the plan to “physically merge” the two museums and call upon such donors to withhold donations or further pledges to the Griffith Park building until there is a resolution of this dispute.

The Alliance’s letter to the Autry indicated that the Alliance would withhold urging the Southwest Museum Coalition to conduct a boycott and donor education program if the Autry offered some concrete commitment to satisfactorily resolve this controversy within the next 45 days.

- ### -

Adopted May 9, 2005 General Membership Meeting Mount Washington Homeowners’ Alliance

1. Motion Urging The Autry National Center to Commit to Southwest Museum:

Having been entrusted with the Southwest Museum’s assets and priceless collection through a Merger Agreement with the former
Southwest Museum Board of Trustees in which Autry National Center made certain promises to the former Southwest Museum Board members and the California Attorney General, having been entrusted with a nationally historic building in which millions of state and local transportation funds have been expended to establish a Southwest Museum public rail station at its front door, and occupying taxpayer-owned public lands in Griffith Park free of charge for the Museum of the American West, the Autry National Center has both a legal and moral responsibility to maintain and revitalize the Southwest Museum’s Mount Washington home so that it will play as much of an integral role in the future cultural and economic development of Los Angeles as it did in the past.

The Mount Washington Homeowners’ Alliance joins the Southwest Museum Coalition and other organizations in urging that as a condition of being allowed to retain perpetual possession of the Southwest Museum collection and as a condition of a perpetual permit allowing the maintenance of (or new development of) Autry museum facilities in Griffith Park on lands owned by the taxpayers of the City of Los Angeles, the Board of the Autry National Center make a legally binding commitment for the perpetual maintenance and operation of Mount Washington’s Southwest Museum venue as a primary exhibition site of its collection.

Further, in addition to fulfilling all legal commitments contained in the Southwest Museum/Autry Western Heritage Museum Merger Agreement, the Alliance calls upon the Autry National Center to commit to a thorough programmatic study to determine how the Casa de Adobe and Southwest Museum may continue to be operated in a manner consistent with its founders’ vision, as a reflection of the cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the Southwest, of California, and of the City of Los Angeles.

2. Motion To Initiate The Public Input Process For The Museum In The Absence Of Any Process From The Autry National Center:

The Mount Washington Homeowners' Alliance calls upon and will support and assist the Southwest Museum Coalition and offices of elected officials to conduct one or more community meetings to solicit public input on other complementary uses for the Southwest Museum campus that are consistent with the continued operation of the Mount Washington campus as a primary exhibition location of the Southwest collection -- consistent with the vision and tradition of Charles Lummis, founder of the Southwest Museum. Furthermore the Alliance directs its Board to send a letter to the Autry National Center objecting to an Autry-sponsored public process that only explores alternative uses for the Mount Washington campus instead of carrying out the representations of Executive Director John Gray, made to the Alliance at a meeting last year, that the Autry would carry out a public input process to explore uses complementary to the Southwest Museum operation on Mount Washington.

3. Motion Calling For Enforcement Of The Southwest Museum - Autry Museum Merger Agreement:

The Mount Washington Homeowners' Alliance urges the Southwest Museum Coalition to retain expert legal counsel in non-profit organizations to investigate whether there has been or will soon be a breach of the Autry/Southwest Museum Merger Agreement. If such a breach has occurred or is imminent, the Southwest Museum Coalition is encouraged to work with elected officials to call upon the California Attorney General to open an investigation of the Autry National Center's compliance with the Merger Agreement and to take all appropriate enforcement actions necessary to obtain a legally binding commitment from the Autry National Center to maintain and operate the Southwest Museum in perpetuity as a condition of perpetual possession of the
Southwest Museum collection.

4. Call Upon The Southwest Museum Coalition To Organize An Autry Membership Boycott And Donor Education Drive:

The Mount Washington Homeowners' Alliance calls upon the Southwest Museum Coalition to organize an Internet-based lobbying campaign to spread across Los Angeles and California messages calling for members and donors of the Autry National Center to withhold renewal of memberships and condition any financial support of the Autry National Center's preservation of the Southwest Museum collection upon the Autry entering into a legally binding agreement with the California Attorney General to maintain and operate the Southwest Museum at the historic and culturally significant Mount Washington campus envisioned and constructed by the founder of the museum, Charles Lummis.

For more information:
Mark Kenyon (323) 227-6491
Daniel Wright (323) 223-4797
Victoria Tanaka (323) 223-0944

May 17, 2005 5:34 AM  

Blogger M said:

Tony Villar is a flaming liberal

May 19, 2005 11:56 PM  

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