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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Senator Boxer, meet the "Bob Packwood" of the Greuel Campaign, Dr. Anthony Samad (or is it Essex?)

California Feminist Liberal Sister Senator Barbara Boxer choice for LA Mayor Wendy "The Feminist, PPL, SEIU, UFLAC, Slick Willie, Mayor Villar, IBEW, DWP and Boss D'Arcy's Greuel" has a prominent supporter that may remind the "Greece on the Pacific Junior Sister Senator", of a certain former Oregon Senator.
Liberal Sisters in denial of sexist campaign supporters?
Wendy Greuel for Mayor supporter Dr. Anthony Samad (formerly Essex) stands by his Mayoral Greuel of Choice, as she addresses a past event.
** Blogger's note: Once upon a time in recent California political history, a Marin County Congresswoman  charged up the steps of a Washington D.C. Senate Office Building, with fellow feminist politico sisters, as they sought to protest the treatment of Anita Hill by then Wendy Greuel fellow Republican and now US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In 1995, now California US Senator Barbara Boxer, continued her crusade against sexually-inappropriate behavior by (Republican) males, via leading the call for hearings into allegations of sexual harassment by former Oregon Senator Bob Packwood. In a 1995 story in People Magazine, she revisits her own graphic encounter with sexual harassment in the excerpt below.

EVEN NOW SEN. BARBARA BOXER becomes tense when she remembers that winter day in 1962. A Brooklyn College honors student at the time, she asked to meet her professor to discuss a questionable C-minus she had received on an economics course. It soon became clear that the married instructor did not have academic reappraisal on his mind. " 'I just find you so dynamic—you're really my favorite,' " she recalls his saying. "He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the wall—it was so sudden! This old face was coming at me, aiming to kiss me. I pushed him aside, opened the door and ran out." Though shaken, Boxer told no one but her husband, Stewart, of the unwanted advance. "Now," she says, "I realize how wrong that was. I might have spared a lot of young women the experience." 

Some years later, former 100 Black Men of America Inc. employee Patricia Rillera, could of benefited from a more candid, younger Barbara Boxer, as she relives her horrible experience, in a lawsuit regarding alleged sexual harassment by its CEO and President at the time, ANTHONY SAMAD.

The lawsuit states that between 2007-2009 Anthony Samad was the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of 100BMLA and direct boss of Patricia Rillera.   During her time with 100BMLA Ms. Rillera alleges she was repeatedly sexually harassed by Mr. Samad through conversations of “how good in bed he was” he asserted that “him and his wife participated in swinger activities” and although he made these comments she should simply “ignore” and regard them as a “joke”.Ms. Rillera repeatedly denied these advances and as a result, she alleges that Mr. Samad created a hostile work environment by making outbursts during her presentations in meetings and repeatedly making references that his agenda was to have her terminated.  He further alleged she wasn’t qualified to do her job and tried to deem her as incompetent by not inviting her to scheduled meetings or ridiculing her in front of board members.  As Ms. Rillera complained to members of the board, their reply was, “they equated it to ‘sexual frustration’ between Rillera and Samad”. 

....... and Rillera was NOT the original target of Samad's alleged sexual harassment.

By 2008, Melanie McDade, a secretary employed by 100BMLA, brought claims against100BMLA and Samad alleging sexual harassment by Samad.  It was during this case that Rillera was questioned on what she observed between Samad and McDade, and Rillera corroborated McDade’s story.  As a result, Rillera alleges she was also retaliated against by 100BMLA for cooperating in the McDade investigation. 

So, just who is prominent South LA Wendy Greuel supporter Dr. Anthony Samad? Maybe it would help to also know his previous "Anthony Essex" incarnation. One can discern that in addition to harassment issues, both the former Anthony Essex incarnation and current Dr Anthony Samad persona, share an ethically-challenged DNA.

Anthony Samad is no stranger to controversy seeing that he is formerly known as Anthony Essex, former President of the NAACP who back in 1990 was found guilty of loan fraud and spent 6 months in jail for lying on his home loan application for the bank he worked for. (** Wendy should make the now "Dr Anthony Samad" the founding member of the "Convicted Frauds for Greuel Committee). 

and this via LA Times Steve Lopez.

L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas greeted me warmly Monday afternoon, even though I'd come to hear him explain why he used $25,000 in taxpayer money to buy a place in "Who's Who in Black Los Angeles." I wanted to ask him whether his decision to buy the spread had anything to do with the fact that the book's associate publisher has made campaign donations to the supervisor and is a longtime ally.

Guess who the "longtime ally" is? This should be no surprise.

I wasn't all that surprised to learn that the associate publisher of "Who's Who," Anthony Samad, happens to be a longtime friend of Ridley-Thomas. But I was a little rattled to discover when I looked up campaign contributions that Samad donated $1,250 to Ridley-Thomas' campaign in 2007 and 2008. And that's not all.I also laid my hands on a document showing that Samad had been awarded a $24,999 consulting contract in 2002 by the city of Los Angeles, at the behest of then-Councilman Ridley-Thomas. The contract was for "expertise the council member needs … that is not otherwise available." (I can smell the "Waste, Fraud and Abuse" here but no signsof Wendy)

But then how can a member of the US Senate Ethics Committee and Candidate Greuel, remain silent about these alleged sexual and ethical misdeeds? Consider the pronouncement below

Leaders Choose Greuel as Best Candidate for Mayor
LOS ANGELES - Flanked by Dr. Anthony Samad, Forescee Hogan-Rowles, Cynthia McClain-Hill, Dr. Rev. Clyde W. Oden, John Frierson, Kermit Maddox, Areva Martin, California Women 4 Women, Basil Kimbrew California Friends of the African American Caucus, supporters, community leaders, and volunteers, Wendy Greuel kicked off the opening of her South L.A. field office today and announced the support of African Americans with Wendy, an influential group of civic, faith, community and business leaders backing her campaign.
Many of the leaders have been instrumental in the Black community for decades, and their support adds to Greuel's growing coalition in every part of the city. Greuel will be a mayor for all of Los Angeles so that no part of the city is left behind, and her South L.A. field office, located in the former Organizing for America field office in Crenshaw, will be a hub for supporters and volunteers working to contact voters.

When the harasser and the ethical cheat is on your side, its easy to develop a political case of hypocritical denial.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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