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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mayor's Top Pick At DWP Resigns -- I'm Sure It's Not Just So He Can Step Into The TOP Office, Shortly (Or CD 5 CM?)

***** SATURDAY 10:37pm UPDATE *****
Welp, looks like ZD stumbled upon something again, thanks to the Mayor Sam readers who pointed it out. There's something BIG going on regarding Villar/Nahai and DWP.

ZD never knows which issues are gonna "blow-up" here, or not. So here's an example of a little ol' reference to the LA Times story on Nahai stepping down...


AND I THINK THERE IS A SENSE OF "DESPARATION" OVER THE TIMING OF ALL OF THIS...MUCH - MUCH MORE TO COME...I think this avalanche of shadiness is gonna end up burrying at least one or two folks. (Politically, at least.)

So out of all the stuff ZD has been blogging about so hard (to take a bite out of shadiness)...looks like this is gonna be a big thorn in Villaraigosa's Citywide shakedown attempt. Not that I've been doing this for that long, but when the chatter gets like this...I know what's next. LAUSD/CHARTERS, NON-PROFIT SCAMS, DONE/NC STAFFER CONFLICTS, ELLIS ACT REFORM, AFFORDABLE HOUSING SCAM...IT'S GONNA BE HUGE. NEWSPAPER REPORTERS...GET READY!

From: latimes.com ("National News" section)

Head of DWP board resigns

Move is seen at City Hall as H. David Nahai's first step toward securing the utility's top executive position.
By David Zahniser, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
October 6, 2007

The president of the Los Angeles Board of Water and Power Commissioners resigned Friday, a move interpreted at City Hall as his first step toward securing the top executive job at the $4.2-billion municipal utility -- the nation's largest.

H. David Nahai, an attorney who lives in Benedict Canyon, submitted his resignation to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Within hours, two sources close to Villaraigosa described Nahai as the mayor's top pick to replace DWP General Manager Ron Deaton, who has been on medical leave since July.

Deaton, who earns nearly $345,000 a year, went on leave after suffering a heart arrhythmia during a trip abroad...and has been absent during a crucial time, with the agency coming under fire from City Council members after the recent heat wave caused power disruptions. Earlier this week, the agency agreed to pursue rate increases: 9% over two years for electricity and roughly 6% over two years for water.

full article

What the LA Times doesn't mention in the article is that this guy Nahai, is Villaraigosa's "wining and dining" drinikng bud. And they sure do get inappropriately loud and boisterous at times, in restaurants, for all to hear (about their plans...like when ZD gets a little too boisterous about finding a six-pack of those little juicy-juice jugs for only a dollar at the grocery store.) But did the twos' loud and obnoxious drunken public behavior cause people to lose contracts? And why did someone just tell me to type "Suzanne Reyes" into my batcomputer shady-searchers?

[Alright Captain Jack, take your flourish and bows...and please add on.]




Anonymous Anonymous said:

Or, as rumored, he can declare himself as a candidate for CD5.

He needs plenty of time to make people forget how poorly DWP has performed.

October 06, 2007 9:47 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


thanks for the comment. i updated my headline. who says ZD will run with anything? i happen to find this person to be an accurate, credible source. (just kidding, i have no idea who it is, but let's see if we can figure out if it's "scoop or poop".)

October 06, 2007 10:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

There was a time when the City Charter required the DWP GM to be an engineer --- to know something about the operation. Then we went to people who weren't engineers but had extensive experience in the operation. Now this.

October 06, 2007 10:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I wonder what a shadiness the midget mexican mayor is up to now. I think he may be trying to give free electricity and water to illegal aliens or maybe to Eli Broad.

I will have to think about this some more I know there is something shady, oh wait I think the mayor is trying to hire cholo gang members for the high paying jobs at DWP which now have a guaranteed pay raises.

October 06, 2007 11:07 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Mayor is ahead of you on getting illegals jobs. I believe that the requirement to identify yourself as an individual convicted of a misdemeanor or a felon has been removed from the application for emploment. You are not required to identify your citizenship or ethnicity. They only have to reply to the specific questions asked. Another Democratic "Dont ask, Dont tell" senario.

October 06, 2007 11:36 AM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

Some would say that Nahai and "HIS POLLONESS" share the same love for the "SPIRITS". Some may have been "BLESSED" with their presence at certain establishments.

October 06, 2007 11:37 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Didnt realize thet Mahoney ministered other "Spirits" and "Blesses" to the Mayor and others outside of the cathedral.
They cant get wine in those little bottles.

October 06, 2007 11:50 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I heard Nihai and the midget Mayor out imbibing spirits on one of their loud and rowdy binges, boasting about how they put one over on the voters with this tax hike for DWP and those pay raises. Now, it will be easier to get illegal mexican cholo gangbangers to take some jobs away from Americans, and if Nihai heads the DWP, they won't get fired no matter what they do or how unqualified they are. Some of those cholos couldn't find the black and red cables to jumpstart a car (but they can hotwire one), so they'll have a steep learning curve, that's for sure.

I heard all that with my own ears and you heard it here on Mayor Sam so it must be true.

October 06, 2007 12:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hello my name is Candy and I have been out partying with David Nahai and Mayor V. They are both reallly fun guys. These guys really know how to party, David and the Mayor promised me a job at DWP as an executive assistant. So you cry- baby losers need to to stop hating on my friends. You wish you knew a hot girl like me.

October 06, 2007 1:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Another briliant post by the loser plagurist ZD the Fool.

Tell us something we don't already know, you time wasting moron.

October 06, 2007 2:48 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

i won't EVER be able to tell YOU something you don't already know, because YOU are "Mr. Perfect Who Always Knows Everything."

And I DID include add information that was not included in the latimes article. (Like that the guy is the mayor's drinking buddy and they have been blabbing about the rate hike a little too loud publicly. And the fact that he may take over the top spot is no coincidence, given their close, personal "frat boy" relationship with each other.

But I know you already knew all of that. Because you are "Mr. Perfect Who Always Knows Everything."

I hope you are not getting paid by the mayor out of his private fund, raised with LAX concession promises.

October 06, 2007 2:58 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

and talk about wasting time...how about all the time people wasted supporting the mayor. and now that he is a one-termer, all of THEIR time was sure wasted. Luckily Eli has enough money to start backing new horses.

October 06, 2007 2:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Mayor will be elected in a landslide; no one of substance will run against him.

The only person who has half a chance is your buddy Zev (who stiffas you when he's through butt fucking you) and he doesn't have the cojones to run.

No, the Mayor is two terms and you are a know nothing, uneducated, mess of a human being. You sjhow your ignorance when you predict the loss because there is no viable candidate and no evidence to support your "theory".

Crawl back into your hole.

October 06, 2007 3:15 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:



October 06, 2007 4:01 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen (removes hat and bows low):

I heard the most interesting conversation last evening amongst several sots at that smart new club, Blue Velvet. And what was it they were saying? (Zuma lad, pay close attention for it concerns you.)

Apparently there was a meeting not that long ago where the topic of discussion was "How To Make Friends And Influence People While Discrediting Still Other People Who Occasionally Blog Upon Blogs Like This One," savvy?

And under said topic mentioned above was the brilliant idea of negative spinning or in a more particular term, inoculating the general population against what is put forth by certain folks who, if you will, take a purported negative view against the establishment. And who are these "blog targets"? Zuma Dogg, The Red Spot Of Reason In CD 14, Yours Truly, Mayor Sam and Antonio Watch. (Shakes hands of others on list) Gentlemen, it is an honour and privilege to be considered a member of this exclusive fraternity. I salute you! (Takes sip of rum and sighs with satisfaction).

Any one of the above can post anything at any time, and the standing order is to immediately begin a negative discourse that starts with sexual inability and escalates to name calling and a portrayal of those on said list as "dumb," "stupid," etc. What I find hysterically funny about all of this is the one of us who is the male model has no trouble whatsoever with women (bloody bugger has a never ending supply) while another two of us each hold advanced degrees from fine institutions such as Harvard and Oxford and are noted to be top rated in their field, savvy?

As for Suzanna Reyes, we understand that she can be had rather cheaply. Just ask Joe Avila who managed to get her to have a private meeting with him in order to force a political endorsement...a meeting that Suzanna readily agreed to having, savvy? No, she's not the sort of wench one would want to take home to Mummy, savvy?

October 06, 2007 4:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Captain Jack:

Do not put yourself, or for that matter, any of the others in a class with the moron ZD.

He fails to amuse, entertain, inform or contribute even a scintilla of information. He is but an uninformed 3rd grade fool, attempting to play with the adults.

So be assured, the comments are not leveled at you, but at the sharkbait worthless piece of ballast that mars these pages.

October 06, 2007 5:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You're so desperate, Captain Jack (who is probably Antonio Watch or Mayor Sam, the only two of those "he" mentions who are capable of writing well enough to pull off this stunt), at the last of real info from the 3rd or 4th floors anymore, that you have to resort to dragging Suzanne Reyes into this? Who is she, anyway? For those of us who don't work for city. The wife of CM Ed Reyes, perhaps? He has been said to be involved himself with a wench in CD14, by other fishmongers on this blog, but if you are now dragging his woman's name into the mud, that's NOT fair play. This woman hasn't been hanging out at city hall and with her buds, turning it into a freak show by attention-whores with remedial IQ's. That's your blogger so he's fair game and so are all of you who use him for your purposes.

October 06, 2007 5:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

5:54 Anon


No reeason to sully a fair maid. But, as you point out, the scumbag has dragged this blg into the gutter, and that is the natural result of bottom fishing.

October 06, 2007 6:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Captain Jack Sparrow, you undoubtedly have some of the best writing chops on this blog along with a great sense of humor, but your "naming names" is surprisingly and uncharacteristically ungentlemanly -- even for a pirate.

For starters, you have yet to spell the lady-in-question's name correctly. Not a good sign.

Secondly, your assumption that the lady-in-question can offer an endorsement -- forced or otherwise -- through an enviro political committee (especially THAT group) speaks volumes about what you don't know about THAT organization. For starters, try "f'in difficult" to gain consensus on anything, much less a political endorsement.

You owe the lady-in-question an apology and a bow so deep you crack your skull and crossbones on the dock.

A personal attack like this on someone who is neither an elected nor running for office just seems so out of bounds -- even for the Mayor Sam blog -- and only raises questions about your own agenda.

October 06, 2007 6:35 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

3:21 Amazing you flatter yourself as a disrupter. What you seem to be saying is the Dogg has got your goat. And the more whiny crap you post the more he knows he's got you by the shorts. If you understand his psychology, please don't encourage him. Maybe you are feeding someone who thrives on negative attention?

October 06, 2007 6:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Negative attention? He thrives on ANY attention. The is the definition of a consumate attention whore.

Chck Webster's Dictionary, next edition; ZD's picture will be next to the words...

October 06, 2007 6:50 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor Sam
Cant you or wont you please stop this obnoxious child in October 06, 2007 3:21 PM.

He has nothing to say except garbage. He only tries to make noise because he has nothing to say of value to any of us.

I dont want to learn from him. I learned those words in the seventh grade...and when I became an adult, in the 8th grade, I knew how make a good point without offensive words.

October 06, 2007 7:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You guys have it all wrong; I speak and write proper English and have command of the language.

I only do this to illustrate to ZD the stark lunacy of his behavior to the City Council, the Board of Supervisors and the LAUSD Board.

He is disruptive and wastes everyone's time, and the only way to make the point is to turn the tables on him when he tries to be "serious" even though the only purpose he serves is to paraphrase what we all can read in the Daily News or the LA Times or some other local paper, or call our attention to an article or two.

But if it really bothers you, then you should just ignore my comments and move on to the junky content that he provides.

I'll stop when he stops being a disruptive influence downtown, fair enough?

Until then, grin it and bear it. That's what we do, every time he puts in a request for public comment.

October 06, 2007 8:07 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

why isn't anyone talking about the shady deals Paul Koretz is putting together with Hit the Road Jack to get each other in office????????? I wonder how this would play out given Hit the Road Jacka55 is Villa's top pick for city attorney but does Villa know of Koretz's deal with Jack?????? How will that fare for Mr. Nahai???? Hmmmmmm....I wonder.

October 06, 2007 8:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


No, there's just you.

October 06, 2007 8:51 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

6:38pm said...What you seem to be saying is the Dogg has got your goat. And the more whiny crap you post the more he knows he's got you by the shorts. If you understand his psychology, please don't encourage him.

So true...please don't blow my cover. it's kinda true every time i know i hit a nerve, it just makes me wanna drill a little deeper == and continue down the path, cause i know i'm onto something. and i do wish i could get off this treadmill...but these dummies won't stop provoking me. (I call it "provoking", not "encouraging".)

Meanwhile, not as many different people posting comments as you would be led to believe. (Check the blips, y'all!)

Captain Jack, so what if these inept losers decide they want to negative spin us. i thought that's what they have been trying to do all along? Maybe they are nervous because they have been listening to my phone conversations, and are getting more desparate.

October 06, 2007 9:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

SUSANA REYES is listed as DWP human resources director.

October 06, 2007 9:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"He is disruptive and wastes everyone's time, and the only way to make the point is to turn the tables on him when he tries to be "serious" even though the only purpose he serves is to paraphrase what we all can read in the Daily News or the LA Times or some other local paper, or call our attention to an article or two"

YOU ARE WRONG! He has a very large cadre, including me, who supply info to him every hour of every day. You work for one person. Zuma works for all of us; 300 to 500 K people in the City of Los Angeles

October 06, 2007 9:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

To 8:07, ZD has been beating the crap out of the Daily News by breaking news on the City unions contract salary hikes. You are all talk and don't seem to be able to break anything except wind.

October 06, 2007 10:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good evening Mr. Hoff (tips hat and draws sword):

I do not assume, sirrah. Perhaps you might want to ask the lady of said enviro-political group yourself who spells her name Susannah. Ask her how it came to be that she allowed a private meeting between Master Avila and herself and two of said group's endorsement committee members to push for an endorsement. Ask her if the campaign managers and/or other candidates were invited to so the same. Ask her if the entire endorsing committee was privy to this meeting which, if you will, they were not. Ask her if it was not brought up at said group's Ex Comm meeting that the endorsement was not hers to make but rather that of the committee that does the picking and choosing. And after you have asked her that, sirrah, ask her who was peeking in the window at the time said meeting with Master Avila and herself and two other persons was being conducted in a public place. (Whispers confidentially) She's so entertaining when she squirms. Besides, you can always ask Jose, savvy?

Furthermore, sirrah, anyone who aides or abets is, if you will, very much so targeted as fair game within the cross-hairs. The wench aided and abetted, with witnesses to prove it, for the purpose of giving a certain candidate an edge. (Wipes hands together) Case closed, done deal, thank you very much and don't forget to stop off at the gift shop on the way out. And you of all people should know that nothing is fair in politics in less of course you are more of a novice than you let on OR the master doesn't pay a decent hourly wage, savvy?

Additionally, naming names is on the list of approved activities for pirates if they choose to do it or it serves any sort of advantage in the game of politics. I've dropped plenty of names before. It's not my fault you don't know who goes by what moniker. (Hears a woman yelling. Rolls eyes) Oh bugger, it's Mrs. Kefflebaum. Thanks piles, Mr. Hoff, you woke the harpy up. (Turns around to address Mrs. Keffelbaum) Good evening to you to, Mrs. Keffelbaum. Yes, we're playing nicely in the sandbox. No need to call my Mum. NO, I'M NOT DRINKING HARD LIQUOR!!! However, I can't speak for Jack Hoff. Feel free to call his Mum. He hasn't called her in a while and could use a good talking-to. (Waves goodnight)

(Turns back around to speak to Jack Hoff) As for the spouse of Clowncilman Reyes, I mean her no disrespect as she was not the she of which I was speaking. (Reaches for the lady's hand and kisses it elegantly)

Finally, Mr. Hoff, I thank you for your kind words about my chops. However, it takes more than chops to be a pirate in this town. (Removes pirate hat and hold up dreds) It's the hair you wear and not the hair down there, savvy?

October 06, 2007 10:22 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ok 8:45. What shady deals is Koretz making?

October 06, 2007 10:41 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Hoooooooooody hooooooooooooo!

I feel momentum on this one. I know City Hall feels like they can reverse the turntables on zuma dogg. but they didn't read sun zu art of war. so that's a battle they're gonna lose. and their arrogance and weak-ass ability just pisses me off and captain jack's last comment just fired me up...and if you read what i just read in my inbox, and read what capatain jack said...WE AIN'T BLUFFING, BITCH!!! HA!! !YOU JUST SHOWED UP TO A PORNO AUDITION WITH A 2 inch...

October 06, 2007 11:06 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good evening 10:58pm (tips hat):

If my excuse is sad, sirrah, then yours if you will, is pathetic for you have no proof to prove otherwise. And if I were such a time wasting idiot, why then did you respond to my comments? (Strokes chin thoughtfully) I'm afraid the barn door is already open and last I checked the bulls were headed in the direction of Pamplona. You can run fast, can't you? (Sot looks dazzed and befuddled) START RUNNING!

(Watches sot run after bulls) Bloody sot wanker. Sod off.

October 06, 2007 11:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

first of all, you are right cpt jack that there is a desparate attempt to up the level of spin here by political operatives.

as a matter of fact (my opinion actually) i commented earlier today that a certain spinner is back, again. problem with this person is they have a nasty tactic of casually mixing in lies with the spin. and milton erickson seems to think a certain female spinstress is back. I DO get a kick out of him/her. And they fall for every ZD trap. He/she is just the type to fall for Columbo's routine.

But this is really about how all of these losers just make me realized I rocked the F*CK out of City Hall this week.


Freddie Mercury said... Weeeeeeeeeeeee, Are The Champions, my fri-end. And youuuuuuu'll keep on being cry-ba-bies, till the end.

October 06, 2007 11:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It sure is fun to tweak the nose of Zuma Puppy who thinks he is actually running with the big dogs of Los Angeles politics. Zuma is like a Chihuahua puppy barking at the Pit-Bulls of city hall, the little Chihuahua is all bark and no bite.

October 07, 2007 4:22 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

A 15% rate increase on an already overpriced utility is obscene.

October 07, 2007 6:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Officials believe cracking down on unauthorized vendors is crucial because they are vulnerable to extortion. Many are illegal immigrants -- and therefore reluctant to go to police or serve as official witnesses to the extortion, authorities said.

The LAPD points to McCain's unit as a potential model for regulating street vendors and keeping gang extortion to a minimum. Olivares said he sets up shop in the Fashion District because there is less extortion there than other places, including MacArthur Park.

October 07, 2007 7:34 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma, Captain and Mayor Sam you are all held in high esteem by many in this city. You have the guts to post what everyone is thinking and agree with. The "haters" who post are the spinsters of clowncil and the gang banging cholo Mayor. Blogs are becoming more and more crucial to news reporting then the local media BS and papers. Rumor has it that clowncil and MEcha Boy Antonio have their people monitoring to watch out for the negative stuff posted here and to spin it fast by degrading Zuma and the rest.

Good for Daily News on a most excellent Opinion Piece this morning. They at least have the balls to slam LA politicans for getting the city in a mess.
A house of cards
......THE house of cards that is Los Angeles City Hall's corrupt system of shifting money from taxpayers to special interests is collapsing.

City leaders' giveaways are rapidly outpacing their ability to bring in new funds, creating a perilous financial imbalance.

For the insiders - the unions, developers, contractors - this is a bona fide crisis. For the rest of us, it's a great opportunity to remake the city into one that serves the people instead of serving itself.

Last week, city leaders agreed to a massive, five-year, 23 percent pay raise for most city workers. And they did it in the face of a slowing economy, cooling real-estate market and the very likely possibility that courts will find they have been taking the public's money illegally.


October 07, 2007 7:53 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Not one damn politican including Huizar and Reyes who have the most illegal vendors have come out to educate or tell these uneducated, non English speaking law breakers that they need to get a permit to vend in LA. The problem of gang extortion would go away if they weren't out there making tax free cash and taking away business from owners who pay the fees and permits legally. Dumb ass Jose and Reyes.

Officials believe cracking down on unauthorized vendors is crucial because they are vulnerable to extortion. Many are illegal immigrants -- and therefore reluctant to go to police or serve as official witnesses to the extortion, authorities said.

October 07, 2007 8:07 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Rumor has it that clowncil and MEcha Boy Antonio have their people monitoring to watch out for the negative stuff posted here and to spin it fast by degrading Zuma and the rest.


What a shock you use the word rumor, this blog is full of rumors an innuendo and no hard facts.

Anybody with a computer and internet connection can now spread rumors like butter on toast.

October 07, 2007 8:10 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Anybody with a computer and internet connection can now spread rumors like butter on toast.

It's the truth that people like you object to. Get use to it.

October 07, 2007 9:46 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma Pussy is held in high esteem only by his butt boy Matt and Captain Jack.

October 07, 2007 9:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I don't object to the truth "I can handle the truth"

The truth is this blog is run by a bunch of clowns. We need intelligent and informed people to create a real blog about Los Angeles politics. Not this laughable attempt at reporting of local politics.

October 07, 2007 10:24 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"But if it really bothers you, then you should just ignore my comments and move on to the junky content that he provides."

Bad language really does bother me. I read everything, including your garbage. You get paid to attend the Council meetings.You are not allowed to attack Zuma there so you do it here. You do not speak well, athough you have spoken reasonably in this post. Question is, which OF THE COUNCILMANS STAFF MEMBER ARE YOU? I HEARD YOU GET OVERTIME FOR POSTING HERE?

October 07, 2007 11:27 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

How does one "degrade Zuma"?

I mean, when one is eight fathoms lower than whaleshit, how does someone find the words to denegrate that status further?

Let's get real here; no one with an ounce of sanity really takes the fool seriously. Those who encourage him only do so for their own amusement or to perpetrate damage on someone they oppose.

He is a tool for those who use him thusly, or just a mere object of amusement. He has no shame, and will endure any humiliation just to get attention.

October 07, 2007 11:29 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It's comical to the point of being pathological -- not only Zuma but Captain Jack (who sounds as mad as Red Spot, Antonio Watch and Mayor Sam lately, now that they're seeing that this blog has deteriorated into a place where racists and fools rant), actually think City Hall lives for what is written here and even bugs the dogg's phones, follows him to diners and reports on his pie eating.

No one has to "degrade" dogg and buds, that's what he clearly is. What do you think he is, "Captain?"

Hard for you to believe, people who write are probably just citizens who are disgusting at seeing these people waste our taxes by making the pols listen to their rude garbage and watching such ugliness on our taxpayer tv. Reacting to this disgust by insulting women and making crazy justifications for it, just shows your stripes more. Go on: anyone with any decency won't admit to reading this garbage, even the curiosity value has worn off.

What kind of lowlifes "exist" only to make decent people want them to go away and stop wasting taxpayer time, and now, you losers are suing US as taxpayers? When scum abuses the system, I hope Rocky's lawyers have the guts to punish the abuser.

October 07, 2007 11:33 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen (removes hat and bows low with flourish):

Yet, you keep reading and even better, keep responding which makes you, if you will, addicted to the blogged word. That in itself makes you an accessory to the crime of having a contrary opinion, savvy?

October 07, 2007 11:40 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just wondering, did Joe Avila once grace the halls of the DWP with his Ivy-League Intellect and asshole demeaner ?

October 07, 2007 12:03 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Wow! A lot of people sure are obsessed with commenting on little ol' moi! What a confidence booster! It's kinda hard to believe there are actually all these losers trying to prove their opinion of ZD to the world. And yes, one day, if they all collaborate their effort, and tell the whole world how much of an idiot I am...everyone will hate me, and love them, and they can all dance and sing and live happily ever after. Remember...everyone hates me...and everyone loves you! Just keep repeating it over and over to yourself. You are right...I am wrong...and SOMEDAY the truth will be revealed, everyone will see your point of view...and I will melt-away like the wicked witch of the west, dorothy.

October 07, 2007 12:07 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What Ivy League intelect? Just because you went to an Ivy League school, doesn't mean you walk around with the intellect. The other part however...

October 07, 2007 12:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I think my concern, Captain Jack Sparrow, is that once you start naming names, you open the door to someone else putting a "bounty" on your own head.

Once your name is secured and the blood money paid, it seems to me that there would be an avalanche of C&D ("Ceaseth & Desisteth") letters which don't hold a lot of water in the legal world, but are kind of annoying to get in bulk at one's place of business -- ostensibly, somewhere in City Hall -- leading to all kinds of conjecture about you and your job.

It appears to this political novice that your candidate did not get an endorsement from THAT enviro group through the assistance of the lady-in-question. Are we to infer that your candidate received enviro support from the OTHER groups (the ones with younger members, better grassroots, and more money to spend?).

Regardless, I would leave axe-grinding to the Tin Woodsman. It is beneath you. Sharpen your sword and your quill instead of being so obtuse. Those of us not as clever as you (looks around, "oops, it's just me") still enjoy the challenge of figuring out Captain Jack Sparrow's hidden meanings. Why take away our fun?

October 07, 2007 12:23 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Captain Jack...

Looks like the powers that be behind mi amigo 12:33pm are getting pretty desparate. threats and reverse psychology...LOL!

Capt Jack...I guess this is the nerve they didn't want touched.

October 07, 2007 12:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Psycho, we're so afraid of you. Have your meltdown in Crity Hall, give the City Attorney the final excuse. The one impoverished "fan" you have, who has to read your blog at the library because she doesn't have a computer to scan the real news, may have to find something useful to do. Don't you know that people use you to get at someone, so reading this shows who is mad at whom, not anything real? Captain Jack, your candidate is gone. Get over it.

October 07, 2007 12:48 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just wondering,

No mention of the antics of Homer Alvin and his peeking toms antics on the said night at the "collective coffee shop". This cause Homer Avila to storm out of the "collective coffee shop". DOH, I blew it again!!

October 07, 2007 12:50 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What would the citizens of Los Angeles do without Mayor Sam’s investigative reporting team, who is the envy of all print media in Los Angeles? The volumes of intellectual discourse in the comments section of this blog, is more than sufficient to prove the educational level of the readers and supporters of Mayor Sam's blog. Yes the insightful commentary on this blog is indicative of the thousands of Los Angeles residents who are your well educated and informed readership which so dearly love and depend on you. Please do not let the detractors sway you conviction for the pursuit of truth and justice in the halls of City Hall.

October 07, 2007 2:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I just love all the haters who keep saying how low life people who read and post here are. How horrible Mayor Sam, Captain and Zuma are. Yet, if the thousands of blogs they come here to post and read at post attacks. The fact is THIS BLOG broke the Mecha Mayor's scandlous affair a year before Daily News broke the story. Fact is many who post here know the inside of city hall from many field staffers who hate their bosses and the Mayor. How many staffers have left Antonio, Jose, Zine has gone through 5 Chief of Staffs and the list goes on. Say what you want haters but haven't you heard the saying "Negative publicity is still publicity." Why do you think all the immature actors get in trouble on purpose? To get media attention and you're giving Zuma and this blog attention. IF you don't like it start your own damn blog and quick wasting space posting your bullshit,.

October 07, 2007 4:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I just saw the clowncil replay of the phone tax issue. What a bunch of crap!!
the Mayor has 26 CITY CARS, FIELD STAFFERS HAVE CITY CARS so why don't they cut those back to save money?? Instead of cleaning their own house first its easier to go to voters. Word is this tax WILL NEVER PASS not even with 50%. Clowncil will spend millions trying to scare the residents sayng services will be cut back. they should start by deporting all the illegals who use those services.

October 07, 2007 4:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

4:38 (next to last): say what? Talk about people who post without saying anything. Let's see, who would have an incentive to kiss a smelly dogg's butt? Could it be his fellow blogger going anon., worried as your blog's revenue and newsworthy comments have dried up Must be Sam or Antonio Watch. Boy, what a life -- like your "name," devoted to just watching one guy while no one cares about you and your blog except for not wanting to have to look at creepy losers whining and wasting time. You and your racist, one-note ranters (like the "Mayor has 26 cars" dimwit who follows you) are just fun reading to see what happens when misfits with anger management issues try to run a "political" blog.

October 07, 2007 6:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

(Shakes head) Zuma, Zuma, Zuma...

The only "power" behind me is my pea-sized brain trying to communicate to Captain Jack Sparrow that I believe he is behaving in a manner that is petty, arrogant and foolish when he uses this blog to impugn the morals of an enviro political chair who also happens to be a city employee in human resources at the DWP over an election that (I'm guessing) happened two years ago -- and didn't go his way.

Either that or maybe he's mad because she didn't forward his DWP job application because he insisted on wearing a three-pointed hat with a big-ass feather in it to the job interview...


October 07, 2007 9:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

8:07, there is no "we" downtown at City Hall that you speak of. It is you sitting in your dirty home office at your computer with your unbrushed teeth wearing your dirty boxers and tee shirt that you slept in. Stop pretending like you're an operative from the 3rd or 4th floor. You aren't fooling anybody.

October 08, 2007 1:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mr. Jack Hoff,

You seem awfully put out by Captain Jack's comments about Susanna Reyes.

Obviously you are a Sierra Club member who is offended by the allegations.

If you are a Sierra Club member, carefully pay attention to what really happens behind the scenes during their sham "endorsement committee". If you aren't a Sierra Club member, then you shouldn't take umbrage with Captain Jack for mentioning the name of a woman who chooses to have the reputation of the "Political Expert" at the club. Fair game it seems to me.

October 08, 2007 1:32 AM  

Blogger solomon said:

5:54, thank you for the compliment (Captain Jack does write well), but it would be impossible for me to be him. He knows way too much.

October 08, 2007 6:03 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sherlock Holmes at 1:32a --

Ya think??

You should go back to your old posting name because you're embarassing the people who blog as Anonymous.

October 08, 2007 8:34 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

if attacks on sexual prowess and one's intelligence are the measures of of one's political effectiveness, then I too will take a bow.

I have had absolutly no contribution to this blog piece or others recently, yet spinner still seems obsessed with introducing me into the personal attack.

ahhhhhh its nice to be on your mind spinner. very nice.


October 08, 2007 9:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good afternoon Mr. Hoff (raises eyebrow):

You are wrong, sirrah, on both counts. I did not, do not and will not have a candidate in any political race nor am I a disgruntled person whose application was not forwarded to the Personnel Department. As for leaving a spot the colour of which you are free to choose on a lady's character, I state again that this individual chose to aid and abet and THAT makes her fair game.

(The dawn of recognition appears on Captain Jack Sparrow's face and he snaps his fingers) Brilliant!!! I've bloody well got it! (Whispers confidentially to Jack Hoff) You're the bloke who's skulking about like a creeping Jesus with her, eh? (Winks conspiratorially and hands Jack Hoff a feather for his cap, makes the Sign of the Cross and grins) Such a gallant you are! (Crew applauds) Goodonya! Your secret is safe with me.

And while we're on the subject of merry wenches, a quick w00t to Captain Robert's First Mate who is not only an artful thief but a damned fine hostess to boot. Madame, I salute you! (Whispers) More about my weekend sojurn with my fellow Captain in another thread on this blog, savvy?

October 08, 2007 12:24 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Captain Jack Sparrow, explain or deny all you want, it has no effect on my world. I simply can't help but remain offended when you consistently launch an anonymous, public and personal attack on someone's moral -- not political -- behavior. It's just not right.

Also, I still find it entertaining that while you and Zuma were busy discussing my real life ID on this blog (really, who -- besides you -- cares?!), I was not downtown "solving small problems" -- but at home, drywalling my garage.

That's where your "credibility dinghy" sprang a major leak for me, O Captain...

A shame that the college degree you lay claim to (ad nauseum) did not include humility in the curriculum.

Or didn't you know that arrogance is the mortal sin of politicos and corporate execs alike?

October 08, 2007 2:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good afternoon Mr. Hoff (tips hat):

Consistently? I think not. Be offended all you want, for I care not. The fact that you have an opinion different than mine matters not for that, if you will, is the whole point of democracy to begin with. (Steps aside to let Bard by) And just to show my own good faith, I'll let my Bard sing a song for you. You Yanks might know this little ditty as "Old Dan Tucker", savvy?

Old Jack Hoff was a blogging man.
Spends his time with a spackle can.
Problems small he solves them not.
Alas, poor man is just a sot.

Cease your wailing, blubbering and bawling...
Old Jack Hoff is busy dry-walling.
While waiting for the spackle to dry..
Old Jack Hoff goes blogging by.....

Old Jack Hoff got plenty mad
Over something the Captain said.
Put down trowel and spackle can
And defended Susana, pure young maid.

Cease your wailing, blubbering and bawling...
Old Jack Hoff is busy dry-walling.
While waiting for the spackle to dry..
Old Jack Hoff goes blogging by.....

Captain Jack just rolled his eyes
drank some rum and swatted flies.
But Old Jack Hoff wouldn't let it rest.
Said it didn't pass the creditability test...

Cease your wailing, blubbering and bawling...
Old Jack Hoff is busy dry-walling.
While waiting for the spackle to dry..
Old Jack Hoff goes blogging by.....

Captain said "Give over, man.
Pick up your trowel and spackling can.
Next time you rip the Dogg to shreds,
I'll remind you of what you said."

Cease your wailing, blubbering and bawling...
Old Jack Hoff is busy dry-walling.
While waiting for the spackle to dry..
Old Jack Hoff goes blogging by.....

So Old Jack Hoff went back to his garage.
Not too happy with political umbrage.
And if you want to raise his hackles...

Cease your wailing, blubbering and bawling...
Old Jack Hoff is busy dry-walling.
While waiting for the spackle to dry..
Old Jack Hoff goes blogging by.....

(Jack and crew applaud Bard; turns to speak to Jack Hoff) Sorry old man, but we couldn't find anything that rhymes with "pink bismuth," savvy?

October 08, 2007 4:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey Jack Hoff, where do you want the can of spackle sent?

October 08, 2007 5:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just send the spackle to my DONE office.

October 08, 2007 5:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


October 08, 2007 5:34 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good evening Captain Sparrow (nods):

Tell your Bard that was nicely done. But you might want to send the spackle cans to the office of Mr. Blackman who as we understand is busy patching up holes left by his own hand. On second thought, send the cans to his aide-de-camp as the sot doesn't like to get his hands dirty.

By your leave, Captain Sparrow.

October 08, 2007 7:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Captain Jack Sparrow, I was so impressed with your effort -- excellent work for an amateur -- I thought I would return the favor.

I wanted to be sure to do something you'd be familiar with, so this little ditty is from "The Sound of Music."

(Sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things")

Bows with a flourish (Are those lady’s panties?)
Look on his iPod, it’s corny sea shanties
Drones endlessly ‘bout his Ivy League school
Why is this Captain Jack Sparrow uncool?

Talks of the islands and winds that are balmy
Drinks only light beer and lives with his mommy
Makes $40K and he thinks that it’s great
No wonder Captain Jack can’t get a date!

Spends his days just
Reading In Touch
Playing tiddlywinks
And plotting and gossiping,
Oy, what a mess!
We can’t wait til his ship sinks!

October 08, 2007 9:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good morning Mr. Hoff (Tips hat):

Very nice work indeed! However, I, if you will, went to Bond and later on to Oxford. It's the others in the crew that did their post grad in the US, savvy?

(Narrows eyes and stares hard at Jack Hoff)
Are you saying that Bond does not offer an excellent education, sirrah? Are you taking liberties and besmirching the reputation of an excellent academic institution? Are you taking the good name and reputation of noted scholars and dragging it through the mud?

(Rolls eyes) Oh no, of course not. You of sterling reputation would NEVER do that. I am, if you will, offended when you consistently launch an anonymous, public and personal attacks on an institution's academic -- not political -- behavior. It's just not right.

(Mutters under breath) Offensive sot. Probably has spackle on the brain.

October 09, 2007 9:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Well, there ya go, yappin' about your education yet AGAIN....

When, exactly, do you plan on putting it to use?


October 09, 2007 11:35 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Aye, Captain - methinks Sir Jack doth not have spackle on his brain! Methinks he mistook the spackle fer sparkle, an' thinketh his brain doth shew brillance!

Sir Jack, mayhap we trade barbs a bit later? The end o' the week just past hath been a busy time fer the likes of me, assisting in loading all of me ships' cannon with grape to clear the decks o' those who doth seek to oppose both mine fleet, an' them o' whom we be allied.

Make ready, Sir Jack! Ye shall not receive such a warning from the likes o' me ag'in!

October 09, 2007 12:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good afternoon Mr. Hoff (tips hat):

(Strokes chin wisely) I would say that I would use my fine education right about now. (Hands sot a bottle of pink bismuth) Godspeed, Mr. Hoff. We'll see you on the other side.

(Makes elegant leg to Lord Chapman) Lord Chapman? He's all yours.

October 09, 2007 1:28 PM  

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