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Friday, August 24, 2007

Bizarre Love Triangle: Antonio, Sabrina and Chris: But it's not about LOVE, it's about HOUSING

DID ZD CONNECT SOME DOTS THIS EVENING? (You be the judge. And maybe there will be!)

Interesting timing on the Chris Pak story in Thursday’s LA Times. I thought that article was written a long time ago, but the editor probably decided not to run it, back then, in order to avoid exposing the mayor and his supporters to a huge scandal.

Captain Jack Sparrow left that annoyingly challenging comment about some glass shoe that was going to drop; and was I going to be there to catch it and all that Shakespear/Pirate code talk I don’t understand.

But I sent a fews clue into my Batcomputer and there is this ONE LITTLE OLD DOT THAT HASN’T BEEN CONNECTED THAT HAS BEEN BUGGING ZD. The only shoe, left un-dropped or un-connected dot in a certain scenario.

SABRINA KAY. (Sorry Sabrina.) She was the fashion designer/planning commissioner that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa flew with to Asia. On the trip, her clothing line magically ends up in clothing stores in Asia.

And the LA Times article happened to mention Chris Pak went on that trip to Asia, too. And it reminded me, that I thought I saw a picture of Antonio with Sabrina Kay and Chris Pak in front of the house of the South Korean President taken during that trip. So they all must be pretty tight?

And doesn’t the Planning Commissioner have something to do (like vote to approve) Chris Pak’s big projects? And now that the L.A. real estate market is on the slide, maybe Chris Pak’s money is, too. That story sure did seem to be kinda "infomercially".

And since the mayor’s image is the only thing declining faster than the Downtown LA housing market, let’s get that story out there about how Antonio is teaming up with Pak for the kind of smart growth we need; with high density housing around commercial retail; and major transportation corridors like in other cities overseas.

Except the City of Los Angeles and State of California have not built the transportation and do not plan on having it ready in time for the demand. And even “if” they do add the public transportation, the masses are not going to jump out of their cars and jump on board.

Pak even says himself, “"L.A. was zoned for vehicles in the early 1900s, not for pedestrians and public transportation.” That’s right bro…that’s the problem. That’s why it isn’t going to work here, like everywhere else in the world. (If it is considered to be “working” elsewhere.) L.A. was not zoned for pedestrians and public transportation. And adding five stories on top of everything isn’t going to re-zone the roads or water supply (among other infrastructure related details.)

Now anytime a female commissioners name is mentioned with Antonio, the “a” word comes up (affair). People have said on this blog and elsewhere that Antonio disappeared with Sabrina one night in Korea, then Antonio cancelled an important business trip the next day, where he was supposed to meet Korea’s most prominent businessmen.

Did the mayor blow off the biggest investment business he flew over there for? (I heard they weren’t too happy about the no-show. Something about being considered a rude slap in the face, or something.) Oh well…less competition for Chris Pak?

But the main thing is that ZD has been talking about affordable housing scams in the non-profit arena. And so I hit the Batcomputer "shady searchers", and Zuma Dogg’s Bat-Spidey senses tell him Mr. Pak has started a lot of new projects lately: THOSE EXCESSIVELY PROFITABLE AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROJECTS LIKE THE ONES ZD HAS BEEN EXPRESSING A TAD BIT OF CONCERN OVER!!!

That means Pak will have to negotiate with LAANE, and will need to get project approvals from LAANE’s Executive Director (who Zuma Dogg thinks sits on the CRA board). Can that be right??? (I mean this is all just a stream of conscious late night rant.)

And I think someone told me Asia’s hottest fashion designer/L.A.’s hottest planning commissioner, Sabrina Kay, served on the board of a non-profit organization (to learn a new "business"), and has started her own non-profit organization. (ZUMA DOGG WANTS TO START HIS OWN NON-PROFIT GRAVY TRAIN WAGON, TOO, Y’ALL!!!!)

Did Sabrina Kay read ZD’s story on how there is BIG, BIG money to be made in the non-profit affordable housing game; so did she decided to dump the threads and head over to Home Depot for some supplies?

See also: Marin Ludlow. I think the Times must be saving the rest of the story for a sequel article, because if Ludlow currently works for Pak, you think they would have mentioned that, given his relationship to Antonio. Can you imagine Martin Ludlow taking Pak’s project to the mayor’s city hall for approval? That’s why can someone confirm if Ludlow works for 2Pak.

Whatever the case: Just when ZD was thinking LA Times may be on the right track; did they run some infomercial article; to help a developer who is the mayor’s secret construction machine be able to raise more money, since the LA housing market is a bursting bubble; and since there is more money to be made in non-profit affordable housing than in fashion designing or for-profit (market rate) housing?

Maybe we should all fly to Asia together to talk about it; then come back and let's start doing it. (See ZD's article on non-profit/affordable housing boondoggle that CM Tony Cardenas went on record agreeing that he heard, too.)

Oh no…I hope that isn’t the case.

New video: ZD at BOS Meeting


Anonymous Anonymous said:


Isn't it nice that you, me and Captain Jack figured this stuff out months ago.

The Time has changed because they realize there is more info on the LA Weekly, Curbside and Mayor Sam than in their papers in a month. It also became obvious that the Times always catered to Villa and Huizar. Some one must have told the Times that the constituants were getting resltess and angry.

August 24, 2007 9:14 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Methinks you shouldn't insinuate affairs you can't prove. Leave that to Luke.

August 24, 2007 11:44 AM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:


YOU DUMMY! CAN'T YOU READ??? I SAID IT'S NOT ABOUT AN AFFAIR. IT'S ABOUT HOUSING. Mesthink you should pull your head out of your ass next time you read my thread you low reading comprehension loser. That's what mes thinks. Mesthinks maybe I should blog even more stuff about this since mesthinks this is a blog you loser. then mesthinks you can weigh in again mr anyonymous pussy mesthinker.

August 24, 2007 4:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

4:42 PM methinks you rethink- using c.m. cardenas as anyting other than the puppet of his maker-james acevedo.

Rather than what might be, look at what is, and what has enriched acevedo, with tax money that was set aside for bullshit non-profit low income housing-- the issue needs to be investigated, and hammered, otherwise there are no consequenses.

August 24, 2007 11:32 PM  

Blogger Sahra Bogado said:


I think you're incorrect in saying that Los Angeles was not zoned for pedestrians and mass transit.

Portions of this City and metropolitan region, were designed for people to walk, or take a train, to get around.

The greedy developer you blame for causing traffic by building tall buildings, is the same type of person responsible for turning Los Angeles into an sprawled out autotopia over the past 60 or 70 years.

A little more historical perspective on the city might do your commentary some good.

August 25, 2007 11:07 AM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:


I said that is what Chris Pak said in the article. it is the last line of the article in the paper.

he is the one who said it. so i will try and get the message to him that you think he is incorrect.

Perhaps reading the post with comprehention will do your commentary some good.

And Ubray, do you really think that what is going on in the city regarding it's density policy around not enough infrastructure, and they even admit they are not going to have the mass trasnsportation ready in time, and sacramento isn't even giving the city infrastructure dollars people voted for...you are supporting this? This is what you are taking me to task on, with your big shot "might help you commentary talk?" WOW! You should work for SCAG, you're a regional planning expert.

I don't know about who to blame over the past 60 years, because it's too late for than now. I deal with the situation as it is presented before us, currently.

Besides, you say "portions". So we're talking about the other (majority) of portions.

O.k....you're right bro...LA is a town made for pedestrians and mass transit. EVEN THOUGH THE CITY OFFICIALS SAY WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH MASS TRANSIT TO GET THE JOB DONE.

Thanks for clarifying with your passive aggressive tagline, when it was someone else who said it.

August 25, 2007 12:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Not to defend or offend anyone. But ZD was citing the very last paragraph of the LA Times article which quoted Chris Pak as saying: “L.A. was zoned for vehicles in the early 1900s, not for pedestrians and public transportation,”

Chris Pak believes it is crucial that the city make the break and have denser developments. Zuma expresses that it wouldn’t work or would be difficult because the infrastructure is lacking and trailing (the city was not originally zoned or designed for that.)

Sure, very tiny portions of L.A. were probably “designed for people to walk, or take a train, to get around”.

Greedy developers turning L.A. into an sprawled out autotopia? How about some extreme social policies of the city that drove out the middle class even more and increased the demand in the sprawling suburbs since the 60's?

Now we try to "fix" that by ....?

August 25, 2007 1:52 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:


Thanks for translating what I said without the attitude. Ubray has had nice things to say about ZD in the past, so his "passive aggressive" commentary at the end unleased the dogg. I don't mind criticism and challenges AT ALL. When I put something out there, it is to test my premise, or info or theory. SO IF THERE IS ONE THING THAT PISSES ME OFF...IS PEOPLE THROWING IN THE PASSIVE AGRESSIVE COMMENTARY WHEN THEY ARE WRONG.

Say whatever you want....but if you're gonna throw that "more historical perspective" crap in...make sure you have YOUR straight, smart guy. (You'd still be wrong on this one...but at least you wouldn't be an a-hole.)

August 25, 2007 2:15 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The original post of this thread is one of the most interesting ones we read here in this blog recently. If only some of what it says turns out to be true, it may be one of the most important posts.

Zuma has been writing about the Affordable Housing development abuse, and giving alerts. LAT finally have to pretend to be paying attention.

However, LAT may be only going after the tiny little small fish with articles about Housing Authority (they are like apartment managers)? Zuma is going after the big fish with original posts like this one about big developers. No comparison.

August 25, 2007 4:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I like the big fish and small fish analogy.

While ZD is going after the Killer Whales and Big Sharks, LAT is going after the sardines. But The Killer Whales and Big Sharks seem to go after the sardines for lunch too. They don’t want to miss anything.

Speaking of the LAT article, “Housing agency fires auditor”, the electronic online version is now 3 paragraphs shorter than the printed version - missing the last 3 short paragraphs. 3 very short paragraphs missing. Wow!!! What is going on?

The online version:

One would think that it would be the other way around. A shorter version may be needed to fit the printed page, and the electronic version would have no space limitation and can remain slightly longer. But, no, not here.

What is in the 3 missing paragraphs?


I am going to retype one missing paragraph (found in the printed paper):

“The Estrada Courts group, a nonprofit run out of an Eastside housing project, received four contracts collectively worth about $95,000. It has employed former City Councilman Richard Alatorre as a consultant.”

Richard Alatorre? The mentor and current senior advisor to Mayor V; and the mentor to and former boss of Robin K?

The remaining two paragrpahs named Gustavo Valdivia, the former staff member of current Councilman Jose Huizar; and also named former Councilman Nick Pacheco.

Did someone call LAT’s editor to remove those 3 paragraphs???

Perhaps the killer whales and big sharks are regarded as endangered species and need special protection? But we seem to have way too many of them in our waters already!

August 25, 2007 7:55 PM  

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