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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Seperated at Birth?


Anonymous Anonymous said:


Someone posted this: "ADV is sitting on over $200,000 yet he's asking his own community to pay $250 to have a booth at this clean up. Can anyone figure out what he is going to do with the money? MEAT can you tell us why in the hell wld your boss ask people in his own community to PAY FOR A BOOTH WHILE HE'S SITTING ON $$$$$$$$$$?

Meat's answer: Not true, no one from Antonio's staff never asked for anyone to pay $250 bucks for a booth at a community event. Hey Terry Valdez, nice to see you posted at 7:39am god forbid you post while at work, since we know what you should really be doing is updating your resume and not spewing lies onto this blog or the community. Hey Terry since you asked me a question and i just answered it, please tell me why your office hasn't demanded that Charles Fitzgerald come back from hiding in a foreign country to tell the world that your boss is INNOCENT. The only man in the world that can 100% claim Hahn is innocent of all corruption and scandal has fled the country.

So when Hahn asks "what corruption?" i think what he really means to say " me, corrupt, prove it, oh yeah you can't because your star witness has fled the country, how convenient".

Now on to this whole definition of "graft" which the LA Times used in their Sunday edition regarding the poll -- let's once again remind folks what i am talking about.

• Two joint criminal county-federal investigations are looking into allegations that commissioners for three of the city’s three proprietary departments – the airport, the Port of Los Angeles, and the Department of Water and Power (DWP) – pressured contractors to kick into Hahn’s campaigns in order to obtain lucrative contracts. Also under investigation are other so-called “pay-to-play” contracting practices that give the appearance of trading contributions for access. --- this is a form of corruption.

• In April, deputy mayor and former chief Hahn campaign fundraiser Troy Edwards and Airport Commissioner Ted Stein both resigned, following more “pay-to-play” allegations. The URS Corporation told federal prosecutors that it lost a contract worth millions after refusing to contribute to a Hahn campaign, and charged that Stein was involved in seeking the donation. Edwards was appointed deputy mayor and liaison between the mayor’s office and the airport, the Port of Los Angeles, and the DWP – making him someone with a database of the mayor’s donors and knowledge of contracts out for bid. -- this is a form of political gaining from the system.


• Then there’s an investigation by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office into possible campaign money-laundering by a Hahn supporter, Westside developer Mark Abrams, himself the target of an FBI probe for allegedly inflating mortgages and skimming millions. Associates of Abrams and his partner Charles Elliot Fitzgerald have said that Abrams engaged in what’s delicately called “contribution laundering,” the solicitation of campaign donations from employees and others followed by their re-imbursement with his own funds – possibly to get around legal campaign funding limits while still building a political presence with the Hahn administration. Hahn did appoint Abrams’s real estate attorney to the Planning Commission, which subsequently allowed the construction of previously forbidden 30-foot retaining walls. This helped out a troubled multi-million-dollar Bel-Air development by Abrams; a mayoral team also waded in to help Abrams out of a jam on that particular project. City ethics officials this week accused Abrams of 48 violations of campaign laws regarding $90,000 in campaign donations. The matter is under review by the five-member Ethics Commission, which could impose tens of thousands of dollars in civil penalities. -- which the commission fined Abrams $270,000 dollars teh largest fine ever. Ethics commissioners this mayor appointed were so digusted that they voted in favor of this as well.

• A City Ethics Commission in July accused attorney Pierce O’Donnell of 26 violations of ethics laws by making so-called “assumed name” contributions to Hahn’s 2001 primary campaign. The matter is under review by an administrative hearing officer, and the result may have criminal implications. -- simply put - money laundering.

• The executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, Larry Keller, resigned under pressure in September and is a witness in the federal investigation involving yet more alleged “pay-to-play” city contracting practices. That didn’t stop him from winning a $540,000 contract in October to do marketing work for the port – a decision defended by Hahn. -- always be stupid and loyal, thats what i always say.

• Then there are the 71 law firms that got $18.9 million in 2003 doing city business, this despite the city’s permanent legal team, otherwise known as the City Attorney. Funny thing: 50 of the firms and attorneys contributed a total of $244,675 to Hahn’s 2001 mayor’s race, and $77,500 to his must-win anti-San Fernando Valley secession campaign in 2002. The three proprietary departments emerge as trouble spots again – as the departments that were the focus of the bulk of the outside legal work. -- anyone living and working in the San Fernando valley will soon remember what hahn did to them.

• In July, 2004, David Murdock, billionaire owner of Dole Food Company, developer of Castle and Cooke, and one of the biggest donors to Hahn’s anti-secession campaign, won a bid to operate a 7.3-acre jet center site at Van Nuys Airport. Two competitors filed formal protests with the City Attorney and Airport Commission charging that the Murdock bid failed to meet city guidelines. The rent offered was 75 percent less than that of other bidders....sniff, sniff -- is that a pineapple i smell, no, no its not, its PAY TO PLAY.

• And, perhaps the most spectacular item, and one of the likeliest to generate political spatter – the Fleishman-Hillard scandal, or scandals – related to the PR giant’s $3 million annual contract with the DWP. It’s just the kind of combination pay-to-play and ratepayer chiseling that reflects poorly on the Hahn administration.

* John Stodder is then indicted, Hahn uses city cars at political events (illegal) oh to the poor lady that was fired because of this, sorry, pretend its medical leave, but we all know Hahn deserves the real pink slip not you, uses city warehouses as storage for campaign material (illegal).

So well if you think the word graft inquiries shouldn't be used after laying out all that eveidence and being as specific as i possibly can -- then you sir/madam are a dum-dum.

blog away - call me out again -- and i will crush you, the facts are on my side -IDIOTS.

February 09, 2005 7:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This was put up expressly at the request of MEAT, I bet. Are you feeling a little sorry for Antonio, Mayor Sam? Next subject, please!

February 09, 2005 8:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MEAT must be a very fast typer or have nothing else to do.

Hey MEAT tell Antonio to stop beating your MEAT!

February 09, 2005 8:30 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Word is that Tony Rapp is changing his name again: Antonio Villaraigarrison.

February 09, 2005 8:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Seperated at Birth?" But still soulmates!

February 09, 2005 8:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor Sam, Meat can't even take a joke anymore. He's on the defensive cause his boss is looking pretty bad each day. Hey, Meat it wasn't Terry V. who posted. I will get the name of those organizations for you, the ones ADV is asking his own community to pay for to have a booth and sweep. Meat, you posted this same bullshit on another article. You need to laugh a little. It sure was funny when the afternoon news showed your boss ADV just sitting back in council and stated he didn't say a word. Whimpy man. The biggest issue and he's too weak of a man to say what he really thinks. Say what you want about Jimmy but at least he has balls to come out and say.

February 09, 2005 8:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

When Mayor Hahn is indicted or in any way charged with crimes and proven guilty in a court of law, I'll be the first in line to apologize to Truthless Tony for all my terrible thoughts and words.

NOW, when will Tony V. begin the long, overdue task of apologizing to ALL his past political opponents who have been smeared and had their lives and careers demolished in this same manner -- since NONE of them have ever been found guilty of any of the crap rained down on them by AV's cowardly, horrendous, Jack-the-Ripper, campaign mercenaries, years and years later.

WATCH THE PATTERN, people, don't listen to the patter. He's is a political mass murderer. It happens EVERY DAMN TIME, no one goes to jail, AV moves up the political ladder, and the truth is screwed.

February 09, 2005 8:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


hey harriman -- you are doing a good job -- using facts and figures to defend your position. I like it.

Let these dum-dums do their worst, they are all afraid they will be losing their jobs soon. Especially terry valdez. stop blogging terry, your blogs are all wrong and lies.

Facts are Alarcon and Parks aren't moving in numbers or money, anyone that says any different is lying and an idiot -- and in late breaking news, Hertzberg's much vaulted IE can't raise the dough they had hoped for, doing some random canvassing out in the field with their 100k isn't going to do much, unfortunately. Bob needs to spend something like 900k for 1000 media points, but he has spent nearly a million maybe thinking these IE's were going to be the cushion he needed. Hahn and Antonio have yet to spend their money, tracking numbers show them getting in the run-off and its a game of chicken between the two right now.

So have fun folks -- 3 weeks before the election and MEAT has called it a Villaraigosa v Hahn done deal. The meat is ready. I think hertzberg needs more than just one valley person to donate 100k to his IE.

Again everything i've ever said when it comes to insider baseball is 100% right - game over time for the general election, the primary is OVER.

blog blog away away dum-dums.

February 09, 2005 9:03 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

In half as many words, too. . .

February 10, 2005 12:54 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MEAT tell your boss ADV is constituents are really pissed that he sat and said nothing yesterday. Another good reason to RECALL him. By sitting silent he did not represent his constituents and give them the right to vote for more police. I'm happy the media is playing the tape of him sitting like a whuss and stating "he didn't say anything." He's so afraid of his own shadow he didn't want to embarrass himself saying the wrong thing. Great way to represent your community.

February 10, 2005 7:10 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sacramento might know this one. In 2001 weren't there ads about ADV being arrested for domestic violence? MEAT better read the LA Weekly cause a lot of what he's posted here they contradict. Shows his boss to be a liar.

February 10, 2005 12:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sorry to change the subject, but did anybody catch Oprah yesterday and her show with the cast of "Everyone Loves Raymond"? Just wanted to ask.

February 10, 2005 12:58 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yeah--Oprah is the new Barbara Walters. She made them ALL cry. Thanks for everything, Raymond (sniff).

February 10, 2005 11:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MEAT, what a joke. There are two pieces to proving graft according to YOUR posted definition and instead you go off the deep end rambling.

Just answer the two points in your definition.

Definition of the word "graft" Pronunciation Key (grft)
Unscrupulous use of one's position to derive profit or advantages; extortion. Money or an advantage gained or yielded by unscrupulous means.

What is "the unscrupulous use of one's position" in Hahn's case? MEAT, what exactly did Hahn do? (Is it like writing a letter for a drug pin (Villaraigosa)?)

What is the "derived profit or advantage; extortion"? What is Hahn's derived profit or advantage? (Is it like getting a free roof on your home from a contractor(Alatorre))

Let's here your argument to the jury understanding the two questions that have to be answered to prove guilt.

Here is your chance to show us ALL, you got the goods on Hahn, and not just a bunch of smoke.

Here's a tip MEAT, be convincing and concise with your facts.

February 11, 2005 12:19 AM  

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