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Sunday, March 20, 2016

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Second Term-seeking 39th Assembly District Assemblywoman Patty Lopez, is the recipient of a $7,500 FPPC Fine/Lesson on following Campaign Finance Rules.    
Now 39th AD Assemblywoman Patty Lopez (center) during 2014 Ballot Count.
** Blogger's Note: Its a safe bet that any discerning observer of the 2014 39th Assembly District Contest between then Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, and now Assemblywoman Patty Lopez, would NOT cite the Campaign of the upstart candidate as an ideal Grass Roots-structured example to emulate ..........., especially in regards to its finances. As the Second Term-seeking Assemblywoman NOW KNOWS (via last week's FPPC ruling) , even the best of intentions in campaigning, are still held accountable as noted below.

6. In the Matter of Patricia López, Patty López for Assembly 2014, and Carolina Perez; FPPC Nos. 15/313 and 15/314.Staff: Senior Commission Counsel Angela Brereton, Special Investigator Paul Rasey, and Program Specialist Soni Mangat. Patricia López was a successful candidate for Assembly District 39 in the June 3, 2014 Primary Election, and in the November 4, 2014 General Election. Patty López for Assembly 2014 was her candidate controlled committee. At all relevant times, Carolina Perez was the treasurer of the Committee. López, Patty López for Assembly 2014, and Perez failed to timely file one semiannual campaign statement and two preelection campaign statements for reporting periods in 2014 by the applicable due dates, in violation of Government Code Sections 84200, subdivision (a), 84200.5, subdivision (a), and 84200.7, subdivision (b) (1 count); failed to deposit contributions into a single, designated campaign bank account prior to expenditure, in violation of Government Code Sections 85201, subdivisions (c) and (e) (1 count); received cash contributions of $100 or more totaling approximately $1,300, and made cash expenditures of $100 or more, totaling approximately $1,220, in violation of Government Code Section 84300, subdivisions (a) and (b) (1 count); failed to maintain supporting records for contributions and loans received and expenditures made, in violation of Government Code Section 84104 (1 count); López failed to disclose required economic interests of real property and income in her Candidate Statement of Economic Interests, in violation of Government Code Sections 87206 and 87207 (1 count).Total Proposed Penalty: $7,500.

Meanwhile ......., a Federal Grand Jury is still outstanding in rendering Justice against a Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, that holds Accountability in contempt (allegedly).

THEE Classic Los Angeles Magazine Cover of a now former Failure Mayor.
** AHHHH, to paraphrase a certain former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar ........, AHHHHH, I have alot of Service left in me (or servicing of Telebimbos?). Thus, we can safely keyboard here that the "2018 Tony Villar for Governor Campaign" is nearly bloggin upon us. But with no apologies to "Team Tony", we must ponder whether a "Failure Politico" is fit to govern "The Greece on the Pacific (formerly The Golden State)" if he can't properly identify an ISIS-inspired Terrorist Attack as exampled below from his Twitter Account yesterday.
 18 hours ago18 hours ago. and I agree, to honor victims of mass shooting, both and should debate there.

AHHHHH?? Maybe "MEAT/Chief Parker" should craft the Tweets (when not driving Tony).
CD 12 City Councilman and LAPD Reserve Officer Mitch Englander.
** Nuch 2.0?? Did I hear a bloggin backfire after the latest campaign shot aimed at LA County Board of Supervisor Candidate Mitch Englander regarding his Ballot Designation as "Councilmember/Police Officer" by opposing Candidate Elon Carr's (and noted Hector Chacon Political Machine Associate) Campaign Consultant John Thomas? In noting his Tweet below that seem to insinuate that the CD 12 Officeholder ........., and LAPD Reserve Officer, is a "Nuch in Uniform" ......, we will simply state, be careful what you wish for.  

 Mar 18Could Mitch Englander be LA County's 2.0?

........, to be continued.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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